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  1. acquireWriteSemaphore hang / Null Pointer exception in Reader thread
  2. LBURP operation failed: 20(Type or value exists),
  3. Network Address attribute different in OES Linux to NetWare
  4. Q: Retrieving users public key over LDAP
  5. LLDAPSDK.NLM and MP enabled NLM development
  6. certmgr.exe
  7. LDAP, SSL, IIS, Permitions
  8. Could not connect to edirectory ldap using ldap browser.
  9. Enumerating tree(domain) and connecting
  10. groupMembership question
  11. Mailing list
  12. add objectclass
  13. C#, eDirectory and SSL
  14. Possible PHP/LDAP bug?
  15. Compiling LDAP SDK
  16. User Name- Novell Client
  17. JLDAP's encoding support
  18. Authentication to eDirectory?
  19. vbscript to query ldap attributes
  20. recompiling sdk on windows
  21. LDAP Classes for Java vs. eDirectory 8.8.1
  22. LDAP Extensions with PHP
  23. Using ConsoleOne ObjectEntrySelector from outside of ConsoleOne
  24. ConsoleOne - Department
  25. Export to DSML
  26. TLS LDAP Authentication from Windows .Net App
  27. LDAP w/SSL using Novell Active X
  28. LDAP w/SSL using Novell Active X
  29. LDAPSearchResults.hasMore taking too long
  30. Add to an Attribute type of string[] *C#
  31. Add to an Attribute type of string[] *C# LDAPV2
  32. Status of JLDAP
  33. Re: Unable to Bind to Edirectory
  34. Can't update boolean attribute
  35. PoolManager.getBoundConnection() hangs
  36. Re: How to set Connection Time out IN C#
  37. Re: Using 389 port enable tls feature
  38. C# get creatorsName LDAP
  39. Novell LDAP and Java
  40. Re: Unable to Bind SSL
  41. How to define, which local-IP to use?
  42. Bluecoat SG device
  43. Cannot find NMAS Java API Doc
  44. Connection closed by the application disconnecting (91) Connect Error
  45. Connect Error...asp.net
  46. ou=abrnhlls,ou=us_est,ou=na,
  47. AD, get enabled users
  48. Building With Visual Studio 2005 / Resource Problem
  49. Perl Net::LDAP and eDirectory
  50. Cannot connect to ldap with upgrade of jvm to 1.6
  51. Does LDAP works?
  52. LDAPWriter
  53. LDAPWriter
  54. Issue with Search result that contains Referrals
  55. starting trouble - bind error
  56. Apache ldap secure to Active Directory
  57. Mono and ldap not working on 2003/IIS6 for asp.net app
  58. vbscript Ldap how do u do it?
  59. Bogus messages when trying to add user object
  60. error "ldap_simple_bind_s()"
  61. LDAP SSL bind failure
  62. where ldap program backup puts DATA??
  63. how to ping ldap server fastest way?
  64. web base ldap auth
  65. C# LDAP search works in debug mode but not in realtime
  66. Can you RFC 4533 (Ldap Sync) with Jldap?
  67. error ldap_search_ext_s
  68. System.Net.Socket.SocketException
  69. access to file through LDAP
  70. ldap, ssl and 3rd party application
  71. ldap_get_option from C#
  72. problem w/Novell DSML WSDL file - HELP!
  73. LDap C# Question on decoding ASN1 BER data
  74. ecbldap.jar
  75. Memory leak in ldap_parse_ds_event
  76. patch compile NLMs with BSD sockets
  77. Bind error with SSL
  78. how to get an networkAddress by UserName? (LDAP, perl)
  79. C# - Retrieve Universal Password...
  80. PHP LDAP ndsHomeDirectory
  81. LDAP - eDir - Forward reference - Unknown objectclass
  82. Authenticating Novell Users via LDAP
  83. Import problems for LDAP
  84. C# samples using authentication eDirectory
  85. Seaches fail strangely
  86. Self-Signed certificates?
  87. Jldap or JNDI
  88. Last Login Time
  89. hitec92407
  90. LDIF to disable accounts
  91. Some questions about eDirectory event service.
  92. How to get the logs of failed events?
  94. Plone - Ldap & edir
  95. Novell.directory.ldap C# GroupMembership
  96. Query NDS telephone # through LDAP with PHP
  97. How can I change an objectclass definition to make a mandatory attributeoptional ?
  98. Get DN from system
  99. LDAP NMAS Service
  100. C# ldap connect() fails over SSL on Windows
  101. What does the field "flags" in EVT_EntryInfo mean?
  102. Does the LDAPApi support ipv6?
  103. Adding Muli-Value Attributes
  104. Filters in Java LDAP event monitoring
  105. JLDAP and GSSAPI
  106. JNDI LDAP SASL bindDN and eDir
  107. www.nldap.com it's real but how to use it?
  108. LOGIN event in Java LDAP Event Monitoring
  109. C# error when connecting to ldap server that does not exist
  110. slurpd
  111. JLDAP PoolManager - LDAP Connect Error after period of inactivity
  112. Last modify date of eDirectory group?
  113. C# and LDAP w/ SSL
  114. Novell AD?
  115. configuring the dll library
  116. lockedByIntruder in oes2/edir 8.8
  117. Memory leak with the Java LDAP API
  118. Memory leak with the Java LDAP API
  119. Re: LDAP searches failing
  120. Read and write to an eDirectory master replica
  121. How do i find out that LDAP is running fine?
  122. Exceptions in Novell.Directory.Ldap.Connection.shutdown
  123. LDAP time format
  124. Ldap query question
  125. C# LDAP Library says 'NDS error: no access' onLdapModification.MODIFY of membership
  126. Building the library from source
  127. NMAS - Challenge Response Class Documention
  128. problems with ldapauth.dll module...
  129. LDAP Bind issues - error:140760FC:SSL
  130. Returning user's name using VB.NET or C#
  131. [Root]
  132. jldap and groupwise
  133. LDAP C# SSL performance issue
  134. TCL Script read error
  135. cannot find paged results cookie
  136. Deleted Objects
  137. eDirectory attribute
  138. GroupWise
  139. persistent search support of change number
  140. create mailbox for eDirectory user
  141. test
  142. Search result and reconnect
  143. template for users
  144. JLDAP
  145. POA
  146. Finding group membership
  147. LDAP Binding issue.
  148. php + Unable to bind to server: Confidentiality required
  149. members of groups
  150. NGW: GroupWise ID
  151. Access to the Novell LDAP eDirectory through Classic ASP
  152. LDAP querry questions
  153. eDirectory test server
  154. eDirectory
  155. Create User and Password with PHP
  156. eDirectory
  157. 91:Connect Error when accessing eDirectory using DSML
  158. How to turn on log level to the finest level
  159. 34:Invalid DN Syntax
  160. How to use DSML to get a user's group membership information
  161. weird! modifiction about users.
  162. Copy the data from Sql Server to edirectory using java
  163. Novell CSharp sources
  164. email address attribute
  165. NMAS login method
  166. eDir password case sensitive and Websphere
  167. Web-based password update for Novell?
  168. Email Address for Groups
  169. How to get a object's GUID in DSML with SearchRequest.
  170. Groups & Rights
  171. LDAPConnection timeout problem
  172. LDAP Cool Solution?
  173. Documentation on API?
  174. LDAP initialization failed
  175. ldapmodify networkaddress
  176. eDirectory 8.8.4 schema update failed on SLES10.2 OES2 SP1
  177. Object not found for existing object in Active Directory
  178. no javadoc
  179. Query eDirectory LDAP using VB -
  180. PERL LDAP userPassword
  181. Adding GroupWise account and creating home dir through LDAP.
  182. LDAP search for filter with single quote
  183. building CLDAP SDK
  184. reading objectGuid into System.Guid
  185. Retrieve password in clear text
  186. LDAP Authentication Issue
  187. changing novell password
  188. NMAS-SDK - Missing Include File wadevmon.h
  189. How to get Current User from edir C#
  190. List group members via PHP
  191. Retrieve current user DN [C/C++]
  192. SocketTimeout behaviour
  193. Change auth. window to web form page
  194. Problem in User authentication.
  195. Binary Data Search and Compare
  196. how to change ldap password from .net
  197. SSL - LdapConnection UserDefinedServerCertValidationDelegate
  198. LDAP error Can't connect to server
  199. acquireWriteSemaphore deadlocks
  200. Remove all values
  201. GroupWise Nickname
  202. DirectoryEntry.Guid throws COM exception
  203. LDAP Test
  204. Paged Searching
  205. How do I modify a boolean type attribute?
  206. Java, LDAP, DSML
  207. VerifyPassword Sample
  208. C ldap_search_ext_s search query problem
  209. array of user
  210. How to connect to LDAP from Java?
  211. ldap filter length
  212. Open Directory Attribute that hold the dn value
  213. Copying NDS/LDAP Data for Testing
  214. Setting Inheritable flag for attribute rights of object
  215. NMAS Challenge Response LCM Question
  216. eDirectory supported cipher suites
  217. Problems with utf-8 texts in searchstrings?
  218. Thread Aborted Exception
  219. Novell.Directory.Ldap C#
  220. ldap search function problems
  221. Fetch User from eDirectory
  222. NMAS Bug?
  223. Password-attached OTP for LDAP auth: possible w/ NMAS?
  224. Thread being aborted.
  225. Server is unwilling to perform -Error Message
  226. NetWare Print Service Manager Database Version 1.0
  227. Run As
  228. LDAP over SSL connection problem ?
  229. eDirectory LDAP Page Control support
  230. LDAP authentication using NMAS PKI method
  231. LDAP Authentication of eDirectory user
  232. Novell.Directory.LDAP ListGroups sample not returning member
  233. LDAP Connection + SSL + RANDOM EXCEPTIONS
  234. LDAP EDirectory And Delphi
  235. LDAP - Reset passwordExpirationTime
  236. Read GUID with java
  237. Make use of CheckObjectPasswordRequest to read PasswordSynch
  238. DSML Value to unset an attribute ?
  239. JLDAP source from OpenLdap does not match current package
  240. LDAP C Sharp Librarie FTP Site
  241. GUID from Zenworks user object
  242. Persistent search using system.directoryservices.protocols
  243. Creation of user and roles in ldap using jldap api
  244. Problem with pop up window when connecting
  245. HOWTO Bind using SASL DIGEST-MD5?
  246. how to create a object in ldap using ldap api
  247. Making my Microsoft app Work with eDirectory
  248. Custom object classes and access rights
  249. NPKICreateContext -663 error (copy from Netware forum)
  250. FTP server down for downloading dll