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  1. LUM and issues with OES config in yast
  2. Auto start backup agent on server reboot
  3. Delete .trash-root files/folders
  4. NSS Volume Admin Hangs/Crash
  5. change NCP SERVER NAME
  6. CSR tid hard to find......LDAPs query failing.
  7. Re: change NCP SERVER NAME
  8. Re: change NCP SERVER NAME
  9. YAST errors and OES Config and install
  10. oes2sp3 & sles10sp4
  11. Openfiles in OES2 using CIFS on NSS volumes
  12. LUM Cert Renew
  13. Extend Novell Linux Client functions
  14. Patching OES2 (after upgrade of OES1) eDirectory, too
  15. Job Opening for an Engineer with OES Linux Experience
  16. OES2 SP3 SYS not listed in iManager
  17. OES2.3-LX Will not Shutdown properly
  18. Howto configure slp
  19. physical console closes automatically
  20. Obituary
  21. Trying to Change eDirectory's NTP Address
  22. DNS and DHCP in clustered environment
  23. Updating OES2 - Pool vs "updates" - what's up with this?
  24. Can't delete files on nss volume
  25. OES2 SP3 updates "slesp3-qlogic firmware" update
  26. Easiest setup for postfix
  27. OES NSS folder always auto hidden.can not change attribute.
  28. Afp/Cifs "open files" question
  29. Netware to SLES 11 SP2 Migration
  30. Not able to inventorying files or folders with NRM for Linux
  31. SLES10-SP3 updates have disappeared
  32. file access/locking problems, most notably with AutoCAD
  33. OES2 SP3 upgrade VNC screen does not complete display
  34. Retaining NSS File Rights Under ncpmount'd Copy
  35. NMAS Authentication - Novell Client 2 SP1
  36. Finding the tree with novell client...
  37. Failed Login log
  38. Switch off and delete OES2 server
  39. NSS volume creating duplicate file references
  40. trouble upgrading to sp3
  41. Need help removing evms
  42. oes2 sp2 Linux edirectory 6038 error
  43. Best practice? Howto access data on an OES2-LX NSS cluster resource from another plain SLES server?
  44. Login Slow w/ SLP IP added but fast w/o ip on the client
  45. When "online update" SLES10sp3 and OES2sp3 !
  46. LUM-enabled user - still no nss access
  47. cron question
  48. Are there differences in the content of /etc/opt/novell/ncpserv.conf between 32-bit and 64-bit versions of OES2SP3 ??
  49. control on which server clients try to authenticate
  50. General Question
  51. OES2 SP3 not showing after applying upgrade/patch
  52. Access to the Server "live" desktop
  53. File Access Problem on NSS Volume
  54. OES2SP3 patching not displaying correctly
  55. Reinstall of OES
  56. OES2 server cannot ping to hostnames that are not in hosts.
  57. miggui and resyncing files
  58. Netstorage OES2: wrong modification time
  59. High CPU in ndsd on one cluster node
  60. miggui not displaying directories of source server
  61. Setting unvalued attributes at account creation
  62. HATE is a strong word but...I hate Vi!!!
  63. RUG issue
  64. iPad Safari access NetStorage fail
  65. Customize NRM????
  66. Restrict Home Directory Size
  67. rug updates --agree-to-third-party-licenses
  68. import godaddy ssl cert into edirectory gets pki 1253 error
  69. Permanently mounting an NSS Volume to OES Linux
  70. Interesting issue administering web server
  71. Viewing file owner info in Windows 7 Explorer
  72. lum problem for admin user
  73. Missing Trustees on Folders (ncpcon nss resync=VOL)
  74. Preferred Server confusion
  75. How to completely remove edir from OES2-SP3
  76. iMonitor not working
  77. unavailable LUM role, LUM auth problem
  78. Multiple Scopes for SLP
  79. NSS delete
  80. Auditing question
  81. Poll-options for fixing slow NRM inventory and owners
  82. Pure-FTP: get a 550 Prohibited file name: \\UNC-Path
  83. Possible Expired Certificate
  84. Tracking Failed Log in Attemps
  85. Problems with CIFS on Oes 2 sp2 cluster
  86. Module conflicts SLES10 SP3-->SP4 update
  87. Using rug
  88. Home Directory attr
  89. HELP! File server migration
  90. Schrodinger's VM
  91. LDAP Server Certificate expire
  92. DHCP not working after NW to OES migration
  93. Desperately need help with OES Linux iManager
  94. sys volume runs out of space & hangs server, reboot fixes it
  95. LUM - admingroup v admingrp
  96. no dhcp service is associated with the server
  97. Weekly high cpu utilization caused by ndsd and cifsd
  98. NTP issues on 32-bit SLES/OES servers running on Vmware ESXi 4.0
  99. freeRadius with edir group authentication
  100. SET command for OES2
  101. NSS Migration to new volume
  102. NSS Migration to new volume
  103. ovell-afptcpd information in /var/log/messages
  104. Certificate status = "Invalid: Certificate Expired"
  105. TOP Process - Starting/Stopping
  106. freeradius 2, authentication to eDirectory and read groups
  107. LDAP allows user login with emty password
  108. Can't access iFolder admin
  109. DNS/DHCP on SLES10sp3 & OES2sp3
  110. ConsoleOne seeing missing files
  111. OESv2 folder's space restriction can not be change.
  112. Block specific updates
  113. rsync from Netware nss to OES linux nss
  114. Dependency resolution failed
  115. Log details
  116. Updating OES2SP2A to OES2SP3
  117. NetStorage on iPad
  118. eDirectory time zone
  119. OES2 WIN7 Slow file access But Not on WIN 2008
  120. Novell OES and Sles sp updates
  121. Cifs context permissions
  122. OES DHCP - exclude IP addresses within a pool?
  123. sles10sp4 media
  124. disable broadcasts
  125. Missing samba attributes on User object
  126. NSS question
  127. Moving to sles10sp4
  128. AFP and NMAS Problem on OES
  129. hals-addon-stor memory usage
  130. ICE export / SED text mods / ICE Import (Data structure)
  131. OES Common Proxy user intruder lockout
  132. Automated IP change via VMware SRM?
  133. OES 11 NSS sizing
  134. Upgrade kills access to sys volume, AFP.
  135. OES2SP3-LX: console command to get the *NAME ONLY* of currently mounted NSS volumes.
  136. Novell-zmd fails to start
  137. Timesync issues with OES11
  138. OES Activation Code
  139. Dependency Conflicts after moving from OES2 SP2 -> SP3
  140. OES-11: Set new SSL CertificateDNS w/o restart
  141. Time Modified randomly on NSS Volume
  142. Patching question after updating to OES 2sp3
  143. /etc/passwd and +::::: line - why is it there - can I remove
  144. Hide NSS volumes in CIFS
  145. change installation sources to SP4
  146. Error in iManager - howto create profile login scripts
  147. Blank Screen with Arrow
  148. check LDAP server settings before upgrade?
  149. NCC and curl: (60) SSL certificate problem, verify that the
  150. ldapconfig problem
  151. Uninstall OES11 Completely
  152. Before OES2SP2->OES2SP3 rug ca and rug sl should return ?
  153. Move CA to new OES11 server
  154. S-1-1-0 Error when trying to delete folders on an NCP Server
  155. pure-ftpd NSS volume permission error
  156. Product Announcement - "Novell Kanaka for Mac" now available
  157. DHCP/DNS migration issues
  158. SLES10 SP4: lvcreate broken
  159. certificate server
  160. NoRM question
  161. Novell-xsrvd restarting repeatedly after patching server.
  162. Searching for memory corruption in nds core dump.
  163. OES2 SP3 Server NDSD service needs a lot of memory
  164. Upgrade SLES 10SP1 to SLES10SP2 with OES2 SP1
  165. Blank Screen After Login
  166. Storage on SLES 10 sp3 OES sp3 box...
  167. NoRM sort features not always sorting properly
  168. Novell LDAP Access from Cisco WiFi Mgmt
  169. High Memory Utilisation since upgrade to OES11
  170. Finding what a user has access to
  171. Convert existing servers to common proxy?
  172. Update Manager - Invalid Certificate
  173. DCHP Service not starting
  174. LUM sporadic failures
  175. rug lu -t patch - truncated output when redirected to file
  176. Volume inventory
  177. [ASK] Creating mass organizational and organizational unit
  178. Retaining rights on file copy
  179. zdm / rug keep failing
  180. Server Dropping Intermittently and then coming right back
  181. Netstorage: Windows 7 IE8 won't upload files
  182. Proxy User
  183. Group rights problem
  184. Proper way to change admin password
  185. How promte a oes 2 sp3 liux replica to master
  186. android citrix receiver with nds authentication
  187. FreeRADIUS rlm_ldap: object not found or got ambiguous searc
  188. OES DHCP lease time issue
  189. NetStorage Question
  190. xdg-utils on SLES10?
  191. NCP Share malfunction after reboot
  192. SLES10sp4 OES2sp3 installing HP Support Pack for ProliantDL
  193. Simple LDAP question
  194. How to copy template folder structure with trustees?
  195. Expired NAASKMO Cert on OES 2.2
  196. Missing Novell Updater Icon on OES11
  197. Determine version -- 32 bit or 64 bit
  198. new forum user
  199. Where is Consoleone ?
  200. SMT Custom Repo
  201. Simple way to print out user folder rights?
  202. Cron and SSH
  203. cifs login error 222 over AD pdc
  204. RBS for DNS DHCP in iManager 2.7.4
  205. Vlog on OES11, shutting down after working for a short bit
  206. Syslog-ng in messages using lots more space in OES11
  207. OES 11 unable to perform online update
  208. eDirectory XDAS in OES11
  209. Error looking at properties of a volume
  210. Admin user disabled??
  211. OES2 CIFS and UP policies
  212. netstorage on android devices
  213. OES11 - Zypper and You...no "rug" cmds?
  214. 3T USB Drive - How to:
  215. Modify rights on mounted volume
  216. multipath -r on a server with NSS Volumes mounted
  217. Cannot Upgrade from Sles Sp 3 -> Sp 4
  218. oes11
  219. /var/log/messages error
  220. Chaning THE admin password
  221. OES 2 LINUX - 606 Error adding pool to NDS
  222. NetStorage: XFILE Unsuccessful 0xC7B90001
  223. Netstorage: connection peer is not available
  224. nds error -780 The Uid range is exhausted
  225. OES11 & SMT
  226. Odd patch issue
  227. How to handle the installation media?
  228. Login problem to novell-cifs share
  229. Howto replace expired certificates
  230. SMT server issues. Registering servers with the SMT servers
  231. Offline patching OES2
  232. OES 2 sp3 security patch list?
  233. length of support for SLES10
  234. imanager plugin
  235. NSS volume doesn't auto mount when OES server boots.
  236. workstation connection not clearing up
  237. Large NCPServer.log files
  238. Connect LDAP client to OES SLES11 Server
  239. move OES cluster to new tree
  240. Windows 7 login to shared dir
  241. broken dependencies shown when checking for online updates
  242. Catalogs OES2-SP3-Updates and OES2-SP3-Pool Missing from svr
  243. LUM enabled users and "Root" access to the SLES server
  244. Inconsistent piped rug lu -t patch output
  245. NSS volume
  246. NSS volume corrupt
  247. Forgotten OESCommonProxy Password
  248. Special file creation in NSS volume
  249. dns/dhcp console temp files
  250. Upgrade to sles10.4