i'm working on a Zenworks 2017 virtual appliance and i've a strange problem with bundles deployment. I've created a packet group with some bundles and made a relationship with a workstation subfolder ("deploy"). When i put a PC (windows 7) in this folder: packages are not download and they're not listed with "zac bl" command 2) in ZCC the packets are correctly under the "inherited" tab but there's no way to see them in the client
Some test i've done: I've taken one packet from the group and created a direct relationship with the workstation: it has been correctly deployed;
i connected the same packet with the workstation group and it doesn't work;
in the end, i tried to connect the packet group directly with the workstation and it doesn't works: the packets are visible in ZCC under the relationship tab but they are not listed in the client agent

Could someone suggest me something to check?