I was hoping that by 2017 U4, they would have fixed the way the stand along updater that you generate using "zman sucp ..." works. Specifically, if you run this on a WS, instead of a nice install dialog you get DOS windows flipping like crazy for 5 or 10 seconds, then the DOS window stays open and finally you start to see the normal ZCM agent update process where it reports progress in the Windows system tray.

Are there any startup switches to this that would control how it looks to the user? I was looking for an executable that I could run through a ZENworks app object that I could run to push down the new agent over the old one and show the user just a progress dialog so he can see that something is happening and would know that the WS will reboot. If I run it as the system user, I don't think he will ever see the prompt that the WS will reboot.

I tried copying the executable local before running it but that did not help.

Any thoughts?