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  1. Exporting NSS volumes from SLES via NFS: Permission Denied.
  2. Re: ncp server and linux permissions
  3. networking novell linux server to xp
  4. BUG in OES (Linux): Can't copy files via NCP when logged into multiple trees.
  5. OES Server as PDC?
  6. Exporting NSS volumes to Samba
  7. Stop NCP/eDir from listening on a particular interface
  8. NCP Encryption
  9. Logging
  10. samba integration edirectory
  11. OpenLDAP vs eDirectory?
  12. Can't copy to NCP Volume
  13. Nic Bonding Issue
  14. removing NDS
  15. eDir aware FTP server?
  16. changing NCP IP addresses
  17. Bonding Problem
  18. Errot create LUM User.
  19. Cannot map to linux NSS volumes from XP
  20. SLP
  21. Net-SNMP Problems
  22. LDAP and LDAPS listening on public interface=?ISO-8859-1?Q?=97=20how=20to=20disable=3F?=
  23. anyone able to connect to a Novell server via CIFS?
  24. Enable User for LUM
  25. ProFTPD on OES Linux?
  26. LDAP Authentication problem with PureFTPd
  27. No SLP Entries for New OES server
  28. Can't authenticate to iManager on Linux OES
  29. Intergrating Web Application Login with eDirectory
  30. ERROR: create LUM user failure
  31. SLP
  32. Adding virtual NIC (ie: alias) to multi-homed server
  33. Incorrect TCP Checksums
  34. No reverse lookup created by YaST/BIND
  35. Problems with international characters and NWclient
  36. Novell Samba
  37. DNS reverse lookup
  38. configure NIC Bonding
  39. How to install RUG Update Server?
  40. Macintosh & OES
  41. Network drop
  42. Pervasive SQL and Netware Volumes
  43. SLP which option?
  44. Can't route with two network cards on Suse Linux 9.3
  45. 3Com 3C941 Gigabit Network Card OES SP1 Linux
  46. Wireless Nic
  47. NIC Speed and Duplex
  48. LDAP authentication for AZpache virtual hosts
  49. DNS Transfer from eDirectory
  50. Cifs on OES (NW6.5SP4) can't login
  51. NCP and SLP not responding ?
  52. OES and SLP
  53. NFS client on SuSE
  54. Novell Samba Error
  55. Samba share of NSS volume on OES Linux
  56. Problem with inital install and Samba
  57. Jumbo packets and flow control
  58. upgrading the ENIAC
  59. Why Samba
  60. NSS, LUM-enabled users, and daemon failures
  61. OES Linux and DHCP
  62. SLP Multicast
  63. XNTPD synchronization lost
  64. "<volume> is not accessible"
  65. SLP Setup for Novell client
  66. OES LUM apache authetification problem
  67. SLP + DHCP + Novell Client on XP
  68. Unreliable NSS service
  69. FreeRadius issues...
  70. File corruption issues
  71. OES SP2 NIC bonding
  72. Adding a second interface
  73. Mounting a Netware server
  74. OES NSS-Volumes, User Access
  75. problem authenticating with LDAP when old server is decommisioned
  76. FreeRadius vs Universal Password
  77. How to bind second NIC as eth1
  78. Mounting a Netware 6 Server
  79. Samba USers
  80. Secondary IP
  81. Using eDir Authentication and NSS rights via Samba to a NSS Volumeon Linux
  82. SLP question
  83. ncp and samba mounts on server, server hangs on high network load
  84. Gateway?
  85. LDAP bind Issue
  86. Viewing DNS entries on secondary server
  87. DNIP schema missing(Cannot find DNSDHCP locator object.)
  88. How to create a cifs share?
  89. Tried to manually set speed for nic
  90. iptables rules question (block ssh brute force attack)
  91. Samba Access
  92. roaming profiles
  93. Issues with mapping OES-Linux NSS drives
  94. Tool for Fileaccess
  95. OES SP2 namcd leaking FD's -> ldap_initconn fails?
  96. Migrate DHCP from Netware to Linux
  97. OES Samba domain in place of Active Directory
  98. Mediawiki and eDirectory
  99. Migration from Netware/IPX to OES/Linux/IP with old btrieve DB
  100. Multiple Subnets on a single Interface on OES
  101. Unable to download service info: IO error - Soup error: Forbidden (403)
  102. DHCP : Options 78 and 79
  103. DNS on SLES 10
  104. Routing questions (Gateway)
  105. wwwrun and etc.
  106. how to enable CHAP in OES samba
  107. how to see the no. of connections / open files in OES
  108. Force nic speed via modules.conf - no modules.conf
  109. OpenSSH "authorized_keys" persmissions and NSS
  110. FreeRADIUS and eDirectory
  111. Try Again
  112. OES linux dhcp
  113. dynamics dns
  114. SLES10: User Rights seems not to work properly
  115. Yast DNS
  116. how do you set ftp?
  117. iPrint client settings
  118. Vlan's and Vconfig
  119. webmin and sles9 dhcp
  120. LDAP server and dhcp/dns configuration
  121. Separat OU and Partitioning...dhcp/dns
  122. network monitoring
  123. Performance problem NCP and e100 driver
  124. NCP share error 22
  125. NAMCD : LDAP bind failed
  126. Uploading a whole folder to a Netstorage folder is not working
  127. Cannot browse in network neighborhood
  128. edir not listening to virtual IP after a crash
  129. unc in login script
  130. NIC speed and Duplex
  131. OES SLES SP2 as SLPDA?
  132. OES 9 SP2 No webserver running after reboot and can't communicate with novell 6 server
  133. No Internet access
  134. ncpfs drops connection
  135. HylaFax and PAM in OES
  136. eDirectory redundant to Active Directory!
  137. OES Samba: NDS_ldapsam with 2 OES LDAP Server?
  138. Dell PE 2800 / Intel Gbit cannot ping
  139. Configuring SLP in OES Linux
  140. Firewall
  141. SLES 10 DNS Compliance - RFC 2052
  142. binding to worng address on vlan1
  143. Jumbo Frames
  144. OES 9 SP2 NIC problem
  145. Corrupt Access right
  146. Need help with interpreting Firewall messages
  147. Changing IP address
  148. Client Login Process - troubleshooting question
  149. Quick Question on adding enteries to DNS
  150. SLES9: Postifix - where is the anvil daemon?
  151. slp on oes linux
  152. IP Address management
  153. important question
  154. Backup DNS
  155. Configure samba security with imanager or consoleone
  156. vsftpd & edir
  157. Syslog file size
  158. problem using NTFS filesystem on OES SUSE 9.0
  159. Migrating from one OES - SLES9SP2 server to another
  160. NetStorage on SLES 10
  161. OES looses
  162. DHCP not listening on secondary IP address (OES Linux)
  163. kernel: out of order segme
  164. Enabling samba fails with Name space error MISSING_MANDATORY_ATTRIBUTE
  165. iPrint & HP LJ1022n : cannot print
  166. Sharing files in a SAN-environment
  167. monitor mta on oes via snmp
  168. Clustering and DNS/BIND Services
  169. Migration from Netware to Linux and SLP
  170. how to get mac clients connecting to an OES Linux cluster
  171. SNMPD fails loading after GWHA is added
  172. PDC in OES problem
  173. VNC question
  174. Testing OES can't find tree w/o ip
  175. DNS update time
  176. Simplest way to add a DNS server toOES 6.5?
  177. PXE Filename
  178. "Fault Tolerance" with SLES10 - 2 x NICS
  179. Firewall log
  180. OES sp2 firewall question
  181. Modifying DNS on OES Sp2
  182. Freeradius - stuck at AP communication
  183. Two NICs needing separate Default Gateways
  184. OES2/Xen NIC problems
  185. HOWTO: DDNS on OES2 Linux
  186. Seeing Windows Shares in SLES 10 File manager
  187. OES2 DHCP option 176
  188. Can pure-ftpd be made to behave like nwftpd?
  189. OES2 Linux DHCP Options: 78 and 79
  190. Error Message in Logfiel about DNS Server
  191. OES2 Dynamic DNS
  192. OES SP2 NSS File Access Problem
  193. Max Volume Export via NCP Server under Linux
  194. DOS NCP Client Access under OES2
  195. dhcpd warning
  196. OES, NSS, and NFS
  197. heavy problem, help needed
  198. LDAP Unsecure connection not working
  199. pure-ftpd with novell pam authentication module
  200. OES2 server ports for Firewall configuration
  201. HylaFax -> Groupwise
  202. DNSDHCP Java Console
  203. Wondering why MY OES2 Linux Server Only Resolves by ip?
  204. Unable to copy from z:\DATA volume on Sles10oes2 to my xp pc
  205. Unable to attach to Sles10oes2 server with putty
  206. Double bonding?
  207. OES2 DHCP Lease Time
  208. Synchronise between OES2 and NW6.5 volumes?
  209. OES2 FTP to Remote Netware Server "Lie"
  210. Slow network file transfer reading from OES linux NSS volumes
  211. pure-ftpd won't auto-start
  212. OES2 novell-named
  213. Migrated DHCP not starting
  214. OES2 NCP stack died
  215. Changing IP Address on OES 2 Linux
  216. Looking for a replication product
  217. File sharing
  218. DNS server on OES2
  219. OES2
  220. ncp connection release
  221. Migrate DHCP from NW6SP5 to OES2
  222. Unable to migrate DHCP from NW 6 SP5 to OES 2
  223. DHCPD and NSS file rights issue
  224. DHCP gives last ip first
  225. NIC Bonding/Teaming
  226. DNS on linux
  227. DHCP on OES2 not starting when rebooted
  228. DNS on OES2 Linux
  229. OES 2 Linux does not support Samba running in NT 4 domain mode aseither a primary or backup domain controller
  230. SLP on OES
  231. Mac client
  232. OES2 DNS questions on -626 error
  233. Intermittant server dropout
  234. NCP Server not functioning
  235. DHCP Migration - Did I mess it up?
  236. Putty won't SSH to my OES2 Sles Server anymore
  237. Default Gateways different for each NIC
  238. Unable to start DHCP on Sles10 OES2
  239. OES 2 linux packet signatures
  240. unable to authenticate to remote manager
  241. Need help with authentication
  242. DNSDHCP for Linux OES2
  243. Multiple DAs with Open SLP
  244. Failover DHCP server
  245. DHCP on Sles10 OES2
  246. Putty won't ssh to Sles10 anymore
  247. No Configuration found for eth(0/1/2/etc)
  248. DHCP Locator for OES2
  249. LDAP search returns duplicate entries
  250. OES2 novell-named does failes to start at boot time