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  1. Messenger plugins for Console1 for Linux
  2. Timestamps?
  3. Messenger 2.02 HP1a - Is it stable and good!
  4. Messenger 2.03 is out
  5. NMAA: Agent initialization failure [0xD237]
  6. close chat windows can crash gwise msn client
  7. GW Messenger Archive Agent 1.04
  8. Adding a new user
  9. No idle?
  10. Difference between LDAP Profile and the ma.ini file
  11. One user can't be found
  12. Connecting two trees
  13. AD authentication
  14. Thoughts on interface
  15. LDAP Error when starting Messanger
  16. Update requirements
  17. getting two messenger servers to talk
  18. host unknown question
  19. Multiple user disconnect
  20. History Fonts are Scrambled
  21. Messenger random disconnects all day long
  22. Messenger freezing/hanging? (2.0.3)
  23. Problem viewing agent in a Terminal Windows
  24. Export all messenger archives for all users
  25. Where do contact get stored?
  26. upgrading messenger
  27. 0Xd101 error + WEIRD
  28. How to uninstall GW Messenger
  29. GroupWise Messenger does not recognize the User ID
  30. Problem starting Messenger
  31. Is messenger still being developed?
  32. Groupwise Messenger : nvlmsgr
  33. GroupWise Messenger
  34. GW Messenger and BES
  35. GW Messenger Uninstall from Netware 6.5/ConsoleOne
  36. GroupWise Protocol
  37. OES2 Linux 64-bit support
  38. Client wants to add external IM users
  39. Custom Mac Client Preferences
  40. [0xD130] Messenger error on particular clients only???
  41. Biggest GWIM System? (on Novell Communities)
  42. upgrade messenger version on same server
  43. novell-nmaa fails to start
  44. Client disconnect
  45. Updating Messenger
  46. Chat room with members from two trees?
  47. Alex Evans (GroupWise product manager) is looking for feedback
  48. LDAP Errors on Messenger
  49. Invalid credential supplied to ldap for 1 user
  50. 1 user no show!
  51. GWIM agents won't start - new install
  52. GW Doubling contact lists?
  53. Check for Logged On Users
  54. QFIDX
  55. Archive "0 Records Found"
  56. 2.0.3 HP1 and auto-update not working?
  57. Client won't detect server
  58. AD25 Error starting Messenger
  59. Reports
  60. Messenger with Firefox 3
  61. Install/Unistall Messenger Linux
  62. Same tree, new system, new Contacts Lists
  63. Messenger Search in VB6
  64. GWIM with BES
  65. GroupWise Messenger 2.0.3 Hot Patch 1 Client
  66. D210 error and cannot repair
  67. My messages save strangly
  68. GW Messenger Agents Fail: 0xB006
  69. Move Archive NW -> Linux?
  70. Blocking other IM clients
  71. Firefox links
  72. Question about messenger connection
  73. SPL Login failed [0xB103]: userID - Requested Userid not fou
  74. can not search archive
  75. SSL encryption
  76. How to create IM Administrator Role
  77. Disable new IM window popup
  78. Force Update and Changes To Address Book
  79. [DCC: Could not create or duplicate context
  80. Status Not Updating
  81. Admin control for Store conversations locally
  82. GW Messenger error
  83. Email lost
  84. IM and password expiration not working
  85. SSL installation issues
  86. Connecting internal messenger servers
  87. contextless login help
  88. Upgrade to 2.03HP1
  89. Error in log of windows messenger agent
  90. How do I start Messenger Manually on Server
  91. Archive not cleaning up after itself
  92. how to uninstall messenger
  93. Groupwise Messenger 0xAE11
  94. Users cannot add/delete contacts
  95. how to block pidgin or gaim from connecting to GWIM?
  96. Status Not Updating
  97. Change location to store conversation for Citrix
  98. Access IM Archive
  99. Novell Messenger MA 2.0.3 - Error Messages
  100. Where are the Archives stored?
  101. Using Messenger
  102. Administrate Default Settings. Starting GWM and idle times
  103. Password Finally encrypted in strtup files
  104. Archive only contains Some messages and broadcasts
  105. Combine 2 GW Messenger archive?
  106. Messenger Service - Set default system
  107. Messenger Archive errors
  108. gw messenger on suse linux
  109. GWIm v1.04-- How to administratively remove account?
  110. Screen Refreshes
  111. Multiple sets of Messenger objects in my NDS Tree
  112. Messenger Authentication
  113. Single Sign on with Messenger
  114. AD2D LDAP server is not available and B103 Requested Userid notfound in directory
  115. Sound/Alerts Configuration
  116. GW Messenger on Blackberry stops working?
  117. Broadcast message using command lines and messenger
  118. blank passwords with messenger
  119. message appears like japanese
  120. Client is unable to connect to the Server
  121. PDA clients?
  122. Moved user drops from Contact List
  123. Where get SSL certificate when instal Messanger on the OEs2(linux) ??
  124. Messenger won't launch
  125. New Policy Settings Greyed Out
  126. Merging Contacts
  127. Which one SSLCertificate need use for GWMessanger ???
  128. Change settings globally on upgrade?
  129. Cost of Archiving
  130. 2.04 mac client won't connect to messenger agent
  131. moved user in corporate contact list
  132. Invalid Tag was discovered
  133. groupwise messenger error oxd15f.
  134. Groupwise Messanger without GroupWise
  135. GW Messenger question
  136. Messenger download page unavailable
  137. GWM 2.0.4 Zenworks install
  138. Logging
  139. GWM Upgrade from 1.0.5 to 2.0.4
  140. Contact List Separation
  141. Install another Messenger server
  142. GW Messenger 2.0.4 upgrade (106) error
  143. Newbie to GW Messenger management....
  144. Recover conversations....
  145. [0xAD05] A unspecified LDAP error was encountered
  146. GW Messenger 2.04 problem
  147. Migrating from NetWare to SLES10
  148. Install GW Messenger
  149. HOw cahnge Acrhive path and queue PATH ?
  150. Whic IM client compatible with GWMEssenger ?
  151. How do I uninstall Messenger - server side?
  152. How to give access to archives ONLY CERTAIN users for user HEAD1?
  153. Disconnect, Online, over and over again
  154. Messenger Client Install Requires Administrator User Level?
  155. ARC Expire of Session Failed [0x1205]
  156. Messenger does start when using an LDAPContainer
  157. Second server
  158. New version....??
  159. Can not find other users
  160. Can you restrict the ability to IM some GW Messenger clients
  161. Command Line Error - 'message' is not recognized
  162. Fault positive virus notification from messenger files?
  163. GW Messenger - Unable to install Client with Kaspersky AV
  164. GroupWise Messenger cannot start because its configuration h
  165. SSL Ports
  166. Messenger restrictions
  167. I don't want the messenger client to update automatically
  168. Export contact list...
  169. Autoupdate Configuration
  170. [0xB106] Host is unknown to system
  171. Policies and Excluding Users
  172. 0xD237 Error After Moving System?
  173. gw messenger 203
  174. Messenger Archive Search - Zip
  175. the server has experienced a directory error
  176. GW Messenger and BES
  177. Shot in the dark: Automated messages?
  178. Transfer pics and files?
  179. Copy GWIM contacts from one server/tree to another?
  180. Reconfiguring directory authentication
  181. Moving Users looses their contacts
  182. Cannot Login GWIM
  183. Host is unknown to system
  184. GWM 2.0.4 and Mac 10.5.6
  185. Does Messenger allow to NOT archive specific Users
  186. GW Messenger constantly disconnects.
  187. Some of My contacts show offline and they arent
  188. Archive Queue
  189. default contacts for every user
  190. service authentication failed / password change
  191. SPL Request 0xB103
  192. How to view archive
  193. Could not find users
  194. Msgr start error on server log
  195. Problem to open links in GW Messenger
  196. TID 10081815 help needed
  197. Unable to change contact list
  198. Can't see/access newly created chat rooms
  199. Scope Object v. Used By in Policy Object
  200. Any Success with Ubuntu? HELP!!
  201. Server IP changed, Messenger not loading.
  202. Messenger disconnects VLAN
  203. No Policy Tab in Default Policy v2.0.4
  204. Need to upgrade server?
  205. Stop Groupwise messenger on startup
  206. Setup 103 error on Client update
  207. invalid credentials supplied to LDAP
  208. Old Clients connect to new server
  209. ssl for the client
  210. Personal History issue since upgrade
  211. Linux Client Doesn't Connect
  212. Can I add more emoticons in recent version 2.0.4?
  213. GW Messenger Performance
  214. NW Messenger on NW 6.5
  215. error when trying to search archive
  216. Messenger latest version?
  217. GW Messenger Client for 64-bit Windows?
  218. Groupwise Messenger Installation Failed
  219. Restore Archived Conversations
  220. Is there an automatic way to uninstall the Messenger client from windows?
  221. Encrypting the GW Messenger Agent Password?
  222. Launching GroupWise Messenger changes my screen resolution
  223. Visual Basic sample for GroupWise messenger API
  224. Messenger on NSS Volume does not launch on startup
  225. Config Question
  226. Groupwise Messenger On SLES 10
  227. Moving from Netware to Linux
  228. Messenger History in weird characters
  229. Messenger on Android 2.0
  231. Connection clearing?
  232. Moving eDir users to new container breaks messenger login
  233. GW: Messenger Contact List Size
  234. GroupWise Messenger Error Your Account has been disabled
  235. MAC Can't Connect
  236. GW Messenger Problem
  237. Log in Problem
  238. start IM in internal webpage
  239. Multiple instances of unmanaged users
  240. Quiet or Silent Uninstall of GW Messenger
  241. Can you create a group of users in Messenger
  242. Disconnect issue
  243. Messenger Archive Access
  244. GW V2.0.4 shows user offline when they are really online?
  245. GW Messenger Error 0xAD11
  246. GW Messenger 1.0.6 saved talk file unreadable
  247. GWM archive viewable offline?
  248. GW messenger service just died
  249. Snap-ins for Messenger
  250. 0x8605 when user tries to log into Messenger