Hi there,
I've a huge issue with using Reflectin V16.1 via Avixa/Citrix and need your help. As far as I know, V16.1 is backward-compatible with using VBA in Excel but I'm unable to get those macros working.

I was able to get Reflection recognizable in Excel but every singe keyboard command is unknown and is blocking Excel in doing his job. I added all necessary libraies in Excel but without sucess. If I record a macro it is also not usable in Excel because the VBA language is different.

If possible please let me know what I need to do in order to get all our macros workable again because our whole System is unusable if V16.1 is going live with us.
I'm not a VBA expert but we have a lot of macros in the "old" VBA language running and I need to find a solution immidiately.

Which libraies do I need to add and how can V16.1 accept the old keyboard commads like .TransTerminalKey / .TransANSI / .GetDisplayText / .MoveCursor and so on?

Your help is highly welcome

Thx in advance,