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  1. SLES 10.2 / OES2 sp1 Update Question
  2. again on root-equivalent accounts
  3. Software repositories did not need to be changed.
  4. A reboot Takes 5 mins to shutdown?
  5. SMT issues with OES2SP2
  6. NSS issue with muliple copies
  7. SSG Thread...taking too long to service a request...
  8. "kill -9" unabel to kill a process
  9. Admin account being locked????
  10. Configuring OES Services
  11. New SLP news, Anyone using it?
  12. graphical sudo
  13. DHCP Dynamic update
  14. Query LUM?
  15. Software available for update
  16. Universal Password - Microsoft complexity
  17. rebuild OES cluster server?
  18. SLP registering issues on OES2 servers
  19. NSS issue
  20. Updates and Catalog Verification
  21. QuickFinder scheduling not working
  22. ConsoleOne and NSS quota weirdness
  23. Novell Cluster Services Questions
  24. Missing Cluster Segment Manager?
  25. CIFS and users with dots in name
  26. Too Many Workstations Issue
  27. SLP, D'oh
  28. Mapping issues
  29. NetStorage & SSL Login very slow since upgrade ?
  30. move cluster partition
  31. NDS Error -672 -> admin rights lost
  32. Lock file over NSS volume
  33. OES2 subscribe to update channel
  34. McAfee Netshield 1.6
  35. Quick Question on LUM
  36. OES2 SP2 Linux on ESXi - Copying of Data issue
  37. ID to use for clustering
  38. Fix for root-able exploit
  39. Cannot Start SLES 10 SP2 after Power failure
  40. zmd/rug broken again
  41. non admin user access to NoRM
  42. Group-associated rights not taking effect in OES-L NSS files
  43. Client Login Times
  44. Windows 7 client
  45. Clustered volume question
  46. How can I re-assigning Home folder permissions for the users
  47. https://<ip-ipp-cluster-resource>/psmstatus -> Access denied for all print manager "Manager Role" members.
  48. Unix Config object placement / replication
  49. nds will not load, ndsrepair will not run
  50. Windows 7 mapped drive problem
  51. Connecting to NCP share without being logged into eDir
  52. sftp-server cannot rename file on nss volume
  53. YUP server setup
  54. Update Catalogs, Selection Verification
  55. Home Directory Auto Creation
  56. Nach Update Probleme mit USB-Laufwerken
  57. Novell registration server
  58. can't start novell-named with credential not found
  59. SMT - What to mirror
  60. After Update Troubles with USB Drives
  61. SMT - almost there
  62. Back Rev Kernel - Easy route
  63. Enable eDirectory Delegated administrators login and Sudo
  64. No tree or Server Login
  65. NCS Resources will not respond to cluster commands
  66. Bulk Import of user
  67. firefox, places.sqlite, read-only, nss problem
  68. file corruption problem with patch oes2sp2-Sept-2010-Scheduled-Maintenance
  69. Novell OES server will not boot
  70. LUM broken after adding a second network adapter.
  71. AFPTCPD Stops OES2
  72. Can I update SLES to the latest kernel without damaging OES?
  73. Big OES2 file access Chalenge
  74. problem configure oes 2 sp2 dhcp services during install
  75. OES2 and SNMP monitoring
  76. Configuration Settings Store Where?
  77. SMT: More than one pair of Credentials?
  78. Server failover
  79. Web/GUI File Serving
  80. Software to compare (patches, modules) two OES SP 2 server?
  81. How to increase speed of mirroring in NSS - volumes?
  82. Novell Customer Center Icon Not Displaying
  83. miggui & ruby issue
  84. How to verify patch subscriptions are right after upgrade?
  85. Unable to Delete/Rename/Move select files, they really don't want to go
  86. NCS Configuration in OES2
  87. Is there a migfiles bandwidth throttle?
  88. How do I use snmp with sles?
  89. Pickup / Access old remote session on SLES10
  90. iFolder proxy user
  91. Can't update YOU "504 Gateway Time-out"
  92. Suse_Register
  93. time drift
  94. LDAP requests being referred to another server?
  95. OES2 LDAP failure
  96. Change IP-addr on OES2-SP2 with IDM
  97. How to login from OES2-SP2 into NW6.5-SP7?
  98. Departing user locked account
  99. OES SNMP Differentiation
  100. rsync and LUM users
  101. How recreate cretificates in the OES2 Linux (server with R/W
  102. disparity between Remote Manager & System Services run level
  103. test if mount still works
  104. Update what and How ?
  105. Mad LUM Queries
  106. Should I give up on RUG/ZMD?
  107. Hide eDirectory attributes from LDAP
  108. kerberos service
  109. File migration
  110. OES2 disconnected session timeout
  111. cron job not running
  112. Login-script for OES2-SP2 Linux?
  113. Reporting tool for files a user owns
  114. Directory restriction / quota and available space
  115. ConsoleOne font under SLES
  116. too slow to file scan in some directorys
  117. script still not running properly
  118. Can not add user account
  119. Service accounts in OES-L
  120. recover root password
  121. Newly migrated file server problems: File locking?
  122. Disk cleanup
  123. How to force novell services to use faster interface
  124. Unable to communicate with SUSE Linux/OES 2 server remotely.
  125. Failed to download XML metadata - OES/Linux patches
  126. HP SIM and ssh
  127. OES2 gives errors of deleted user objects?
  128. syslog-ng syntax error
  129. softlink to nss volume
  130. Best way to update to sp3
  131. NSS read without file scan???
  132. online, pool and updates catalogs
  133. putting quickfinder indexes on nss volume
  134. Expand boot partition
  135. CASA and OES migration tools
  136. LDAP possibly not working?
  137. SLES 11 SP1 LDAP replication configuration problems
  138. how-to change oes to authenticate from AD instead of nds
  139. Keyboad doesn't work
  140. Expand raid 5 array
  141. Netware monitor utility in OES2 Linux???
  142. Automatic direcroy purge
  143. Disk Map and Partitioning
  144. Linux Profile Home Directory
  145. Can't Access OES2 Configuration
  146. NTP question
  147. Users Attach to Multiple Servers for No Reason
  148. Change OES2 IP address
  149. Namconfig schema message
  150. LUM Unix Profiles: Limits on uidNumber? namuseradd Issues
  151. OES Cluster losing visibility of apparently RUNNING pools
  152. Customer Center Systems, VMed servers appear to be sharing one 'system'
  153. Ice (import convert export wizard)
  154. Can I cluster enable ldap as a resource?
  155. Grant access to remote manager to other user
  156. Anyway to restore the NDS object ?
  157. crontab
  158. ConsoleOne for Windows 7
  159. How to move CA from retiring NW6.5 to OES 2 server?
  160. Change IP on OES 2 DA?
  161. Updating current installed packages
  162. pam_ldap_init:Setting eDir Sementics control failed. error
  163. NFS between SLES 11 and SLES 10
  164. No available disk space to salvage file
  165. NLDAP troubleshooting logs ?
  166. How to configure a Filesystem resource for OES Cluster
  167. NCPCON - Nothing works
  168. Novell DHCP OES2 SP2 how to flush lease table?
  169. OES ,NSS help needed
  170. Prevention of Executables running from NSS Share - Ideas
  171. ncpmount and security issues
  172. Requirement for OES Cluster Environment
  173. iManager Workstation - cannot install plugin
  174. SMT error in the Sync Report
  175. OES 1 rug update channel. Still exists?
  176. Updating OES without channel active
  177. replicas on oes2
  178. helpful admin utilities
  179. iManager AND nu.novell.com is gone :-(
  180. Resource failover due to evms engine lock
  181. failback operation failed for cluster Resources
  182. "available disk space" notification missing
  183. NSS/Linux permissions. rsync issue.
  184. OES 2 SP2 Server hangs on the hour (e.g.14:00,15:00 etc)
  185. Setting up CIFS on OES2SP2
  186. Changing an OES 2 Serverís IP Address
  187. ssh help
  188. Random Novell Message Popups from SLES/OES2 server
  189. SMT catalog missing
  190. Reset CA Password
  191. user count
  192. Common Server Certificate Resets
  193. NDSD fails to stay running
  194. LDAPS from client workstations not working
  195. NDSD Segfaults when a Volume is being accessed
  196. On-Access A/V Scanning of OES2 Volumes using CLAMAV & CLAMFS
  197. imonitor with multiple IP adresses
  198. Identical Prod and Lab environments, what to modify in one tree to make it aware of new server?
  199. rcdhcp
  200. SAS error when installing OES2sp2a
  201. Removing supervisor rights to NSS
  202. dns/dhcp
  203. Copy user data from Netware to OES
  204. transaction failed invalid package
  205. Howto LUM-enable syslog service
  206. Dynamic Groups for Lum Primary Group
  207. SLP question
  208. pure-ftp LUM NRM
  209. da
  210. Reboot Hangs Turning off Swap
  211. OES2 SP2a patching...... AGREEMENTS LENGTHY!!!!
  212. SMT trouble
  213. SLP, service registration lost
  214. Import DHCP Class into existing Service
  215. polling ftp servers for downloads
  216. rsync cluster resources OES2 NSS volume to remote server
  217. Cluster Resourse going to "COMATOSE" status during Failback
  218. latest SMT version
  219. Cannot upgrade kernel to SMP
  220. Novell Support Advisor - Unsupported Version Pair: OES2 SP3
  221. namcd and openwbem entries in messages log
  222. OES2 SP2a on SLES 10SP3 keep rebootign
  223. Error creating a pdf on a NSS volume OES2 sp2
  224. issue configuring syslog-ng
  225. Novell RIP
  226. VNC Not working after upgrade to OES2 SP3
  227. Information Request - OES File access with the IPad
  228. Information Request - OES File access with Android devices
  229. OWS Smb - Is there a limit using OES with CLUSTER?
  230. SMT and nss not playing nice
  231. Duplicate server entries registered in the Customer Center
  232. When and how informed Novell the OES customer (TID7008364)
  233. can miggui go from sles to sles
  234. Main Server dropout
  236. ndsd cores/seg faults on new OES2-SP3 servers - advice
  237. Apache error
  238. Attrib in replacement of FLAG on OES2
  239. Server Console Is Hung - Ideas
  240. Remove dns server
  241. Bigger NSS volume
  242. NSS Volume Expansion
  243. Samba working on one nobe in a cluster
  244. uid=1000 who are you?
  245. CIFS config problem
  246. OES2 Linux Server Name Change
  247. user_init in login scripts
  248. OES2 SP3 - which edir schemas should be installed?
  249. Best way to script share logins
  250. Remote Office still on roadmap