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  14. Add Novell user to windows share
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  29. Re: Novell E Directory -Add new Entry with C# and Novel API-err
  30. Re: Novell E Directory -Add new Entry with C# and Novel API-err
  31. Re: Novell E Directory -Add new Entry with C# and Novel API-err
  32. Re: Novell E Directory -Add new Entry with C# and Novel API-err
  33. Re: Novell E Directory -Add new Entry with C# and Novel API-err
  34. Re: install fails on W2k8R2, faulting module slp.dll
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  106. nds threads
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  119. Using Apache Directory Studio? Read this.
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  197. Configuring HTTP Server Object: unable to use custom certifi
  198. alternative for pkidiag?
  199. ldap: transient SSL_CTX_use_KMO failed. Error stack: