We are running ZENworks Update 3 (17.3) and we have a bundle we have been using for many years (and many editions of ZENworks) that has an action that is not working correctly anymore. The problem is with the "Edit Text File" install action that we are using to create a batch file if it does not exist. The action copies the script but it is not the same as defined in the "Contents of the file:" box in the action. Everything is correct except for where double symbols are used for a variable. For example the correct script as defined in the bundle action is:
ren "*.pgp" "Company_Name_To_InfoArmor_CAD_%date:~10,4%%date:~7,2%%date:~4,2%.csv.pgp"

Notice the bold double "%%" for the date variable.

The script on the computer shows:
ren "*.pgp" "Company_Name_To_InfoArmor_CAD_%date:~10,4%date:~7,2%date:~4,2%.csv.pgp"

Just for testing purposes I added the bogus line to the end of the code in the bundle:

What gets copied to the computer is:

I have tried different encodings such as ASCII, Unicode, UTF-8 and Auto detect. I have run the action as User and System.

I will admit there are better ways of copying a script to a computer, such as using the "Install File(s)" action. We just noticed this problem a few weeks ago when we needed to make a change to the text file. So I wanted to ask if anyone else has seen this problem and if there is a fix.