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  1. Sentinel: connectionMethods.xml / syslog-map
  2. extending Record.prototype?
  3. Production collector build files
  4. Connecting Elcipse with Sentinel and develop custom reports
  5. one forum - and sdk forum?
  6. How to set the date and time in a plugin?
  7. Can't input value to evt
  8. Access database table (read, write) in Sentinel Action
  9. Eclipse: Connection to Sentinel Error: Class not found
  10. parsing UTC time stamps
  11. Script /Method to restart Sentinel-Process from CLI
  12. Country mapping IP, department
  13. How to merge multi line log
  14. Updated DNS Collector
  15. Does Access Review provide ability to create plugin SDK
  16. Build custom integrators?
  17. Storing float numbers in Sentinel
  18. File connector stays in loop processing a file
  19. SDK Debugger Not Launching
  20. Problem using custom.js to assign values to CustomerVars
  21. custom.js Processing Order
  22. Sending an Event Immediately if a Condition is Met
  23. Can we access the file name pattern of a File Connector ?
  24. Sentinel Agents and Rotating App Logs
  25. debug DB collector with file
  26. Link now working in Sentinel SDK website
  27. Does the SDK support Sentinel 8?
  28. Restart Debugging on Collector
  29. SDK preview
  30. Timezone handling in parser
  31. Character encoding in plugin development
  32. custom.js in 8.2
  33. Old "Develop to Sentinel" SDK site to be decommissioned
  34. Mcafee EPO collector developing
  35. Unable to run SDK
  36. Sentinel Plug-in SDK 2019.1r1 is generally available!