Hi All,

I have 2 primaries, both appliances. Was running zcm 17.1, just upgraded to 17.4 on servers. One of the servers finished, but the object in ZCC still shows 17.1 on the server.
It's "Last Full Refresh" time shows Oct 24, 2018. I've cleared the cache on the agent on the server, and forced a refresh w/ bypasscache, but it still doesn't update.
Checking the command line on the server, "zac ci" shows " No certificates found in the cache.", but from initial-web-service file, it shows an old expired cert - nothing current or valid. the other primary shows certs for not only my 2 appliances, but also 2 of my old regular SuSE servers that have been retired.

So, I'm guessing my agent on my server isn't refreshing correctly because of the cert problem. Can I correct this? Can I unregister and re-register the agent on the server like I could a workstation?