Hi there,

I thought I had posted this question already but cant see to find it, so forgive me if it's a duplicate.

We have 4 SELS servers and are running ZCM 2017
The certs are expiring and I need to update them as well as create a new external CA.
I know this process whould be a lot easier with ZCM 2017 as updates are pushed out to the workstations when the certs are reminted.
This will work well for most of our staff workstations.

The challenge I have is that all our computing lab workstations are frozen which means when they reboot they will loose any changes received.
I need to ensure I schedule this update and make sure the machines are unfrozen when receiving the update and then freeze them again.
So the system might thing the machine has received the update, yet when the machine reboots, the update is lost.

What command can I run on the workstation to ensure the trust relationshit is updated correctly ?
I can then unfreeze the machine before the cert expires, run the command and then freeze them again.
If I do this, will the machine continue to communicate correctly at the specified changeover date ?