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  1. Forbes – Navigating IT In The Era of the Entitled Employee
  2. Reason #4 to Attend BrainShare: Don't Forget Your Swag!
  3. BrainShare 2013 Cyber Monday Sale
  4. Reason #3 to Attend BrainShare: Fall in Love!
  5. Reason #4 to Attend BrainShare: Sneak a Peek into the future
  6. Justin Strong Gartner Predictions 2013: Is Mobile the Death
  7. Novell’s Mobile Device Management Infographic
  8. Reason #1 to be at Brainshare 2013: Level Up
  9. Miss BrainShare 2013 Keynote?
  10. ZDNet: Novell Aims to Remake Image
  11. Enterprise Apps Are the New OS
  12. Four Steps To Reinventing Your Career or Your Business
  13. Novell File Reporter 2.0 Released
  14. Novell File Reporter 2.0 Released Today
  15. In mobile management, one size doesn’t fit all, but three si
  16. Bowling Green Missouri School District and ZENworks Mobile M
  17. Novell Advances Mobility Portfolio with Two Additions to Nov
  18. Epic Uptime Achieved…
  19. Don’t Let BYOD Be The Death Of The IT Department
  20. Novell Filr Revolutionizes Secure Mobile File Sharing for th
  21. Novell Filr Released
  22. Fresno Government Opting for Filr
  23. Old Security Methods are Outdated
  24. Novell Collaboration Roadmap
  25. Novell iPrint Goes Mobile
  26. The Cloud over the Cloud Part 2
  27. The Cloud over the Cloud
  28. Novell iPrint latest to answer mobile print challenge
  29. Novell Welcomes iPrint to its Mobility Portfolio
  30. Keeping up with Endpoint Management
  31. The New Company Store
  32. Novell’s Mobility Solutions Earn High Rankings from SC Magaz
  33. Novell, Kyocera and NetIQ have joined forces to present Achi
  34. Novell Solutions Secure High Rankings for Six Consecutive Ye
  35. The University of Regensburg Picks Novell Filr
  36. Novell Displays Enterprise Mobility Solutions at Gartner Sym
  37. Novell Announces Strategic Partnership with MobileIron for S
  38. Twitter Conversations…
  39. Linux Package Management and ZENworks Configuration Manageme
  40. GroupWise: Skype Integrations
  41. GroupWise: Tech Preview for Windermere!
  42. TGI Thursday: How Smartphones and Tablets are Remaking the W
  43. Script to upload GroupWise agent in a cluster resource
  44. Novell Service Desk Certified for 10 ITIL Processes
  45. How Filr helps me supervise my pupils’ work
  46. ZENworks Application Virtualization Server Usage Reporting P
  47. Configuring a Domain in ZENworks Reporting 5
  48. New Hospital Workspace Template
  49. ZENworks Mobile Management Reporting Package
  50. GroupWise: GroupWise Mobility Service 2.0 Ships!
  51. Improving Your Novell Filr Deployment with Novell File Manag
  52. ZENworks Content Reporting Package
  53. DSfW Monitoring with Ganglia
  54. Novell iPrint 1.0.1 now available!
  55. Novell iPrint 1.0.1 now available!
  56. GroupWise: GroupWise Mobility Service 2.0 Ships!
  57. GroupWise: Tech Preview for Windermere!
  58. Changes To Novell Open Workgroup Suite
  59. Novell Vibe Resource Library Partners Page
  60. Novell Service Desk Mobile apps – iOS & Android
  61. Are you A GroupWise Power Administrator?
  62. Novell Filr v1.1 Authorized Beta Application
  63. Novell Filr and Novell iPrint are Samsung KNOX Approved
  64. Novell Filr and iPrint now available for Samsung KNOX
  65. Extended Support Lengthened for Novell NetWare 6.5
  66. Good-Bye Windows XP
  67. 10 Predictions for 2014 from Novell
  68. Why Calgary Girls School Ditched the Cloud – and how Novell
  69. Are You Forgetting Something?
  70. Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust ditches Mi
  71. The Top Three Things Keeping Government IT Up at Night
  72. Hidden Costs of Software in Government
  73. Notice about certain OES services
  74. Technical Solutions Training Webinar, Vol. 44
  75. What Generation Gap? Everyone Prints.
  76. It’s here. OES 11 SP2
  77. Cues for Success from Two Super Bowl-Bound Teams
  78. GroupWise 2014 Licensing Changes….
  79. Planning and Implementation Guide for Novell Filr
  80. Novell’s Bob Flynn Promoted to Attachmate Group President an
  81. Novell Increases Investment in ZENworks Portfolio
  82. GroupWise 2014 IDM Driver BETA!
  83. Novell Receives PinkVERIFY Certification for Novell Service
  84. SQL Server Support Highlights Release of File Reporter 2.0.2
  85. Healthcare IT Blues?
  86. Novell Unveils a New All-Encompassing Suite: Novell ZENworks
  87. Novell ZENworks Unveils a New All-Encompassing Suite and Rel
  88. GroupWise: GroupWise Mobility Service 2.0.1 Ships!
  89. Hype vs Reality in the Mobile Marketplace
  90. The Future of Enterprise Apps
  91. Containerization with the End-User in Mind
  92. Filr Desktop Client update now available
  93. How Much Should IT Vendors Help with Migrations?
  94. Introducing Novell GroupWisr
  95. GroupWise 2014 Provides Unmatched Productivity, Flexibility
  96. GroupWise 2014 SHIPS!
  97. The Dead Weight Holding Back Your Network
  98. Infographic: End of Life Support for Windows XP
  99. The Top Five Ways Using an On-Premises File Sharing Solution
  100. Novell Product Update: Heartbleed Announcement
  101. GroupWise Events in Europe!
  102. Print, Siri!
  103. Empty Vaults: When Enterprise Data isn’t on the Network
  104. BrainShare 2014 is Open for Registration
  105. Dropbox and Box Users Unintentionally Leaking Data
  106. Innovation Has Left the (Enterprise) Building
  107. Why It’s Time to Upgrade to GroupWise 2014…
  108. The IT that Matters to the CEO
  109. From Mobile to 3D Printing
  110. TrueCrypt Disappears, But the Usefulness of Full Disk Encryp
  111. Attachmate Corporation appoints Arrow Electronics as distrib
  112. Novell Filr Named as Finalist for Stevies 2014 American Busi
  113. Novell to Present Webinar on Mobile Workforce Management
  114. The Many Definitions of Mobility
  115. BrainShare: The Next Generation
  116. Want to Give Your IT Department Superpowers? Try Virtualizin
  117. Novell Endpoint Management: Your File Sharing Enforcer
  118. Win a shirt and a chance for a free pass to BrainShare 2014
  119. Are Your IT Assets Spiraling Out of Control?
  120. Take the Hassle out of Patch Management with Automation
  121. The Future of Novell Collaboration
  122. Top Three Reasons to Invest in Remote Data Encryption
  123. Is Your IT Department Losing the Battle Against Workstation
  124. Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management Earns Highest R
  125. Technical Solutions Training Webinar, Vol. 47
  126. Novell Continues to Improve Productivity of Mobile Workers w
  127. The Attachmate Group announces intention to merge with Micro
  128. The Attachmate Group Enters into Agreement to Merge with Mic
  129. Join the OES 2015 Authorized Beta!
  130. Novell joins Microsoft Windows Azure Technology Adoption Pro
  131. Novell Celebrates Year of Innovation with Record Number of N
  132. Novell Announces Winners of First Annual 'Dister' Awards
  133. Files Are the Mainstay of Enterprise Business with Security
  134. The Linux “Shellshock” Vulnerability and Your Novell Product
  135. Reduce Costs in Your Enterprise by Using Remote Workers
  136. Security: A Growing Concern in the U.S. Financial Sector
  137. Reclaim Control of Your IT Department With the Novell ZENwor
  138. How to Keep Your Data Safe in a Collaborative Work Environme
  139. Large and Highly-Regulated Enterprises Must Adopt Mobile Fil
  140. Novell Drives Continued Support for Computer Science and Tec
  141. Novell to Focus on Enhanced Enterprise Solutions for Modern
  142. Novell Announces Strategic Technical Partnership with GWAVA
  143. Key Takeaways from BrainShare 2014
  144. GroupWise Mobility Service 2.1 – Public Beta
  145. Is the ‘Shellshock’ Bug Still a Threat to My Novell ZENworks
  146. Micro Focus International Completes Merger with the Attachma
  147. What’s Wrong With Mobility in the Classroom?
  148. GroupWise Blog: Mac is Back in GroupWise Cornell!
  149. Goodbye iReport, Welcome Jaspersoft Studio
  150. The Importance of Saying ‘Yes’ to Your End Users’ BYOD Reque
  151. Micro Focus Completes Merger with the Attachmate Group
  152. Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust dumps Microsoft SCCM and
  153. Report Shows BYOD Threat Landscape Growing for Businesses
  154. Digital Security Resolutions for 2015
  155. Two important dates in the GroupWise Lifecycle are approachi
  156. Rethink the Modern Workspace With ZENworks From Novell
  157. Why You Need to ‘Wow’ Your End Users With Amazing User Self-
  158. Behind Every Great IT Department Is a Strong Automation Syst
  159. Novell Named As a Strong Performer in Endpoint Encryption by
  160. The Best Thing You Can Buy for Your IT Department This Year
  161. Filr 1.2 Technical Preview
  162. Forrester Names Novell ZENworks a ‘Strong Performer’ in Endp
  163. Your Business’s Network Is Bigger Than You Think
  164. From Gold to Fool’s Gold: Transform Your Data Through Encryp
  165. The One-Step Plan to Stronger Digital Workspace Security in
  166. Wake Up and Recognize the Demand for User-Centric Workspaces
  167. It’s Time for Some Spring IT Cleaning
  168. Embrace A 21st Century Workspace In Your Enterprise [Webina
  169. Sign up to take user tests, and earn Amazon gift cards
  170. Agile @ Novell
  171. Move Beyond FCR Rates for Your Help Desk
  172. Novell is now part of Micro Focus
  173. Novell to Host Partner Roundtable and Keynote at Open Horizo
  174. How Much Are Slow Business Applications Costing Your Enterpr
  175. Study Shows Mobile App Usage On The Rise Among Enterprises
  176. Three Warning Signs Your IT Help Desk Could Be Outsourced
  177. ZENworks Full Disk Encryption: Five Frequently Asked Questio
  178. Novell File Reporter 2.6 Released
  179. Open Enterprise Server 2015 – Public Beta Available Now!
  180. Is Your Current Service Desk Solution Scaring Away Your IT W
  181. Wake-Up Call: The Workspace Has Changed … And You Should as
  182. Fishing for New College Graduates to Work in Your Organizati
  183. When Was the Last Time Your IT Team Went Home Early on Frida
  184. Dim the Lights: Five Must See Videos and Webinars From ZENwo
  185. Medical Devices: The New Target for Cybercriminals
  186. Introducing the Novell Ideas Portal!
  187. Your Firewall Is Weak: Here’s Why
  188. Slack is Perfect for Startups, but Enterprise Environments?
  189. Three Signs Your Endpoint Management Policy Is Stuck in the
  190. How is “Novell Ideas” Going?
  191. Spending All Your Time Playing IT Detective? It’s Time For A
  192. GroupWise releases two new support packs this week!
  193. Feel Prepared for Audits with ZENworks
  194. Why Enterprise-Oriented Solutions Are Ideal for Education Co
  195. You Spoke Up (And We Listened): Now Get Ready For ZENworks 1
  196. You Spoke Up (And We Listened): Now Get Ready For ZENworks 1
  197. Three Things to Look for in a Remote Management Solution (ZE
  198. Five Reasons to Check Out ZENworks 11 SP4
  199. Up to Date With the New PCI DSS 3.1 Standard?
  200. Experience Hassle-Free Flexible Workplace Productivity — Mic
  201. Micro Focus Prepares to Unleash Open Enterprise Server 2015
  202. ZENworks Community Webinars planned for the rest of 2015
  203. Micro Focus Is Heading To Berlin for GWAVACon 2015
  204. Five Things Employees Hate About Enterprise Applications
  205. Introducing ZENworks 2016 Preview Program
  206. Updated Technical Preview Program
  207. Filr Axion Technical Preview is now available
  208. In Case You Missed It: Micro Focus GWAVACon 2015 in Berlin
  209. Now Is the Time to Double Down on Endpoint Security
  210. Introducing Collaboration Community Webinars
  211. What is Unified Endpoint Management?
  212. A New Name and a New Feel: Micro Focus Service Desk
  213. Two New Vibe Videos – Customer Success
  214. Meet the ZENworks Product Management Team
  215. Experience Email Collaboration Like You Never Have Before
  216. Are Your Courtrooms Being Impacted by Slow System and Applic
  217. Your Network Called – It’s Time To Upgrade To Open Enterpris
  218. Change in November Community Technical Webinar Topic
  219. 1st Collaboration Community Webinar: How to use the Native M
  220. The Novell (Attachmate) and Micro Focus Merger: One Year Lat
  221. Feedback on ZENworks 2016 Preview !
  222. Is Your C-suite In The Dark About Your Business’s Cybersecur
  223. Have You Heard About the Cluster Service Promotion for OES 2
  224. New Collaboration Community Webinar Scheduled
  225. Help us improve ZENworks Reporting!
  226. ZENworks Asset Management maintenance now includes training
  227. News Flash: Your Business Is Quickly Outgrowing Its File Sto
  228. Getting to know our customers in new ways
  229. ZENworks Community Technical Webinars for Jan-Mar
  230. Stave Off the Dark Side of the Web With ZENworks Full Disk E
  231. GroupWise and GroupWise Mobility Service 2014 R2 Shipping To
  232. GroupWise 2014 Just Got Even Better With New Software Releas
  233. ZENworks 11.4.1 is here!
  234. Sweetening the Deal: OES 2015 Comes With Filr Access
  235. Wait is over for ZENworks Reporting!
  236. Using Active Directory? Now You Can Leverage Novell Storage
  237. Ten Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10 Using ZENworks Configur
  238. ZCTW – ZENworks Roadmap and Strategy Recording now available
  239. AdminStudio 2015 ZENworks Edition now available!
  240. #ZENworks Application Virtualization 11.2 now available!
  241. Open Enterprise Server 2015 SP1 – Beta
  242. Coming soon… Identity Manager Bundle Edition 4.5
  243. Identity Manager Bundle Edition 4.5 for OES / BCC customers
  244. Filr 2.0 Coming Soon and What to Expect
  245. Missing some cool pet features? Micro Focus GroupWise has it
  246. Micro Focus iPrint 2.0 Coming Soon and What to Expect
  247. Micro Focus Recognized on CRN's Security 100 List
  248. #ZENworks 2016 about to enter the next phase of its life…
  249. Micro Focus Announces Intent to Acquire Serena Software, Inc
  250. Micro Focus Announces Intent to Acquire Serena Software, Inc