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  1. Welcome to the new forum
  2. Error when creating Net Folder Server Win2k8
  3. Desktop Client for Windows
  4. filr beta disappear at districted beta page~~~
  5. filr 1.0 up and running
  6. Plans for a Linux client?
  7. No Connection to WebInterface
  8. LDAP logins
  9. Disable/Edit Homefolder settings
  10. Filr Information and Resources
  11. User file locations
  12. why not Postgress - a silly question ?
  13. Filr can be setup as a File Server ?
  14. What's bloke to do?
  15. SSL Certificate question
  16. Filr sending emails
  17. Issues Syncing Large LDAP Directory
  18. Error when logging into :8443 for the first time
  19. Disk size
  20. eDir version
  21. requirements?
  22. System requirements for very small deployment
  23. Why does hitting the back button ask me to log back in?
  24. File rights, documentation confusion
  25. Filter users shown
  26. static IP in filr
  27. Setting up Filr
  28. VMware Tools?
  29. Citrix XENServer Support
  30. where did filr go?
  31. Question about desktop app
  32. Weblink being sent for shared folders
  33. Setting My Documents folder as Filr folder
  34. Connecting to Active Directory via LDAPs
  35. Deploy Filr Desktop using ZENworks in silent mode
  36. Guest access
  37. no access with LDAP
  38. Novell Filr vs iFolder vs OwnCloud vs SparkleShare
  39. NetFolder Troubles
  40. FILR and Sentinel
  41. Filr storage out of control
  42. Confused about sync settings
  43. Virus Protection/Filr
  44. File not found
  45. File versioning?
  46. Old Client confniguration Residue + Memory useage high
  47. Migrate from iFolder to Filr
  48. Sharing whole Folder
  49. Open ID login
  50. Filr - Multiple admins
  51. Search Appliance Full
  52. Grant Create rights, but not visibility rights?
  53. Can "Enterprise Wipe" the desktop client?
  54. Netfolder disappears after Reconfigure
  55. View Sizes of Servers
  56. Official filr client for Blackberry 10
  57. Not all home folders being created
  58. filr client for windows 8 phone
  59. LDAP synchronisation issue
  60. which log record client IP and user account ?
  61. Uploading from iOS devices
  62. Net Folder Server Proxy User
  63. Can Filr be used for (edir) authenticated file sharing
  64. Filr and Symlinks
  65. Syncing Questions
  66. CPU sitting at 100% for Days
  67. Esxi 5 2TB limitation
  68. LDAP configuration error 49
  69. Novell Filr - Drag and Drop Folders
  70. Net Folder not accessible by anyone but filr admin
  71. Novell filr backup personal storage on NFS
  72. Certificate problems
  73. Can access via https on port 8443
  74. Use NFS with Search Appliance
  75. LDAP Size Limit Exceeded - error code 4
  76. LDAP user import PKIX path building failed
  77. ldap config - only allow access for users who are members of a specific group
  78. Filr iOS app - duplicates in camera roll
  79. Editing files
  80. Filr port redirection 8443 -> 443 not working everywhere
  81. SSL problems
  82. Home Folder-Active Directory
  83. Errors in famtd.log
  84. FAMTD crashes
  85. Filr Desktop Client sharing problem
  86. Group Membership is cleared when LDAP syncs
  87. Novell Filr - Multiple LDAP conns and Multiple Storage loc
  88. LDAP for MSAD issue (unprocessed continuation reference(s))
  89. 1st glitch
  90. error: unable to reach server
  91. Is anyone using local groups not in LDAP?
  92. Large Installation question
  93. Does sharing really have to be globally allowed?
  94. no connection after first install
  95. FilrSearch VA acting up
  96. Shared by ME emphty when i add new shares
  97. error in searchva
  98. Home folder sync issues / other questions
  99. download limit size?
  100. Deleting Folders and Files
  101. Sign in Dialogue image (Site branding)
  102. Root Full
  103. users not seeing folders for which they have rights
  104. Filr speed
  105. Lost all Non-Synced files from Desktop FILR App
  106. Timestamps Corrupted on NET Folder Sync
  107. Filr on Xenserver
  108. Connection through proxy
  109. Can Only See Members Of Groups I Am In
  110. Exclusions
  111. Desktop app auto-update URL with port 443 fails validation
  112. Can't set the initial MySQL password when configuring Filr
  113. Clarrification on setup of sharing for dynamic groups
  114. Managing users from multiple LDAP sources
  115. Netfolder Proxy user not working as documented?
  116. Deploying Filr in K-12 Setup?
  117. unable to map drives after Filr config
  118. Feature requests - Encryption, password, backup, etc.
  119. Specific file system rights needed for Windows share content
  120. I/O error: Connection refused
  121. Evaluation
  122. Assign additional users with Site Administrator priveleges
  123. Proxy User Account Test Works Initially And Then Fails
  124. Search within files, possible?
  125. unable to edit/create within homedirs (edir)
  126. How to correct seriously error in language used?
  127. Filr and two LDAP source
  128. Speed problems
  129. Quick Filr Question
  130. Vmware disk provisioning
  131. Filr Cannot Show OES Home Directories in My Files
  132. Running the Filr appliance on SLES Xen or KVM
  133. Email sent to external user port 8443 > 443
  134. Licensing - only 50 Users ???
  135. How to automatically Update user info into LDAP Server
  136. How 2 configure NETIQ 2 transmit MODIFY request 2 LDAP servr
  137. Some folders/files not available in Filr
  138. Filr never came back from Memorial day weekend
  139. Share files feature in mobile app
  140. Filr's impact on file servers
  141. Netfolder via Novell Filr Desktop w/o Synch
  142. Filr iOS app reduces resolution of uploaded photos?
  143. Net Folder Location Behavior
  144. filr mobile app - cooperation with office apps
  145. LDAP Sync Issue
  146. Net Folders don't appears for users
  147. Flir Tomcat timezone Settings
  148. Home directory does not appear
  149. Filr Speed?
  150. Setting users as Administrators
  151. Shared AD folders not displayed
  152. How to SSL
  153. VMWare Independent Disk requirement for Filr
  154. Filr in DMZ and no access to net-folders and myfiles
  155. Filr on Hyper-V ?
  156. LDAP Import Groups, Group shows no members
  157. AD LDAP - Error when syncing
  158. Cannot upload files nor create folders
  159. Filr constantly crashing
  160. Nix web download?
  161. strange behavious with AD 'domain users' group
  162. Problems syncing with eDirectory
  163. Home Folder rights
  164. Access/Download history
  165. Switch/option to control untrusted redirects
  166. Filr plugin/addons
  167. Delete Comment
  168. Reboot Filr Server ignores remote storage uses local disk.
  169. Next Major Release for Novell Filr?
  170. more than an upload error
  171. XTCOM filrs process error
  172. Net Folders Missing
  173. Default properties of Home Folder within Filr
  174. Filr Hand-On Guide
  175. File uploaded after full sync from server downloaded again
  176. Home Folder Path, falls back to default
  177. View only user tried to edit
  178. Sync problem when folder are deleted in home folder.
  179. Cant even get the Webconsole to work
  180. drive [XTCOM]: ERROR:CIFSOperations::ListAll: SMBC_Getxattr: failed:2
  181. finally got filr sort of working in a AD world
  182. famtd cores
  183. users cant login: Bad credential for LDAP user
  184. Making clients work as one: Novell Client and NFilr Client
  185. Cannot deploy OVF into vmware vsphere 5.1
  186. excluding folders from sync
  187. External users not receiving e-mail invites
  188. Setting expire log days
  189. filr administrator
  190. AD - Groups are imported empty.. no users are imported
  191. Filr appliance failure when using VMware distributed switch
  192. SLES updates on the Filr appliance
  193. Iomega Cloud Edition target for Net Folder Server not workin
  194. Sharing folders from a Net Folder
  195. eDir groups with duplicate CN
  196. Setting up home and network folders
  197. Need to connect to Filr via NAM and directly
  198. Working/Sharing with NetFolders
  199. Net Folders Shares - Access is Denied when opening files
  200. Filr 1.0 Hot Patch 1 ready for download
  201. Name for Home-Folder in german Version
  202. Exporting shadow volumes...
  203. Purge shared file, deletes source.
  204. Enable synchronization for Home folder on all users.
  205. lost access to filr
  206. lpad socket closed?
  207. trustee error
  208. Initial configuration of Filr Appliance fails
  209. Filr as FTP replacement & Extemal User licensing
  210. Upgrade fails on hostname
  211. Filr MySQL Config File Secret Passphrase (blowfish_secret)
  212. AD Homefolder and user variable possible?
  213. External access - Filr + Microsoft TMG
  214. New Filr install, keep getting a HTTP Status 500
  215. Why not delete users from ldap?
  216. Net Folder not recognizing inherited permissions
  217. Users can't login to Filr
  218. file may be damaged error on filr desktop
  219. Import users based on cn value
  220. Very good article about Filr
  221. I delete file from file server , but netfolder not Sync
  222. Deleting Netfolders does not free space?
  224. How to enable sharing feature?
  225. Can't share directories inside Net Folders
  226. Will the Desktop Client ever be more like the Mobile Client?
  227. keyshield integration
  229. LDAP sync from edir: some users missed
  230. What is the exact string for Webdav connection...
  231. Re-sharing directories? I'm a little bit confused.
  232. initial login problem with fresh installed system
  233. How to bulk delete obsolete objects imported from LDAP?
  234. MyFiles question
  235. cant create netfolder, because already exist??
  236. Printing via IOS
  237. force secure port issue
  238. Customize Filr email templates
  239. Filr stopped working
  240. Reverse proxy
  241. Syntax error with AD homefolder sync
  242. LDAP Filter
  243. Must give RWCEMF to Net folder to Create Files
  244. Change of DC.. Filr stops working
  245. Filr & DFS: beta
  246. Initial User Logins fail?
  247. Drive space being consumed by "/tmp/core.yyyymmdd..." files
  248. Server will not delete, it is being reference by Net Folders
  249. Change Filr appliance IP
  250. beta 1.0.1 xenserver files