Hi Everyone,

We have upgraded to IDM and Identity Applications 4.7.2 with eDir 9.1.2 and we have some quetions about the use of Entities in idmdash.

In Identity Applications 4.5.6 we used to use Portlets to create objects in eDir, so now we want to replace them (because portlets are deprecated) with Entities, and we have this issues:

  • If we have an attribute as a global list, it does not displayed as a list in 4.7.2
  • If we open the tab "Entities" the entities are displayed with its ldap name, is there any way to change it for its Display Label?
  • If we have a DN attribute, the lookup only shows user and group classes (the attribute is not from either user or group class), but in 4.5.6 showed the correct classes, how can we change it?

If anyone needs additional information just ask for it!