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  1. Citrix and GW Messenger
  2. Profile bug?
  3. Tools to Monitor IM Traffic
  4. e-mail date altered
  5. Error during install: Failed to add schema attribute: nnmArchive.
  6. Gwtps1.dll file
  7. Blank passwords not allowed?
  8. Enhancement Idea
  9. Add users from groupwise addressbok
  10. Ldap sending result back to client
  11. Moving Messenger Agents
  12. Cannot access messenger download page
  13. Multiple mesenger agents
  14. Old contacts
  15. Hi:
  16. Messenger on GW6
  17. Enhancements
  18. Archive Agent Failed to Initialize
  19. How to send msg in 2 Messenger servers in diff Tree
  20. gaim support??
  21. Abend!
  23. Allow user only to receive a message
  24. Information item not displayed
  25. Send message to several users without going into Conversation Mode
  26. licensing
  27. sp2 FTF client auto update won't stop
  28. search for user not working
  29. D.O.S. with Groupwise Messenger 1.0.1 and beta 1.0.2
  30. How to setup GW Messenger to use proxy
  31. Linux Messenger
  32. viewing messenger archive results in error.
  33. User appears as offline
  34. SSO with Messenger???
  35. gw messenger adn MS messenger
  36. Mac Client for Messenger location?
  37. Messenger API?
  38. Cosmetic error?
  39. Groupwise Messenger logging
  40. Where I can read the GW Messenger Protocol
  41. Groupwise messenger user status unknown
  42. Messenger Branding
  43. Software Distribution Directory
  44. Messenger and other IM apps
  45. Error Code 8922 on Linux pc
  46. GW Messenger interferes with GW 6.0.3 switch - /@u-?
  47. Strange LDAP errors
  48. Minimum System Requirements
  49. Messenger on Windows 95
  50. SPL Login failed / Required credentials are missing
  51. Messenger SP2 out of beta?
  52. Messenger Error 0xAE14
  53. SSL Later
  54. disable save password option
  55. Linux Client Install
  56. Trillian Plugin
  57. Again...8922
  58. Object referenced by DN does not exist
  59. Transports Available
  60. Groupwise Messenger running on wireless laptops
  61. Please help! - Connectivity Problems
  62. Error Code 0xd101
  63. changing buddy icons in groupwise messenger
  64. Installing Messenger 6.5
  65. Novell messenger linux client install problems!
  66. Return of Error: 0XE14 - Could not connect to the server by name
  67. Messenger Client and Auto Accept Messages
  68. Rollout with Zenworks and AOT Files
  69. Remote Assist
  70. Server not responding
  71. GroupWise Messenger
  72. Deny Users
  73. Emoticons in Messenger Sp1
  74. Messenger auto-login.
  75. Disable auto-update messenger client
  76. Login Problems error AE03
  77. file transfer?
  78. Can't add contacts
  79. Instant Messenger Log files and Databases
  80. Synchonizing with Palm Pilot
  81. Messenger Notify
  82. sp2 experiences?
  83. Contact Lists, etc.
  84. Error Code 0Xd149
  85. IM on phones?
  86. messenger for multiple trees
  87. SPL login failed [0XAE10] DDC error reading from the directory
  88. Importing Messenger Contacts
  89. messenger crashes ip stack on realtek nics (hp compaq nx7010)
  90. IM on Phones (easy yes or no question)
  91. Messenger Agents
  92. Linux login problems - Please enter a valid userid and password
  93. 1A9 SPL Login Failed [0xD146]:server ip - Required Credentials are missing
  94. Messenger NAL
  95. Gaim .80 and multiple clones of groups
  96. distribution list
  97. Error 0xAE16
  98. Certain users cannot login [0XAE0B]
  99. Messenger Install
  100. multiple message agents?
  101. VOIP Plugin
  102. Finally solved?
  103. how to connect multiple trees
  104. Rookie Messenger Questions
  105. Messenger via SSL
  106. GW Messenger Video Conferencing Capabilities??
  107. GW Messenger Auto Update + Disable??
  108. Double names
  109. Evaluation
  110. Messenger SP1 client
  111. Adding users to a policy
  112. Emoticons/ smilies
  113. Looking for Information and Opinions
  114. LaunchOnStartup=No in SETUP.CFG not working
  115. Re: I do know how the archive is working...how space we need for3,500 users
  116. More nuisance problems
  117. ADM file to Lockdown Messenger
  118. Re: I do know how the archive is working...how space we need for3,500 users
  119. Groupwise Messenger Users can't log in?
  120. Contacts grayed out with "?" beside icon
  121. GroupWise Messenger Install Error - Language File
  122. How to setup Helpdesk user to be able to add new IM accounts and users
  123. messenger in cluster
  124. Disable for Users without Groupwise Accounts
  125. Archive not working in SP2
  126. Client Extractor Files Missing
  127. LDAP Operation was attempted on an invalid object error
  128. Messenger sp2 0x8a10 error?
  129. Purchasing Messenger outside of GroupWise
  130. emails coming in are always underlined
  131. memory could not be read
  132. Flag to Stop GroupWise Messenger in Caching Mode
  133. Messenger Logging - Confused on settings
  134. How messenger Client handles policies?
  135. Pop ups using GWmessenger
  136. Logging in without a Password
  137. messenger and internet contacts
  138. Trillian
  139. Mac client won't start (on some machines)
  140. Deactivatet users in the contact list
  141. messanger locks up PC
  142. Log files from user chats
  143. Messenger Archive Settings
  144. Messenger Install Error "Language File"
  145. Messenger SP2 problems
  146. Messenger agent location install
  147. Messenger Opinion
  148. Can not add Contacts...
  149. Install on different server?
  150. Groupwise system is slowing down for some unknown reason
  151. Disable Messenger users
  152. What should be running on server for Messenger to run
  153. Starting Messenger In IE
  154. Broadcast message to IM users
  155. What's needed to view previous messenger conversation
  156. Re: Java client for NW Server?
  157. Can groupwise 6.0.3 work with blackberry?
  158. Re: Java client for NW Server?
  159. Messenger on 2 different trees
  160. problems with sending e-mail from messenger client
  161. SSL for Messenger - newbie needs a hand
  162. Can NM be configured for multiple SSL LDAP servers?
  163. Groupwise messenger locks up
  164. Messenger Website Setup not working
  165. Messenger across GW domains??
  166. Novell IM and Blackberry?
  167. Silent install of Messenger sp2
  168. messenger starts up when starting groupwise client
  169. Linux & Mac Client and Authentication Failure
  170. IM outside the Firewall
  171. cross eDir Messaging
  172. NMMA Abend
  173. Possible Clients
  174. Importing Users from Groupwise Address Book to Messenger
  175. Does the ssl certificate have to be externally signed ?
  176. SPL Request (Get Search Results)
  177. reinstall novell messenger procedure
  178. Error Messages - Messaging Agent
  179. moving messenger
  180. Messenger Presence via Intranet for Helpdesk
  181. error in messenger
  182. Gateway to ICQ ???
  183. trustee rights for messenger agent
  184. Login failed [0xAE07]: [user] - DCC: Could not create or duplicate a directory context
  185. GWIM and Digital Line Error Message
  186. Old archived messages & files
  187. Messenger Server not responding 4 new desktops
  188. cannot connect to messenger using linux client on NLD
  189. SSL and Messenger
  190. Way to see all users online ?
  191. Need SSL for gaim IM to work
  192. Enabling SSL does not seem to work
  193. API integration with GW IMessenger
  194. Automatic login
  195. single file sp3 windows client install?
  196. removing users
  197. messenger license
  198. Support for other IM Software?
  199. How to deactivate the automatic update of the client
  200. Messenger 1.0 download
  201. Messenger listening at port 80
  202. GroupWise Messenger can not add user
  203. Groupwise Messenger Client on PDA?
  204. D.O.S. with Groupwise Messenger 1.0.1, 1.0.2 and 1.0.3
  205. attribute setting
  206. Messenger with no NDS
  207. File Attachments
  208. multiple archive agents
  209. forwarding messages as attachment to self to disguise opened item status
  210. Gateway connectors to other services (AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, etc)
  211. Non - Deliverable Message
  212. Mac Client fails to connect to Groupwise Server
  213. messenger giving private ip as default
  214. Password sync'ing with Messenger / Groupwise
  215. Installing groupwise messanger
  216. GW Messenger install. Schema problem.
  217. Requested Userid not found in directory
  218. GW Messenger Group Conversation
  219. Messanger not connect from outside world
  220. GroupWise Messenger cannot add user to contact list!
  221. Service ndsd has to be enabled for service novell-nmma
  222. Disable Spell Checker
  223. GW Messenger and GAIM
  224. Send Broadcast Message to all NM users
  225. Corrupted database?
  226. Files locked when installing SP3
  227. messenger install
  228. GroupWise Messanger not connected from outside world
  229. Any way to add more emoticons?
  230. GroupWise Messenger Client Auto Update
  231. New Messenger install with new GW 6.5 install Questions
  232. Messenger and SSL
  233. Client Messenger x OpenOffice
  234. IM link on Intranet/website
  235. Messenger archive
  236. SSL connection for Messenger agent
  237. What's this error
  238. Install Messenger on a live GroupWise server
  239. How to create a nmx file for Messenger contact
  240. Linux GW Messenger client issue
  241. messenger errors at install via ZEN
  242. messenger updates automatically
  243. Spell check feature???
  244. Can send new mail but not forward to someone.
  245. Search Archive Not Working
  246. General Questions
  247. loading messenger nlm on server
  248. client.exe for download page
  249. GWIM support of Groups, Containers, GW Distributions for Contact Lists
  250. Questions marks