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  1. Welcome to the Novell Plug-in SDK Forum!
  2. Novell Plug-in SDK FAQ
  3. Error when building documentation
  4. Limitations of report font
  5. Sentinel event schema name
  6. InitServiceName numeric value
  7. trying to add workforceID to eDirectory Collector
  8. Custom Execution
  9. "runCommand" is not defined
  10. SCHEMA: Inclusion of MAC Addresses to Sentinel schema
  11. SCHEMA: Flat vs. hierarchical
  12. SCHEMA: Attribute vs. data object
  13. Maximum output number of logs
  14. All messages are not displayed in the PDF report.
  15. iReport compile and preview error
  16. Re: Error when building documentation
  17. Various types of IDs for correlation
  18. Relocation of the Plug-in SDK
  19. Error appears when debugging a generic collector for ADONIS
  20. QueryParseException when previewing report
  21. Remote Exception when testing connection to SLM
  22. Trigger correlations from Javascript Actions
  23. Chart color customization for Sentinel Log Manager (and RD)
  24. Web report for Sentinel Log Manager (or possilby RD)
  25. Ciscoworks feed parsing issue
  26. IDM Generate-Event in Sentinel
  27. Can Sentinel RD reports be in CSV format instead of PDF
  28. Problems setting up iReport for SLM development
  29. Difference between Collector Builder & SDK for Parsing
  30. Sending JS Email
  31. Normalizing logs
  32. Direct Queries using Database Connector
  33. Filtering reports by OU
  34. Vulnerability Collector Problem
  35. TDS LDAP Server question
  36. NIDM requirement.
  37. sentinel_development_environment
  38. action output
  39. RSA ACE server SYSLOG collector, Parsing help!
  40. NPE in LuceneEventQueryExecutor
  41. code-build-deploy-debug
  42. Possible bug with syslog and UTC time?
  43. SLED 11 SP1, run qt4 OpenGl examples ,Error:lack glu.h
  44. How to modify the Microsoft Windows Collector
  45. Several repeated records with SQL Server Collector
  46. Sentinel Report Development
  47. Lucene query syntax
  48. Enabling Previewing Reports - Test query
  49. Correlation & JS Action
  50. How to set up automatic syslog configuration?
  51. java.lang.NoSuchMethodException
  52. java.lang.NullPointerException in LuceneEventQueryExecutor
  53. Sentinel 7 - mid 2011 (SIEM and iReport, SDK)
  54. setDeviceEventTime and IST
  55. iReport versions
  56. Help Defining Offset String for Custom Database Collector
  57. taxonomy for user logins
  58. InitUserName in user session events
  59. XDAS Schema
  60. Report Preview - Issues Log Manager 1.2
  61. Session class collector
  62. Subreports - Log Manager
  63. Application Utilization
  64. Database queries - is there a wait or sleep functionality?
  65. Parsing multi-line records
  66. Behaviors between generic collector and custom collector
  67. LDAP querying using iReport
  68. Casting variables in Sentinel Log Manager
  69. RXMap field from collectors
  70. Sentinel 7 Lucene Query
  71. Custom DB Collector, data mapping and defining offset?
  72. InitIP and TargetIP fields - What is IP type?
  73. Session MaxRecs bug?
  74. Installing SDK to Mac OS
  75. Problem while passing report parameters?
  76. Planning migration Sentinel 7
  77. Top N Type report sample for Sentinel RD?
  78. Instalar o plugin SDK
  79. UseBatch
  80. Sentinel REST Services - update plugin
  81. Report Preview Issues SLM 1.2
  82. taxonomy for state notifications
  84. PieChart01.properties
  85. Detailed use of Sessions
  86. SNMP connector dump format
  87. Report Query-Is there a way to see the query sent to postgre
  88. Bug while using string parameter values in postgresql query
  89. CSV File Conversion
  90. Problem with SDK Initial Setup
  91. Database collector trouble
  92. Scripting Event Source node creation
  93. Custom.js Problems
  94. taxonomy/XDAS map creation
  95. License of SDK generated packages
  96. SDK reports under "Collector Base" generates empty report
  97. Where is the "Last Data Received" stored in database?
  98. New report: this plugin is not supported on Sentinel platfor
  99. rt2:Full Text Parser
  100. Sentinel 7/LM: events sub-queries, DB queries...
  101. LOGIN_FAILED at XDAS Taoxonomy Level3 (Action) Field
  102. Create incident action in 7
  103. Data Maps & Custom Collectors
  104. Custom CollectorTime Stamps
  105. session persistence
  106. strings in JSON extended info
  107. Re: need to develop new CONNECTOR
  108. Re: Duplicate events in custom collector
  109. Re: Duplicate events in custom collector
  110. change SDK location in Eclipse plugin
  111. Could not load object from location : resources/Header.jasper
  112. Re: Plugin-SDK_2011.1r1 - iReport - Preview
  113. SQL queries from Lucene style reports
  114. Re: custom Sentinel Action - output to file with rotation
  115. Re: Event Source Name in variable
  116. Re: Duplicate Events Database Collector Trusted Time
  117. Re: Help with Developing various types of Sentinel Collectors
  118. Broken Link
  119. New Forum location!
  120. Re: Sentinel Plug-in SDK 2011.1r1 is NOW AVAILABLE!
  121. REST API event query need date time range
  122. Misbehaving Collector (wrong TenantName in events)
  123. latest documentation for SDK
  124. parsing of Novell Access manager 6.1r4 collector
  125. Self-defined XDAS name
  126. MaxRows messages encountered in developed collectors
  127. How to find the JavaScript Script Actions?
  128. Sentinel 7 Custome Report with RDD and Lucene Query
  129. custom the current Send-E-mail action plugin
  130. Custom Reports Sentinel 7
  131. Re: Sentinel 7.0.1 REST API Event List
  132. Re: Sentinel 7.0.1 REST API Event List
  133. Source Ip conversion problem
  134. Re: MSSQL Collector Problem
  135. Report compilation error related to property creation
  137. Versionate the develop, sdk 2011
  138. Sentinel 7.0.1 Custom collecteur
  139. Monitoring EPS of an event source?
  140. Lucene Bottom N type report
  141. EventSearch Create Method
  142. UniqueMatchingRule and Collector Startup Order
  143. fields for egress/ingres interfaces and bytes
  144. DB collectors Sub-offset
  145. missing Report Data Definitions: ${rddnamespace}.${rddname}
  146. Why say Duplicate universal SYSLOG collectors found?
  147. How to change syslog connector udp port to 514?
  148. How does sentinel report calculate KPI?
  149. Sentinel - Report Data Definitions (RDD) Documentation
  150. Subdataset in reports
  151. Custom reports launching problem >
  152. SLM Custom Reports
  153. Can I use a variable across events?
  154. Sentinel SDK support for Java JDK Version 7
  155. Is there any Collector for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010?
  156. Collector Customisation
  157. Using Extended Mapping Files in Customised Collector
  158. need help on using subreport inside the detail band
  159. BlueCoat Proxy: Web Usage Report grouped by Users
  160. Debugging error
  161. Open eDirectory collector in the SDK
  162. Sentinel Branding / UI Customisation
  163. Enriching event data with data from postgresql?
  164. Custom driver issues when using in IDM
  165. How to implement multiple SQL Query in one collector
  166. collector debug error: "SyntaxError: Invalid quantifier ?"
  167. [sentinel] how to add codes into custom. js
  168. [sentinel] correlation problem and dynamic list
  169. dynamic lists transient elements life span
  170. dynamic lists transient elements life span
  171. How to write the session collector?
  172. sentinel collector debug: SyntaxError: Invalid quantifier ?
  173. How to Parsing?
  174. How to set special Identity fields?
  175. Do sentinel UI and SCC support SSO?
  176. how to parsing these fields and how to write the correlation
  177. How to Customise new ISO27002 reports with iReport
  178. Collector: multiple events from single record.
  179. 2011.1r1 SDK Can't Connect to Sentinel
  180. intruder lockout
  181. custom.js help - Sentinel
  182. Enable Report Template 'Visualization' in iReport
  183. Package Sentinel SDK report for Sentinel Import
  184. Sentinel 7 using ldap query to eDirectory
  185. Customising Report templates using TAGs
  186. Understanding Identity Tracking reports
  187. Retrospectively Adding Observer Taxonomy to Custom Collector
  188. Customising Report to use input parameters
  189. how to import class files in Rhino shell
  190. Update map from collector?
  191. XML Parse
  192. Sentinel Report find RDD
  193. what is the javaMap?
  194. read from multiple independent DB tables
  195. taxonomy for malware callback
  196. implement custom.js in Generic Event Collector
  197. Sample Collector build
  198. Parsing failed: TypeError: Cannot call method "replace"
  199. Parsing failed: JavaException: java.lang.RuntimeException
  200. From Steve Zeng: collector/jdbc connector won't start
  201. Cannot find function setObserverEventTime.; input:
  202. Use SLES collector as a starting point for another distro?
  203. Parsing failed: TypeError: Cannot find function save. input:
  204. XML File Connector?
  205. Parameter Prompts
  206. An error occurred attempting to read DynamicList
  207. DB Collector does not show events
  208. custom file collector
  209. collector customization for NetIQ SecureLogin
  210. Collector questions
  211. Collector EventSourceID Name & File Name
  212. Syslog Collector w/ File Connector Parsing Issue
  213. report parameter
  214. Collector development performance
  215. Universal Collector custom.js
  216. Override SourceIP/TargetIP
  217. REST API event-source-status pagesize
  218. Regarding universal collector and custom.js
  219. Migrate Legacy Collectors
  220. Retrospective Data enrichment
  221. collector performance test
  222. Submit Collector and article
  223. Installing SDK
  224. Author and version not changing
  225. Collector Documentation from Preview SDK Not Building
  226. Regex exec() limit or interesting work
  227. how to access partner subversion repository to download code
  228. How to include the joda-time.jar to SDK 2011.1r1?
  229. Customize SLES collector
  230. SDK installers - where are they?
  231. Java 8 and Sentinel SDK Compatibility
  232. Custom reports and event parse time
  233. Unable to replay events using file from connector
  234. Help needed for imanager cusome plugins!
  235. Re: safesplit
  236. parseNVP
  237. Sentinel 7.3, sip field, and Ipv6 address ending with 0
  238. API documentation of eSecurity objects
  239. Could not update Correlated Event on custom action
  240. Understanding better how offset works
  241. Share collector on Github?
  242. iReport Sentinel report Error:TemplateReportScriptlet
  243. Extending Vibe with plugin
  244. liste all running reports via REST
  245. Optimization required
  246. Empty Syslog Collector V2011 needed
  247. What is the best/easiest/supported way to localize a collector(Symantec here)
  248. XDAS taxonomy question
  249. customizing connector.js?
  250. Collector's parameter in SqlQuery (JDBC connector)