(ZCM 2017U4 single primary appliance)

I am trying to use the ZENworks Control Center Reports option to create a custom report to tell me what version of the ZCM agent all of the WS have. I go to Reports ~ Custom Report Folder then choose to create a new report. I then choose the type as 'Software Applications' and the Focus to be 'General Workstation Software'. I then add a Criteria to the ones already there by default which is to look in the Product Name field for something "equal to" and then click the button for the pick list of values.

At this point a small dialog comes up which takes forever to populate. It looks like there is a search bar at the top but if I type a single 'Z' into it, I don't see what I typed for a minute or so and then finally I see some movement on the list of products but it never makes it to the Z's, and if I try to use the scroll bar, nothing happens. Then Chrome will say that the dialog is unresponsive and ask me if I want to wait for a response or terminate. If I say 'wait', it still doesn't do anything.

If I choose the Diagnostics link in the ZCC, everything is fine with the exception that I am using 69% of the allocated memory of 8 GB so the system doesn't seem to be stressed.

The pick list has always been problematic on various ZCM systems I have worked on but with ZCM 2017U4, it appears to be unusable. Has anyone else seen this? Is there a work around?