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  1. Issue creating users with AdminAPI
  2. Re: gw admin object useradd/del/mov c++
  3. Re: How to get Internet Email Address through GROUPWISE ADMINISTRATIVE OBJECT API
  4. Re: Creating document types
  5. rename groupwise accounts
  6. ConnectByDN
  7. Admin Commit Failed after touching with ConsoleOne
  8. Domain list in Multi-Tree GW System
  9. CoCreateInstance and Windows XP
  10. GW Admin API installation problem.
  11. nds syncronisation status / before delete container
  12. Re: Re : how to magnify your love's life
  13. GW 6.5 fcs install's dir searches broken by C1 or jvm
  14. Renaming NDS users to their corresponding GroupWise ID
  15. Deleting orphaned users
  16. How to get maximum app connections?
  17. Informations about the groupwise System?
  18. Thoughts on Calendar posting
  19. GWAdmin Api not showing all PostOffices
  20. Extract address book ids
  21. admin api exceptions c++
  22. Gateway alias
  23. How Create/Modify GwExtUser on LINUX from CommandLine
  24. How to delete PostOffice using AdminTypeLibrary (C#)
  25. How to delete user/mailbox using AdminTypeLibrary (C#)
  26. Extract Groupwise 6 user names and passwords to comma delimited
  27. Admin API Connect -- needs login!
  28. Oracle Forms DLL
  29. set free style internet address through API
  30. GW65SP2 now can't connect to domain
  31. Groupwise user disable
  32. Distribution List participation
  33. Problems with SetPassword (C++)
  34. MailboxExpDate
  35. Setting mailbox expiration date using PHP
  36. Groupwise
  37. Groupwise
  38. NovellGroupWareAdmin from within IIS
  39. "No Password Required with eDirectory" setting
  40. Renaming accounts
  41. Groupwise mailbox size
  42. Open Enterprise Server Beta
  43. Error: 80020009 User not found
  44. create a GW user - Windows return code 0x80020009
  45. Re: Accessing Calendar
  46. Re: Accessing Calendar
  47. Trying to access Non-GroupWise domain.
  48. Clear mailbox expiration date
  49. Access violations at address...
  50. FreeForm API
  51. Add to Distribution List based on other Address Book Fields?
  52. MailboxExpDate Type
  53. Exporting calendar information to text-files
  54. Add user to distribution list using JNDI
  55. Setting NickName Exiration Date via GW Admin API
  56. Accessing calendar from 3rd-party product
  57. resetting groupwise password
  58. resetting groupwise password
  59. resetting groupwise password
  60. compare GW password
  61. How force for ALL gw users mimecode=KOI8-r ??
  62. GW 6.5 - A suggestion for a good book
  63. WebAccess addressbook
  64. Problem with successive calls to ItembyDN
  65. setting email-address with gwadmin?
  66. Gateway's
  67. ObjectID going missing
  68. Triggering "Discussion Threads" on GW65 Client
  69. Tracking changes in GroupWise calendar for sync purposes
  70. Creating Distribution Lists
  71. Urgent Please help
  72. Retrieving email address from user object
  73. 450 Host Down message/between domains
  74. admin commit failed
  75. VB Code to add to distribution list
  76. GroupWise script interface
  77. ObjectID's in GroupWise.
  78. MTA Message Logging Application.
  79. Memory Leak.
  80. Disassociating Groupwise Attributes
  81. GroupWise Administrative Object API what do I need to install?
  82. Sending an email using C++ with Add instead of AddBydisplayName
  83. Login to GroupWise from code
  84. SMTP email address using admin API
  85. Linux development
  86. nds structure can not be set
  87. What actually gets touched?
  88. support
  89. admin defined fields
  90. timer objects in vb.net
  91. GW Export - Login Time conversion
  92. GW mail alias
  93. GatewayAccess property
  94. Updating User NetID
  95. System->Connect problems
  96. Creating mail enabled groups
  97. Changing net id
  98. member attribute on groupOfNames
  99. Damaged Emails
  100. Remove all dist. list membership
  101. Format records in the MTA msllog file ?
  102. Absolute newby at this, client and admin
  103. Automated migration of IMAP mailboxes
  104. Install to server control, maybe a bit OT
  105. GWAdmin, HostLookupTable Editing and Permissions
  106. MoveWithinTree
  107. Not able to connect to domain
  108. Not able to connect to domain
  109. User's passsword information
  110. How to get Internet Address using Admin API
  111. Getting Id for highlighted message
  112. using VB6 to Send mail
  113. CustomizeContextMenu routine for GW.MESSAGE
  114. admin api environment
  115. GWAC.DB
  116. Add/Remove user from distribution list using C++ API
  117. Trouble with CoCreateInstance in Admin Objects API
  118. Obtaining account 'disabled' status
  119. AddExistingUser problem
  120. External User problem
  121. Problem with extended characters (Swedish едц)
  122. AdminTypeLibrary.Connect from C#
  123. C1 settings for GW domain location
  124. Gateway Alias, how do I populate the field for a user using the GWAdmin Object API
  125. GroupWise Administrative Object API : Error Codes and Descriptions
  126. Manipulating free-form internet addressing?
  127. Modify E-Mail Address field
  128. moving users programmatically
  129. Gwadmobj.connect creating extra drive mappings
  130. CreateObject on NovellGroupwareAdmin fails
  131. How set MaylBox quoata for gw users ??
  132. C# GWTypeLibrary - AddressBook Entry encoding problem
  133. error 8200
  134. internet addressing
  135. LDAP Authentication Field
  136. API barfs on users in a different tree
  137. How do connect to multiple domains?
  138. Distribution List
  139. This is a followup to my previous question.
  140. PO mailbox count
  141. independent developer needed
  142. PrefEMailID
  143. Groups as DLs
  144. GW Admin Object API type functionality on linux
  145. In the Novell documentation for the Groupwise admin object api'suser object
  146. synchronizing users
  147. connecting with C#
  148. Creating users in "foreign domain"
  149. Defect #368646: Defect manipulating Distribution Lists
  150. Globally delete emails
  151. ReturnValues
  152. Add to DistributenList
  153. admin in consoleone 136
  154. DL.Member raises error
  155. Perl: modify user attributes
  156. debug logging for ConnectByDN
  157. Add user to GW Distribution List
  158. how to make a user's mailbox readonly
  159. External Resources
  160. External Users and InternetDomainName
  161. OT: admin api via soap?
  162. Add user to distribution list
  163. Disable Logins Code Note: This is not Expiration Date....
  164. extracting Administrator of Distribution Lists
  165. MoveWithinTree Exception
  166. Read out client option per gw user
  167. Bulk Delete GroupWise but not E-Dir
  168. Admin Commit Failed
  169. c# example for getting root GwAdmin object api object
  170. GW Admin Object API cannot commit actual changes on Vista
  171. GW API in Services / Threads
  172. User address book finding
  173. Admin API and GW 8
  174. Accessing the Admin API via Linux (and hopefully Python)
  175. GWUser's Internet Addressing attributes - how to manipulate them?
  176. Set InternetDomainName for users
  177. Creating a Group
  178. MailboxExpDate
  179. MailboxExpDate
  180. Setting the MailboxExpDate via Visual Basic
  181. Create link between GW account and NDS account
  182. IADSystem connect issue
  183. Hello
  184. Windows/GroupWise permission
  185. POA
  186. I would like to ask! about audit develope
  187. Set GWRules programatically
  188. Adding administrators to distribution lists
  189. Removing a mailbox expiration date/time
  190. Create Groupwise Mailbox for a user with LDAP
  191. Accessing GroupWise 7 calendar
  192. GroupWise and VB Script
  193. Create Resource in GW
  194. Create nickname, unknown error
  195. External Users attributes
  196. Novell Groupwise help required
  197. Set PrefEmailID on External Users ?
  198. Windows 7 and Admin API
  199. C# .Connect(path) 0x80020009 Error
  200. Determining the GroupWise version
  201. New GW 8.0 functionality in Admin API not working
  202. GroupWise Server Plugin Development Contract
  203. Anyway to read data from the local domain?
  204. New GroupWise users disappear after a while
  205. Re: Problem delete mailbox without deleting edirectory account
  206. Error 0x80004002: No such interface.
  207. POA Soap Settings for Large Email (Large Attachment)
  208. Intermittent failure creating Admin COM object from .NET
  209. Adding a user to a distribution list
  210. MoveWithinTree problem
  211. Adding Other Fields usign GW Admin API
  212. options in GroupWise Client Options - Environment
  213. Associating existing GroupWise and eDirectory accounts
  214. How to change given name using api
  215. system object CONNECT() info
  216. Nickname on other PO
  217. argument list for DMSAccessRightsCollection::Add
  218. Cannot add user from other domain to group
  219. Ho to create a mailbox in JAVA as ConsoleOne does
  220. vb .net Mailbox ID
  221. new Access Control tab for Distribution Lists
  222. add groups to a user
  223. Create Groupwise addressbook objects using C?
  224. Java code to perform admin tasks
  225. Does Object API allows to access Reccurance Properties.
  226. Issues with extended chars in names
  227. Delete and Rename External User
  228. CreateObject("NovellGroupWareAdmin") - throws error
  229. Admin Object API and C#
  230. To Synchronize time in the webmail
  231. Rename Groupwise-Mailbox and the associated eDir-Object
  232. Unexpiring user account using MailboxExpDate
  233. Problem with Appointments (NotifyWhenAccepted)
  234. DMSLibrary access exception
  235. Newer Admin Property Availability
  236. GroupWise acount not creating
  237. Groupwise 2012 and GroupWise Administrative Object API
  238. Threading and Admin objects
  239. User Created but Can't Login
  240. Cannot find the Novell Connection Manager for LDAP
  241. Missing property mailboxsize at user-object
  242. about administration of distribution list
  244. Excel + VBA
  245. GroupWise Admin API Library / Groupwise 2012 / Visual Studio
  246. GroupWise 2012 Admin API "Internet Free Busy URL"
  247. Get Objects details from Command
  248. Delphi 3 or Delphi XE gives Invalid class string error
  249. Ask for help find a tool for add users to groupwise
  250. DOTNET SMTP EMail Configuration