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  1. German Universities Tap Novell for Infrastructure Needs
  2. Novell Reports Financial Results for Third Fiscal Quarter 2007
  3. Novell Identity Manager Positioned in the Leaders Quadrant for User Provisioning
  4. Study Shows Data Center Management Inefficiency Still Exists In The Enterprise
  5. Novell SecureLogin Positioned in the Leaders Quadrant for Enterprise Single Sign-On
  6. BMW and Siemens Welcome Interoperability Benefits of Microsoft-Novell Agreement
  7. Microsoft and Novell Open Interoperability Lab
  8. Novell Boosts Linux Virtualization with VMware Support
  9. Novell Ships Teaming + Conferencing to Increase Customer Productivity and Cut Costs
  10. Novell Positioned in the Leaders Quadrant for Web Access Man
  11. Novell Delivers Integrated Stack for SUSE Linux Enterprise B
  12. Novell Promotes Tom Francese to Executive Vice President for
  13. Novell Commences Debentureholder Consent Solicitation
  14. Novell First to Integrate All Aspects of Access Management w
  15. Novell rejoint SAP Global Security Alliance
  16. Novell tritt der SAP Global Security Alliance bei
  17. Scripps Networks Selects Novell for Innovative Five Year Med
  18. Novell Tour 2006: «Open your Mind - Free your Mind»
  19. Novell unterstützt Intel Virtualization Technology auf Basis
  20. Novell-led Bandit Project Launches *Control Your Identity* Campaign
  21. One school district answers Microsoft's pricing with open so
  22. SteelEye teams with Novell
  23. LessWatts.org Powers Up Linux Energy Conservation Program
  24. How open source saved a school district's IT department
  25. New Forums Interface
  26. Novell credits Microsoft for soaring Linux sales
  27. Novell writing open-source drivers...on its dime
  28. Novell launches New Training to Ease Red Hat-to-SUSE Linux M
  29. Novell and the Electronic Frontier Foundation Team Up to Ref
  30. Novell Technical Support Wins Industry, Customer Praise
  31. Novell Reports Completion of Independent Stock-Based Compens
  32. Novell Outlines Enhancements in SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Ser
  33. Dell Joins Microsoft and Novell Collaboration
  34. Novell Announces Availability of Sentinel 6
  35. Microsoft and Novell Open Interoperability Lab
  36. Microsoft and Novell Announce Broad Collaboration on Windows
  37. PSA Peugeot Citroën Chooses SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop f
  38. Mexico's Largest Mortgage Lender Chooses Novell for Key Busi
  39. Novell-led Bandit Project Launches "Control Your Identity" C
  40. Novell Ships Teaming + Conferencing to Increase Customer Pro
  41. New York City Transit Boosts Network Security, Streamlines I
  42. Novell Boosts Linux Virtualization with VMware Support
  43. BMW and Siemens Welcome Interoperability Benefits of Microso
  44. Novell SecureLogin Positioned in the Leaders Quadrant for En
  45. Study Shows Data Center Management Inefficiency Still Exists
  46. Novell Identity Manager Positioned in the Leaders Quadrant f
  47. Kernel dev Greg Kroah-Hartman goes full-time with Linux Driv
  48. Linux Driver Project Gets A Shot In The Arm From Novell
  49. Full speed ahead for Linux drivers
  50. openSUSE 10.3 is Now Available
  51. Novell Delivers Enhancements to its Security Information and
  52. Novell's Linux Driver Project Is Back In The Saddle
  53. Novell Delivers Open Enterprise Server 2 with Proven Network
  54. Novell Actually Ships Open Enterprise Server 2
  55. Novell OpenSUSE 10.3: Popular Linux Distro Packed With Upgra
  56. Novell Gives openSUSE the (Faster) Boot
  57. Novell dishes up OpenSuse 10.3
  58. Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian: 'There Has to Be a Better Way'
  59. Novell virtualizes NetWare with Xen
  60. Novell Delivers Desktop-to-Server Software Suite for Small B
  61. Novell Extends Enterprise Linux Management Leadership
  62. Leading Software Group Honors Novell Linux and Management So
  63. Get the facts about sagging Linux server sales
  64. RE: Novell NetWare vs. Microsoft networking
  65. Novell-led Bandit project's DigitalMe wins HP-IAPP Privacy I
  66. Novell's latest operating system
  67. Virtual Windows to Run Unmodified on Linux
  68. Novell Promotes Partner Ecosystem with New Growth Incentives
  69. Novell Advances Identity Manager with Roles Based Provisioni
  70. Novell SecureLogin Adds Support for Windows Vista
  71. Microsoft and Novell Celebrate Year of Interoperability, Exp
  72. Novell Positioned in the Leaders Quadrant for Web Access Man
  73. Novell Appoints Tim Wolfe as President, Novell Americas
  74. Novell-led Bandit Project's DigitalMe Wins HP-IAPP Privacy I
  75. Toll Brothers Lowers Costs, Builds Network Security and Mana
  76. Novell Improves its Access Management Solution with New Serv
  77. Novell Ships SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time 10
  78. Novell Suse Linux Upgrade Improves Virtualization
  79. Novell's New Desktop-to-Server Software Suite
  80. Novell ships latest high-performance Linux platform
  81. Novell sees enterprise demand for real-time SUSE Linux
  82. Novell Ships First Real-Time SUSE Linux
  83. Novell Delivers Real Time
  84. And the Best Community Linux Is?
  85. Novell Swaps the Kernel Guts in Real-Time Linux
  86. Novell Throws Resources At Channel Programs
  87. The emergence of enterprise class open source
  88. Novell präsentiert SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time 10
  89. Novell Postpones Fourth Quarter 2007 Earnings Release and Co
  90. Office Depot Taps SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from Novell t
  91. Novell Will Release Fourth Fiscal Quarter and Full Fiscal Ye
  92. Novell Reports Financial Results for Fourth Fiscal Quarter a
  93. ERP5 zgodny z SUSE Linux
  94. Novell Expands Encryption Capabilities with ZENworks Endpoin
  95. LOT startuje z projektem centralnego zarządzania tożsamoś
  96. The openSUSE Build Service Expands Support to Red Hat and Ce
  97. Novell Makes it Easier to Start with Linux on IBM's System z
  98. Microsoft and Novell Provide Renault with Interoperability
  99. Novell Delivers Open Collaboration with SiteScape Acquisitio
  100. Novell Delivers Solution For Payment Card Industry Standard
  101. Novell ZENworks ESM v3.5
  102. Novell delivers Sentinel PCI service
  103. Novell delivers solution for Payment Card Industry standard
  104. Novell Acquires SiteScape
  105. Novell buys into collaboration
  106. Novell Boosts Unified Communications With SiteScape Buy
  107. Renault drives interoperability with SUSE Linux
  108. SUSE Linux version aimed at Big Blue mainframes
  109. Microsoft-Novell Deal Bags Renault
  110. Renault in Linux deal with Microsoft, Novell
  111. Novell Emphasizes Information Flow For UC Benefits
  112. Novell's Open Source Collaboration Play
  113. Linux helps bring mainframes in from the cold
  114. IBM Gets Power6 Chips into Entry System p Servers
  115. Novell acquires open source vendor
  116. Microsoft is finally growing up
  117. Microsoft pledges not to sue over open source
  118. Novell to Acquire Data Center Management Leader PlateSpin
  119. ODF editor offers olive branch to Microsoft
  120. Novell Coughs Up $205 Million for Canadian Virtualization St
  121. Novell Acquires PlateSpin for $205M
  122. Novell Snaps Up PlateSpin and SiteScape
  123. Novell Ships SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service for Reta
  124. Novell acquires PlateSpin: Will everything fall to the floor
  125. Hotels Address Compliance and Identity Management Business C
  126. Novell Buys VM Management Vendor Platespin
  127. Updated: PlateSpin Buy Boost Novell?s Enterprise Strategy
  128. Novell to Acquire PlateSpin
  129. Novell buys PlateSpin for $205m
  130. VMware Product Blitz Launched in Europe
  131. Novell Buys PlateSpin to Enhance Virtual Datacentre Offering
  132. Novell Buys Software Maker PlateSpin for $205 Million
  133. Novell Buys Virtualization Firm PlateSpin
  134. Updated: PlateSpin Buy Boost Novell's Enterprise Strategy
  135. Novell extends virtualised data centre management
  136. Hotels Address Compliance and Identity Management Business C
  137. Novell's PlateSpin play
  138. Novell Reports Financial Results for First Fiscal Quarter 20
  139. Novell Launches SUSE Linux POS for Retailers
  140. Novell Responds to My Acquisition Questions
  141. Novell returns to profitability on the back of increased Lin
  142. Novell Inc. Stock Gains after the company reports Net Profit
  143. Novell Soars 12 Percent on Strong Outlook
  144. Novell Raises Fiscal 2008 Sales Outlook
  145. Novell Grows Its Linux Business
  146. SUSE Linux desktop and server help Novell post solid earning
  147. UPDATE 3-Novell profit tops Street, co raises '08 revenue vi
  148. Novell FY Q1 Revs, EPS Beat; Guidance Tops Estimates
  149. Novell Up on 2008 Outlook
  150. Novell Joins Climate Savers Computing Initiative
  151. Novell Climbed To 3 1/2 Month High Friday
  152. Novell - strong results as the company finally sees its effo
  153. PlateSpin acquired by Novell for $205m cash
  154. Can Novell Build a Bridge To Success?
  155. Additional thoughts on Novell acquisition of PlateSpin
  156. Novell Signs on to Climate Savers Computing Initiative
  157. Novell On Virtualization
  158. Announcing the official openSUSE Forums
  159. Novell's Still Suing Microsoft, And Says it Wants Discovery
  160. MonoDevelop Development Environment Available
  161. Update: Novell's SUSE Linux Desktop Strategy
  162. Novell and SAP Deepen Relationship to Enable Customers of Al
  163. Novell and Atos Origin Form Global Partnership to Jointly De
  164. IT Execs Want More-Effective Collaboration; Novell Teaming +
  165. Novell Extends Identity and Security Management Capabilities
  166. Novell and PlateSpin Unveil Joint Solutions at BrainShare
  167. Novell Announces Development Plans for SUSE Linux Enterprise
  168. Novell Hosts BrainShare 2008, with 5,500 Participants from 5
  169. Global Gaming and Entertainment Web Site Wins Greater Securi
  170. Western & Southern Life Chooses SUSE Linux Enterprise from N
  171. Sesame Workshop Welcomes Novell to the Neighborhood
  172. Novell Approaches 6,000 Customers for Its Identity and Secur
  173. Novell: HP to preload SLED on desktops, laptops
  174. Novell brains share thoughts on Microsoft
  175. Novell places emphasis on functionality
  176. Novell and PlateSpin present joint solutions at Brainshare
  177. Novell Will Key On Interoperability Of .Net And J2EE Platfor
  178. Novell Pitches Focus on Infrastructure
  179. Novell Ships Mono Development Tool
  180. Novell Starts Talking SLES 11
  181. Novell to Announce New, Expanded Partnerships
  182. Novell pushes agile infrastructure vision
  183. Novell comes to Sesame Street
  184. Novell's Channel VP Asserts VAR Dedication
  185. Editorial: Retraining IT staff slows business change
  186. Novell: Putting the FOSS in Fossa
  187. Novell champions open software
  188. Novell, SAP Expand Partnership
  189. Sesame Workshop Welcomes Novell To The Neighbourhood
  190. UMPCs gain Novell SLED compatibility
  191. Novell Previews Features in SUSE Linux Enterprise 11
  192. Global Gaming And Entertainment Web Site Wins Greater Securi
  193. Novell customers have hard time finding qualified workers, t
  194. SCO's "Least Supported Idea Yet"
  195. Novell removes gloves in SCO bankruptcy court
  196. Microsoft's Chief Counsel Brad Smith urges open source rival
  197. Novell's Lagging Position in the Messaging and Collaboration
  198. Microsoft's dilemma: The importance of the downstream
  199. USB SUSE Installation from Linux
  200. Sles 10 Training
  201. Novell Completes PlateSpin Acquisition
  202. Novell insists it's winning the Linux wars
  203. Novell ties up PlateSpin acquisition
  204. Who Writes Linux? There Are a Lot of Unknowns
  205. Linux kernel community grows, but elite group remains
  206. The Linux Census: No one entity owns the kernel
  207. Hot Topic
  208. Q: Who Really Creates Linux? A: The Enterprise
  209. Novell's Linux contributions up 250 percent, sales 200 perce
  210. Novell Executives Present on Compliance and Open Source Iden
  211. Options increase as giants open up
  212. Linux showing signs of solid growth
  213. Monster savings from virtualization on Sesame Street
  214. Novell Reduces Cost of Ownership for Linux on IBM System z
  215. When should you tackle that data center rationalization proj
  216. Novell encourages channel to specialise
  217. Novell Announces SUSE Appliance Program
  218. Analysts claim improved reliability for Linux servers
  219. Novell initiatives
  220. Linux, Unix more reliable than Windows
  221. Novell to invest $100 million over next three years in India
  222. Novell launches Suse Appliance Program
  223. Novell slashes mainframe Linux pricing
  224. Novell slashes cost of Linux offering for IBM mainframe
  225. Novell: 'The Stand-alone OS Is Dead'
  226. Novell plans $100 mn India expansion
  227. Novell invites vendors to build software appliances atop SUS
  228. Novell Announces SUSE Appliance Program for ISVs
  229. Novell CEO: Linux for the consumer desktop will take years
  230. Microsoft and Novell Extend Reach of Interoperability Collab
  231. Microsoft and Novell take aim at Chinese enterprise market
  232. Novell launches SUSE Appliance Program
  233. rPath to OEM SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from Novell for Ap
  234. Novell expands Microsoft alliance with China deal
  235. Microsoft and Novell push into China
  236. Microsoft, Novell stressing China's Linux market
  237. No Consumer Linux from Novell or Red Hat
  238. Novell Promotes Ross Chevalier to President of Novell Canada
  239. Novell Executives Present on Virtualization Management and I
  240. Microsoft and Novell Open Up China
  241. rPath to OEM Novell?s SUSE Linux to reduce legal worries
  242. Novell to Expand Linux Management Solutions
  243. Novell Says SCO Group Owes It $20M; SCO Begs To Differ
  244. Novell Delivers Broadest and Most Integrated Portfolio of Id
  245. Novell Unveils Security Management Platform
  246. Novell bases growth on new channel-focused strategy
  247. Application Security for Open Source - The New Frontier
  248. SAP collaborates with HP and IBM to offer business solutions
  249. openSUSE Joins Google Summer of Code
  250. The path to unified communications