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  1. Filr connecting to dsfw
  2. Filr Indexing question
  3. Small Installation - how many users?
  4. Add a new Filr admin user
  5. They need a fort knox solution....
  6. Hiding user list?
  7. Desktop app not synching user home folders below top level
  8. LDAP sync with AD does not populate group users
  9. Filr URL on e-mail
  10. sync of netfolder not complete
  11. QuickLookErrorDomain error 44820 on iPad
  12. Ldap attribute for Filr name
  13. Resending External Users account confirmation email
  14. Synching MS 2008 Domain server folders
  15. Tomcat solid crash
  16. Maximum number of accounts via LDAP ?
  17. Rabenhorst Success Story FILR
  18. End User Folder
  19. Novell Filr Appliance Configuration page empty
  20. Windows Desktop Application (x86) can't install.
  21. Filr not synchronizing with LDAP
  22. XEN image password protected ?
  23. What is the right way to get the Filr in a Citrix Xen Server
  24. Filr Routing Table
  25. Update to hangs at starting novell-gmond
  26. No Home directory for any user
  27. Unable to modify the Net Folder Server
  28. Net Folder not syncing on Windows 2012 Server
  29. Disabling weak and medium strength ciphers
  30. Comodo Certificate
  31. How to update Filr 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 (small installation)
  32. Import Filr 1.0.1 in Vmware Workstation 9
  33. Upgrade fails
  34. Novell Filr 1.0.2 Mobile App Release Date
  35. Mobile app online preview crash and desktop application
  36. Resource usage
  37. No net folders seen by users
  38. Default File Upload Size Limit ?
  39. Importing users from a OU or Group?
  40. Certificate problem
  41. Novell Filr -- Error 1722. during desktop app removal
  42. 1.0.1 upgrade of clients ?
  43. new licence neccessary after update from 1.0 to
  44. eDirectory user alias not working
  45. Using epub files
  46. Filr forward slash issue linked subdirectory
  47. desktop add download times out
  48. Filr Desktop App not syncing
  49. Editing Filr files (e.f. Word, Excel) on iPad
  50. Upgrade to 1.0.1 fails
  51. Sign in failed ...
  52. phpMyAdmin for small deployment?
  53. User picture reso?
  54. Small window on left corner when user profile modify
  55. User with access to all local User-Shares possible?
  56. Global personal storage setting ?
  57. Netware: home dirs OK, net folders not seen by users
  58. Self signed certificate + Windows phones resolved
  59. Filr and smart card authentication
  60. Ipad App stuck on loading..
  61. File to large...
  62. Wishes for Filr
  63. Second NIC Interface
  64. Filr Unknown Storage Issue - Non-Windows CIFS Storage
  65. Sign-in dialog branding
  66. Log on with userPrincipalName
  67. Net Folder Server setup
  68. NetFolder for external users
  69. Allocate additional disk space to vastorage
  70. Speed of web interface
  71. Desktop Filr Client and Net Folder depth issue
  72. Cannot login to DB after upgrade
  73. Filr and Workspaces
  74. Folders contributor to deny folder rename
  75. Confimation email Response: 501 Address syntax error
  76. Default User email and Groupwise
  77. whether filr does not support NAS or other Storage server??
  78. filr mobile apps not working
  79. Filr App - Multiple logins
  80. Why are LDAP accounts disabled in Filr?
  81. Lost connection to eDir home-dir's
  82. Request for enhancement / debug
  83. Share expiration
  84. Filr App Offline
  85. Error 500 Unable to copy zipped log files to stream.
  86. External User Account Creation with Port Re-direction
  87. missing Profile Site
  88. AD user home folder could not see in [My files]
  89. Netfolder and Diskspace
  90. filr 1.0.1: no URL to download desktop app available
  91. Filr reindex after upgrade taking forever....
  92. Mac client JSON error
  93. Generic login window with comment Vibe says. 401 error
  94. LDAP-login stucks
  95. Users not seeing everything in a Net Folder
  96. FILR on Windows 8.1
  97. Filr 1.0.2 with MobileIron Appconnect - credential problems
  98. Error while trying to configure LDAP synchronisation
  99. performance tuning
  100. No users syncing during import Filr LDAP sync
  101. share (no rights)
  102. iOS app - this account has been disabled
  103. Filr still use about 50 % CPU 95% RAM
  104. File is moved to NETFOLDER when hes at max capacity
  105. Cannot delete NetFolder
  106. outbound e-mail configuration
  107. Filr 1.0 Creating documents at root of Home Directory
  108. Too late for this user?
  109. Upgraded no connection
  110. Another Ldap question
  111. Net folders and rights to
  112. After upgrade, file permissions are wrong
  113. How could cleaer filr user cache (MSOffice) ?
  114. Physical mysql server ?
  115. filr cluster
  116. iPhone showing certificate not trusted
  117. Not not edit file when going through Access Manager
  118. 1.0.2 Mobile App: connection refused on iOS
  119. Mobile apps not connecting to Filr 1.0.1 appliance at all
  120. Some home directories could not be access.... utf-8 issue
  121. Relocate DB
  122. User cannot access her files in home directory
  123. Hard Drive Size help/clarification
  124. One Filr system with AD and NDS
  125. File Download only 16 bytes
  126. Can not add file with IE and Access Manager
  127. Looping login screen
  128. authentication error adding Net Folder Server
  129. Display name of user home folder
  130. Only 1 login works, subsequent attempts fail
  131. High CPU-Utilization in Filr 1.0.1
  132. NetFolder default
  133. Password policy
  134. speed and file size issues
  135. Is NSS required?
  136. See connecties to networkmapserver
  137. FILR service stopping
  138. PDF-view font ... strange
  139. Filr TLS 1.2 and Chrome Warning
  140. What ports need to be opened on my Firewall
  141. mysql shrinked after update to 1.0.1
  142. SSL problem with officially sign cert
  143. Syncing filenames with % in them not working
  144. Filr Always show default homepage to external users
  145. Problem With Netfolder
  146. Net folders have no contents
  147. Novell Filr, metadata corruption
  148. An ex-Dropbox user and bad experience on Novell Filr
  149. Time on reports in GMT
  150. Desktop Client Filr Folder Location
  151. Net Folders not showing
  152. Can Filr replace iFolder??
  153. Configuring synchronization of NCP volumes
  154. Defining Net Folder on subdirectories of NCP volumes
  155. filr not working thru a sonicwall firewall
  156. Filr mobile application and cache password setting
  157. File - LDAP user deleted/disabled in filr but not in AD
  158. Account want populate into filr
  159. Net folders problem while using folder ACL rights base on OU
  160. Novell now inviting applications to participate in Filr 1.1 AuthorizedBeta program
  161. Changing Filr to read other attributes than ndsHomeDirectory
  162. Exclude Directories
  163. Outbound email not working
  164. load balancing
  165. Two-factor authentication
  166. Using OpenID authentication with mobile devices
  167. Mobile processing/editing (all Clients)
  168. In-App Preview (all mobile Clients)
  169. Users provisioned from a LDAP source cannot be enabled
  170. Filr Appliance - Change Subnet Mask
  171. Pending Changes in desktop console
  172. Deleted self-signed_cert.p12
  173. vastorage full - creating a new partition and copying?
  174. Customizing Filr Home Page
  175. Trustees messed up cannot talk to VOL1 ?
  176. XLSX strikethrough
  177. Filr & access to shared folder
  178. Login dialog box image issue
  179. Novell Filr v1.1 Authorized Beta Application
  180. Ldap Sync to Active Directory
  181. less user ,much files==>large deploy ?
  182. UserID issue
  183. Cannot delete net folder
  184. Filr large setup -- how large?
  185. synchronizing specific groups in edir tree
  186. Net Folders redirect
  187. Adding Netfolders
  188. Table 'filr.SSQRTZ_LOCKS' doesn't exist
  189. How to create a SAN req for FILR
  190. Problem creating CSR
  191. Big security issue for Novell Filr mobile app
  192. Filr certificates in large deployment newbie question
  193. Multiple files download
  194. resend invitation confirmation
  195. Can't access Filr site
  196. sda1 disk size
  197. Can share files but not folders from a net share
  198. Mobile App Sync to folder?
  199. Filr irregularities
  200. Filr best practices guide now available
  201. Edit in Place with Windows 7/8 and wildcard certificate?
  202. Filr and the Google threat?
  203. Filr 1.0.1 Hot Patch 1 now available
  204. Question about External Users and Personal Storage
  205. Filr still not reliably showing Net Folders
  206. Students see all
  207. Filr without Proxy User
  208. AD question for any AD gurus out there
  209. Users want to handle complete folders
  210. Author information showing wrong information in web client
  211. Configuring Apache as a Load Balancer
  212. Desktop Client for SLED is missing
  213. Subscribing (digest) to subfolder of a NetFolder
  214. Edit in Place with Mac Book Pro
  215. User private files
  216. Activity report
  217. Error while setting locale in first run wizard
  218. Acknowledge news
  219. Files/Folders access
  220. Filr search crashes
  221. file upload results in different file on server and in Filr
  222. Indexation
  223. Students see ALL in What's New-Site Wide
  224. no space left....
  225. Syncing issues
  226. Sharing Question
  227. /rest error on login
  228. Valid characters in file system causing errors in Filr
  229. Shared By Me empty
  230. Shared from Home dir not downloaded via Filr Desktop
  231. Java error in IE10
  232. Sharing - Restricting sharing easily to Staff only
  233. Error synchronizing wia LDAP if OUs contains double quotes
  234. Net Folder Sync issue large deployment
  235. Accelerate re-indexation
  236. Deferred logs
  237. Home Folder not showing up in My Files
  238. Embedded browser still prompts for login
  239. Help - trustee [XTCOM] UpdateTrusteesFromeDir
  240. Filr Access for Users Following a Reboot of the VM Slow
  241. changing path for reverse proxy
  242. Cannot upload files to home directory - no permission
  243. Eta on 1.1 ?
  244. Editing (download/upload) of shared file ... ?
  245. First time setup of Filr on Windows, errors on testing auth
  246. SSL from GoDaddy
  247. Added group does not appear in list
  248. Is there a way to stop an LDAP sync?
  249. File sync not working without a restart of filr desktop
  250. Inconsistent Synchronization Metadata