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  1. Nagios 3x and NSS
  2. Backup Exec 2010, OES NSS volumes, and Incrementals
  3. OES2 SP2 Novell FTP - Homedir on clustered NSS
  4. Unable to purge data on NSS volume
  5. DST Shadow volume as a Migration vehicle
  6. Slow SMS backups
  7. Unable to scan to OES2 CIFS
  8. Introducing DST
  9. Unable to copy from mapped NSS volume unless write enabled
  10. Missing files and folders under NSS volume
  11. NSS High/Low Water Mark Setting
  12. DST corruption issue with OES2 SP3 - preventative bug fix
  13. Mac workstation cannot follow DFS junction
  14. NSS Pool on USB external storage - recovering data
  15. Re: Mac workstation cannot follow DFS junction
  16. rsync to synchronize data and permissions
  17. cd/dvd share on oes2sp3
  18. What to backup on the Suse10 file structure
  19. Display trustees recursively
  20. NSS after SP3 - The Amazing Disappearing Trustees
  21. Locking issue with Adobe after April updates
  22. NetStorage File Access intermittant
  23. Unable to salvage files
  24. Live without Novell Client : your experiences
  25. Automount problem
  26. Storage Migration of NSS volumes
  27. NSS volume differences NetWare and OES2 Linux
  28. Operating System can't see all files in a nss volume
  29. capitalizing files by itself
  30. DST Salvaging
  31. Remote Manager Volume Inventory not working correctly
  32. Recovering NSS Volume
  33. Volme resize problem
  34. New DST setup
  35. Disk Space mystery
  36. smdrd unloads during backup
  37. Data Compression after Migration / Backup
  38. NSS Volume from grouwpse MAIL
  39. Moving server to VM - plan questions
  40. Find files to Salvage on NSS volume
  41. Unable to backup nss volume SLES server
  42. Restart NSS Services
  43. NetStorage Problems - Upload Page Blank / Flags Intruder
  44. Shadow volume initial migration
  45. NCP Mount Fails
  46. Bizarre NCP problem
  47. How to resize partition so I can do NSS mirror?
  48. Slow NSS Backup over Iscsi
  49. DST doesn't work
  50. trustees not diplayed after NSS-VOL switch
  51. Partial restore of ACLs.
  52. Can't expand NSS Pool
  53. NAS recommendations for OES linux
  54. NSS Cluster volumes deactivating/unmounting
  55. Creation of NSS Volume with/without CIFS ? ? ?
  56. File locking issue with JCreator on OES2 sp3
  57. SLES10.3 OES2sp2 - 4TB file on a 400Gb nss volume
  58. Logs: CIFS[6613]
  59. disconnecting an NSS pool/vol from Netware & reattach to OES
  60. NSS Pool Activates but volume doesn't activate/mount
  61. can't delete orphan NSS POOL
  62. Shadow Volume and double-click File Not found
  63. Corrupt Files ( fstab/mount info)
  64. Cluster volumes unreachable
  65. CIFS third party authentication
  66. OES Cluster on VMWare - vmdk or direct iSCSI ?
  67. Another Strange NSS problem
  68. NSS Missing Files
  69. pool,tom OES2 on XenCitrix5.6
  70. iscsi and nss
  71. Changing the eDirectory associated object for a pool
  72. smbd bind failed on port 139 socket_addr=
  73. NetStorage nsadmin not compatible with iManager 2.7.4?
  74. Allow users to search on NSS volume
  75. Slow CIFS on OES2 SP4
  76. What files do I need to backup for a complete restore?
  77. Failed logins trying to access Novell CIFS shares
  78. Creation of nss rights
  79. iscsi connection showing twice
  80. Best way to move a DST shadow pool
  81. error while mounting a cifs share
  82. Failing at the first hurdle! Can't create a shadow volume
  83. True?
  84. Move NSS Volume to another Volume
  85. Shadow Volume on NCS - Backup with Syncsort BEX
  86. All UPPERCASE file names issue
  87. Hide or Rename a cifs share for an nss clustered volume ?
  88. Convert Native EXT3 partitions to LVM volume ?
  89. Cifs login error 601
  90. OES11 iscsi nss
  91. Real (or lab tested) Bare Metal/DR software success stories
  92. NetStorage setting of Trustees
  93. Novell NSS Volume Shedule Purge that meets criteria
  94. metamig on oes2sp3 nss volumes: get file owner's *NAME*?
  95. OES11 - NSS export though NFS
  96. OES and Sles11sp1 upgrade Backup Exec cannot backup nss vols
  97. Trying to get the answers for nss pool move.
  98. OES11 afp login
  99. Running rsync from a clustered resource
  100. Poor Backup performance
  101. Limitation in NSS for OES11
  102. OES11 CIFS DST - Deleting Files on Shadow
  103. How to migrate files between iscsi-target and keep volume?
  104. rsync and removable disk storage
  105. OES11 backup vendors
  106. Question about the DFS Junction limitations in OES2 SP3
  107. Using Bulk Utilities
  108. FLAG issue
  109. Losing my NSS volume after a reboot my server
  110. OES2 SP2 - nbackup "skipped data sets"
  111. [Still...] Waiting (forever) for Purging Beasts
  112. NSS and Raid 5
  113. Expanding NSS volume in cluster with NetApp SAN
  114. VDR and OES2 SP3 NSS Volumes?
  115. How Are You Backuing Up OES2 on VMWARE ESXI?
  116. NSS Volumes not able to mount
  117. NSS pools with multiple and mixed-up LUNs and extents
  118. RSYNC & SSH?
  119. OES11 and NSS
  120. Oracle NAS or OCFS2 SAN for Suse 11 OES11 with NSS volumes
  121. How to tell NSS to ignore "mg" file attribute?
  122. SAN snapshot & NSS volumes
  123. File ownership
  124. nss partition with a nss pool but no pool are show
  125. nssmu was not found or you don't have rights to access it.
  126. OES11 and -613 on NSS after server rebuild
  127. BackBlaze
  128. Not enough space and other nss related problems
  129. Foxpro Multi file lock issue on OES2 Linux Server
  130. SLES 10 SP3 --> SLES 11 SP1 w/Sep Seam installed warning
  131. Strange nss startup problem on OES11
  132. OES11 & Netware 5.1 Multi-Segment Volumes
  133. migrate volume to ne harddisk - rsync sufficient?
  134. OES2 SP3 - NSS volume file deletions from server not identified by "df" utility
  135. Write-Protected Office 2010 Documents
  136. Enhancements to NSS
  137. CIFS directory encryption?
  138. Moving data on one pool/volume to another on the same server
  139. nssmu
  140. Rsync for Netware 2.6.3, where can you download a copy
  141. Is 2TB the maximum Directory/Folder Limit on NSS volumes ?
  142. NSS volume no longer accessible
  143. External NAS
  144. If you were to do it all over again . . .
  145. Cannot delete files on NSS volume
  146. How to move to OES 11 with No Backup
  147. Is there a TSATest tool that runs on Windows?
  148. MIGGUI - Consolidation from Novell 6.5 sp7 to OES 2 LINUX:
  149. expanding nss pool
  150. automating rsync on OES 11
  151. Make Raid Volume available for Xen Oes Domu
  152. delete NSS volume that is no longer being used
  153. Split NSS volume
  154. Kanaka client, problem to show volume
  155. ncpcon files list - get error 152
  156. Arcserve client for Linux R15 Sp1
  157. how long does nss pool rebuild take?
  158. Design dilemma: Let ESXi handle storage or OES?
  159. Symantec Backexec 2012 can't backup to novell directory tree
  160. Archive and versioning problem OES11
  161. Outlook .PST file is on OES11 NSS volume has Permission erro
  162. Not enough disc space ??? NSS ?
  163. Unable to backup folders with accents
  164. NSS Device and Mirror Questions
  165. Backup Exec restore path to OES Linux
  166. URGENT - OES/SLES files marked Read-Only will not restore
  167. nlvm.conf: wildcards in exclude / include statements
  168. nss purging
  169. Taksmaster type solution for OES 11
  170. Unable to load TSANDS on an OES11 server
  171. HP Dataprotector 7.0 on OES11
  172. NSS device mappings
  173. umount hangs on shutdown
  174. ncp - nss volume name missmatch
  175. how to load TSANDS?
  176. Cannot Manage DFS Junctions in iManager
  177. SMDR segfaults
  178. Does OES have the W2K8 "File Server Resource Manager"?
  179. Adding a drive to SLES in VM issue
  180. error 20892 trying to delete pool
  181. Transfer Trustees from Netware to OES2 SP3
  182. OES2 SP3 and SMS
  183. Search user trustees recursive
  184. failed mount /dev/mapper/oradata
  185. Restoring NetWare 6.5 backups to OES 2 failed error E8531
  186. user novell CIFS error -1642
  187. Backup Exec 2012 - folders to exclude
  188. NetStorage on OES 11: cannot access large directories
  189. Project Folder Creatation Process
  190. Taking a proper dib backup of a SLES11 OES 11 Server
  191. OES 11 - Directories and files on NSS volumes disappear
  192. increasing partition sizes
  193. NSS Folder Quota
  194. OES11 - NDSD 100% CPU
  195. MigGui problems OES 2 SP3 to OES 11 SP1
  196. Move NSS disks from OES2 to another OES2
  197. ** user Not found ** in the quotalist for a given vol oes11
  198. OES11 / SLES11 Backup solution CA Associates Arc Server
  199. SMS Debug not producing relevant logs
  200. Isilon NAS and eDirectory
  201. Moving trustees with rsync -AXp locked up server
  202. NSS Volumes gone after January 2013 update
  203. Mount NSS Volume Without Network Connectivity
  204. really persistent file lock
  205. NetStorage on OES11: Can't logon!
  206. Purpose of the "Purge Delay" setting
  207. missing file space
  208. unknown error with NCP
  209. expand nss
  210. Cannot Edit Photos on NSS Volume
  211. slow OES restore
  212. Free OES help available. Please read before posting.
  213. OES11SP1 NSS volumes loosing rights
  214. ravsui rebuild Pool - fatal rebuild error
  215. Libre Office 4.0 file locking
  216. Increase the NCP TCP receive window on oes 11
  217. Oulook 2010 PST file corruption on SLES10SP4\OES2SP3 NSS vol
  218. OES11 Read Netware 6.5 NSS RAID?
  219. backup failure
  220. Nss issue with an application
  221. NSS disk space lost is back
  222. File copy from Netware 6/6.5 to OES 11 from server
  223. NSS Pool Creation Error
  224. Cannot execute .BAT files located on NSS
  225. On server shutdown : nss : device is busy
  226. NSS issues and can't do any administration
  227. How to convert old NSS storage
  228. Possible to keep folders from moving but be written to?
  229. Storage for Dummies Question OES11
  230. Best Practices Guide - For NSS
  231. tsatest error backing up eDir on OES11
  232. Creating DFS Junctions
  233. Creating DFS Junctions
  234. delte files and folders on NSS volume after days
  235. Question for SEP sesam users backing up eDirectory
  236. znssDeleteFile
  237. Archive & Version Service advertising
  238. Can't expand our NSS volumes
  239. Access NSS volumes without working OES install
  240. Backup Exec Information.
  241. Recreate nss trustees on other volume
  242. .trustee_database.xml says I have IRFs, but....
  243. CIMOM error occurred: cannot write to the given file
  244. Backing up open files
  245. Bad performance using ncp mounts under Linux, using ncpfs
  246. OES 11 unable to delete some junction
  247. Novell DST and merged view using CIFS
  248. nlvm move command, pool size
  249. OES11 SP1 nss process high cpuq
  250. DFS unable to modify junction