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  1. Re: OES to OES migration
  2. nw65sp5 to oeslxsp2
  3. NW5.1 Migration OES-LX, Certificate Server migration?
  4. move iprint service to new server.
  5. Migrate from netware (6.0sp5) to oes linux sp2 or oes2 ?
  6. NW 4.11 to OES linux
  7. Re: OES to OES migration
  8. How to migrate from OES Linux to OES Linux
  9. novell consolidation tool from NW5.1 to OES SP2
  10. Migrating from Netware 6.5 SP5 to OES linux SP2
  11. consolidation tools
  12. Truste Migration
  13. RE: Pointers?
  14. TSA loading problems
  15. Migration
  16. netware 6.5 migration - hardware upgrade
  17. Howto Migrate DHCP from NW to OES2
  18. UNIX Emulator
  19. SYS vol rule of thumb when migrating
  20. source server authentication failed - during migrate netware volumes
  21. Netware 6.0sp5 to OES linux
  22. GroupWise Migration - NW to OES2L
  23. Mirgration or new install?
  24. Consolidate SMDR connection error.
  25. NW51 to OES2 volume migration fails - no memory error
  26. Migrate DHCP to OES2 within the tree fails!
  27. nw6.0 sp5 eDir 8.6.2 to OES2 Linux
  28. DHCP migration problem
  29. LUM-enabled services
  30. migration documentation for the busy admin
  31. looking for info on the new migration tools
  32. Migration Wizard lost data (Umlaute)
  33. YAST volume migration
  34. Eventually Migrating to OES2 Linux
  35. NW51 to OES2 volume migration fails on nbackup
  36. Starting DHCP
  37. Do I need LUM?
  38. Eventually Migrating to OES2 Linux
  39. NetWare to OES Linux migration
  40. Migrate from Active Directory to OES2
  41. Migrate from the NetWare kernel to Linux lernel
  42. Specified SMDR entry not found SCMT Error
  43. Could OES2 migrate data from rhel9 samba (PDC) ??
  44. GWcheck problem
  45. stray character in DHCP config after nw to OES2 migration
  46. migration checklist
  47. OES2 installation files
  48. Support for Dual Operating systems windows and Linux ?
  49. Combination of both netware and Suse Linux Enterprise
  50. Linux Deployment manager Workgroup into existing tree
  51. NetWare 6.5 SP5 to OES2 Linux migration
  52. Error during file migration
  53. question about GroupWise migration
  54. Directory migration NW6.5 sp6 to OES2 linux
  55. Windows 2000 to OES 2 migration tips
  56. Migration
  57. 5.1 to OES2 Consolidation tool fails
  58. How to delete NetWare Licenses
  59. NW6.5 SP6 to OES2 volume migration failure
  60. OES1 Sles9 to OES2 SLES10SP1 upgrade problems
  61. What's the best way to migrate SAN volumes to new hardware?
  62. Migrate from NW 6.5SP6 to OES2
  63. Consolidation only copies Directories:- No Files
  64. Two NW 6.0 to OES2 questions:
  65. nbackup:connection denied while reading archive
  66. No CA object:question?
  67. Error extending Schema
  68. Upgrade OES1 to OES2
  69. Migration, Clusters and DFS
  70. move the main server authority certificate from the NetWare serverto Linux server
  71. OES2 Linux DNS/DHCP Management console,
  72. OES2 Migration
  73. Keep owner on files/dirs with SCMD!
  74. migrate identity manager
  75. Migrating OES2 to OES2
  76. WARNING!! Ensure the / Partition is Large Enough!
  77. Storage Area Network Engineering with OES
  78. CIFS vs AFP vs NFS
  79. Do I need to migrate eDirectory from NetWare 65 to Linux OES 2?
  80. migration of DHCP from NetWare 65 to OES 2 Linux
  81. change ip address of DNSDHCP server after migration
  82. NETWARE 6.5 DNS Migration To OES2 Linux
  83. nw 51 volume doesn't show up
  84. ftp migration from NetWare to Linux OES 2
  85. One box migration nw 6.5 to Sles10/OES2
  86. Using "migfiles" to migrate from NW to OES2 Linux!
  87. First server migration
  88. AFP Migration
  89. Single server tree migrate from NW 6.5 to OES 2
  90. Server identity "transfer"?
  91. Netware to OES2 Linux migration
  92. NW -> OES2: SAN/NSS migration
  93. NetWare to OES2 Linux NSS Volume Access
  94. iPrint from NetWare Cluster to OES2 Linux Clustering?
  95. NetWare to OES2 Linux - questions about what works and doesn't
  96. Migrate files and rights from NSS Linux to NSS Linux
  97. SLP DA from NetWare eDir to OES2 Linux
  98. DHCP migration: excluded-IP-address mapping is not supported
  99. Zen, edir 8.8 and migration questions
  100. Error opening connection to SMDR
  101. migedir not compatible with other migration utilities?
  102. OES - OES2 Migrate to new hardware
  103. Odd upgrade question - large data volumes
  104. Use Dynamic Storage Technology to Migrate Data from NW 6.5sp6 toOES2 Linux?
  105. Using DST to move files
  106. OES1 to OES2
  107. Migrate NetWare V6.5 to OES2 Linux SP1
  108. SLES10.1/OES2/ZCM10.1.1 - No go?
  109. Netware 6.0 to OES2 SP1 migration questions
  110. across the wire upgrade
  111. Timesync to NTP via migration in iManager?
  112. Migrating Users Quotas on NSS Volumes
  113. Name Object - OES II <- Netware 5.1
  114. NSS and LUN expanding - what you need to know before you migrate
  115. Transfer ID from NetWare to OES 2 SP1 Linux--enable ssh on "source"?
  116. OES2 SP1 Transfer ID fails in Preparation step
  117. Migration - Transfer ID won't work unless you migrate servic
  118. After Transfer ID, cannot login to NRM as Admin
  119. ID Transfer - oddities and observations
  120. oes2sp1: pre-migration and zcm
  121. NW6.5 To OES2 SP1files migration problem
  122. migrate files with miggui to a virtual server
  123. Migration Tool & NW 6.5 SP6 --> OES 2 SP1, 32, 64 bit
  124. Copy data from NetWare NSS to OES2 NSS
  125. DNS: RootserverInfo
  126. Migrating a NetWare Cluster to OES2 SP1 Cluster
  127. Setting up OES2 SP1 to be primary eDirectory server?
  128. DHCP Migration - missing domain name?
  129. NW6.0 sp3 migration issue
  130. OpenSLP and Novell SLP Coexistence help!!
  131. Netware FTP features in OES2 Linux FTP?
  132. named.conf in oes2
  133. iprint migration error
  134. OES1 SP2 to OES2 SP1 migration error
  135. DHCP Migration fails with LDAP_INAPPROPRIATE_AUTH
  136. OES to OES2 ifolder migration
  137. filesystem migration from netware to oes2-sp1
  138. Is filesystem migration supposed to be this slow?
  139. eDirectory versions coexists in same tree
  140. migrate NDPS printers from NW65SP7 to OES2-SP1 Linux
  141. migration senario with a netware 6.0 platform
  142. DHCP Migration from NW6.5sp7 to OES2sp1 / missing static IPs
  143. Migration Tool & NW 6.0 --> OES 2 - file owner non kept
  144. Migration Tool and File System oddity with NSS?
  145. NW 5.0 to OES 2 Linux help
  146. How are you migrating - ID Transfer or not?
  147. DHCP not loading after ZFD 7 has been installed
  148. Printer Migration - > Context Selection box
  149. iPrint from NetWare to OES2 SP1 questions
  150. Server Consolidation tools
  151. Migrate to OES2 in a XEN VM?
  152. boot.evms
  153. Why does mig utility decompress files when migrating?
  154. iPrint Migration Clarification
  155. DHCP Migration Leases File.
  156. OES 2 Miggui tool Password Issue
  157. Faild NW65 OES2 Migration
  158. Can I migrate data volumes from oes2sp1 to oes2sp1 with the novell migration tool ?
  159. Miagration Tips?
  160. iPrint migration fails / Unable to process request: 401:Authentication failure
  161. migfiles with --delete option
  162. gui migration from nw nss vol to oes2 sp1 linux volume
  163. New Upgrade/Migration to OES2sp1 Linux guide
  164. Windows migration to OES2SP1 failing
  165. Updating user home directory environment
  166. Selecting multiple directories
  167. ID Transfer and changing IP's
  168. eDirectory for NW65.SP6 --> OES 2 SP1 Linux
  169. SLE9/OES1SP2 32bit -> SLE10/OES2SP1 64bit - Tranfer ID?
  170. Before you migrate - openslp issue
  171. Warning: Transfer ID corrupts stream files
  172. DHCP migration from NW to OES2 SP1
  173. SCMT does not record file in success log
  174. Iprint migration with spaces in names
  175. missing Migrate Netware Volume
  176. SCMT hangs validating Linux RPM's
  177. NW 6.5sp6 -> oes2sp1 precheck fail
  178. NUWAGENT problem with SCMT
  179. New Migration Tools
  180. Miggui tool will not start
  181. Partitions/volumes/etc... during migration
  182. New Communities Page for Upgrade and Migration Resources
  183. migration sequencing
  184. New 51sp8 tsa500 for migration
  185. miggui: failed to mount source volumes
  186. OES/Netware to OES/SLES9 or OES/SLES 10 -- Documentation/TipsWanted
  187. iprint:NW6.5sp7->OES2SP1 succesfull failure
  188. transfer id precheck errors
  189. not prompted for repair task
  190. recomendations for migration
  191. Update iPrint client FIRST and then server?
  192. LUM enabled services list empty
  193. Check Patches on Server before Migrating
  194. iPrint migration assistance
  195. Nds Restore
  196. Host Name resolution for the source server was unsuccessful
  197. home directories
  198. MIGGUI on a virtual server
  199. migration tool created strange dates
  200. Heads up: Possible OES1LX->OES2SP1LX TransferID Issue...
  201. Multiple NICs?
  202. New OES2SP1 Migration Tools patch released
  203. Max 9 ACL's / file
  204. Updated migration utilities break nss
  205. DHCP edir object location questions
  206. DNS Migration and the DNS-DHCP Locator Object
  207. Bringing an OES2 server into a Netware 6.5 SP7 tree
  208. DNS rcnovell-named status unused
  209. Transfer ID
  210. ID Transfer fails on LUM repair
  211. Slow data transfers - ideas?
  212. DHCP migration not so great
  213. OES2 DHCP Issues
  214. DHCP lease file migration - necessary?
  215. Data migration via MigGUI - questions with Sync
  216. Last Week for Upgrade/Migration Article Promotion
  217. email notifications
  218. Migration tool not starting?
  219. migfiles: no trustees on target
  220. DHCP and lease file migration - just doesn't work
  221. Mirror between FC and iscsi
  222. OES2sp2 miggui Failed to mount volume
  223. Directory creation problem with migration from NW6.5sp8 to OES2sp2
  224. Netware 6 to OES2 data migration
  225. File System choices
  226. Another Transfer ID
  227. iPrintmig failing to migrate - PSMinfo ncpshell error
  228. Looking for best method to move GW8 Netware
  229. iPrint Migration Failure OES2SP2
  230. No services in miggui
  231. Syntax for migfiles migration
  232. iPrint migration: Error(100): invokeMethod returned error
  233. iprintmig error(100) General Error
  234. Project guidelines for OES migration
  235. iPrint Migration from OES1LX to OES2LX failed
  236. NW 6.5 Migration to NW 6.5 Migration
  237. NSS volume from Netware to Linux/OES2
  238. miggui: authentication to source server failed
  239. migfiles:Failed to migrate data. System is out of disk space
  240. After Migration Issue
  241. iPrint Printers re-install post migration
  242. NW 6.5 SP 6 Migration to OES2 Linux
  243. OES2SP2 Jumbo patch released
  244. miggui consolidation - services available?
  245. Give your input on Migration Tools Usability
  247. SLES Migration to NW6.5
  248. general migration advice
  249. miggui doesnt show any "Services to migrate"
  250. SCMT error