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  1. Re: Location of account settings
  2. GroupWise version check in TPH
  3. How to develop for modify Address Book on Groupwise?
  4. Is there a way to intercept 'Mark Read' and 'Read later' commands
  5. June NDK
  6. How do I get to the GW.MESSAGE.MAIL.ATTACHMENTCONTROL Context
  7. RE: GroupWise version check in TPH
  8. Acting on selected e-mails
  9. Selected Messages Process only one e-mail
  10. Catch events on the server and react on it
  11. What events occur when dragging a message to the Trash?
  12. GroupWise Client Font Size
  13. register C3PO win2k
  14. C3PO and C++
  15. Hooking into Address Book
  16. Email marketing
  17. Conditional Rule Forwarding Question
  18. Context Toolbar Change
  19. Email marketing
  20. Accessing mail items attached to other mail items
  21. Status Bar Updates
  22. How to deploy the exe
  23. C3Po error
  24. Forwarding attachments
  25. Hello
  26. GWNCC is not displaying the Organization entry in GW6.5
  27. Can any one help me?
  28. Deleting Selected Messages
  29. Citrix and C3PO
  30. Attachment file date and size
  31. GroupWise Mailbox refresh
  32. problem with adding a button
  33. Per-appointment call forwarding
  34. RE: Deleting Selected Messages
  35. Accessing mail items attached to other mail items (post no. 2)
  36. SMTP Email problem
  37. Inbox and outbox mail logs
  38. Deleting Objects from Frequent Contacts
  39. how to call a pre-defined Command in a C3PO server?
  40. Is there a way to add a toolbar seperator?
  41. C3po, c++ dll, wont work
  42. get ID of currently seleced mail
  43. Issue with C3PO's, toolbars, and Windows 98
  44. Getting the mailbody as html?
  45. Programatically create new mail item and open - body text lost on subsequent saves
  46. Message State
  47. Spanish GroupWise C3PO ClientState Bug?
  48. g_C3POManager.ClientState.CommandMessage
  49. toolbar button text labels
  50. token ItemGetAttribute bug?
  51. Accessing Subject of a mail in C3PO before sending it
  52. How to use FolderMoveTo in gwtokens?
  53. c3po HKEY-CURRENT_USER registration
  54. How to Trap a certain Event in GW
  55. custom button does not have an icon when greyed out
  57. How to customize menu in open message?
  58. Calendar C3PO
  59. Objects and methods available in C3PO?
  60. Open Enterprise Server Beta
  61. Editing an c3po
  62. Adding menu items
  63. add button with specifics features in toolbar .
  64. Button images on Win98
  65. Detecting spell check
  66. Messages.Find: How to search for sender? (From/FromText)
  67. GWMessage.Recipients empty after message was moved to folder
  68. C3PO in Address Book
  69. itemsettext to replace to field not working
  70. Groupwise /C3PO not picking up Add In - Please Help.
  71. c3po under Windows 2000 versus XP
  72. Help with Proxy User
  73. Adding Custom Fields
  74. Saving EMail to Disk?
  75. Show Message Before Send?
  76. Show HTML Message Before Send..
  77. how to trap window close event
  78. quickviewer events
  79. change action of default button
  80. Needing Proxy User Help (Please?)
  81. Proxy User....
  82. If I scream and cry like a sissy, would someone answer my question about custom fields?
  83. Collaboration anyone?
  84. How do I determine a message was sent by a proxy user?
  85. Send Event
  86. C3PO App Rights
  87. Selectively saving sent messages
  88. Getting message after Send
  89. Re: ClientState object?
  90. GroupWise6.5 Integration with FileNet and Hummingbird
  91. Very Simple Question
  92. C3PO question
  93. Printing With A C3PO
  94. "Delete and Empty" not sending a CMDID_DELETE event
  95. Can i put a restriction on the distribution list using C3PO
  96. C3PO in VB.NET
  98. C3PO in .NET
  99. Toolbar item not appearing
  100. C3P0 in GW 7
  101. Using C3PO Sample Code in GW7.0
  102. Remoting the Quick Speller in GW7
  103. powerbasic
  104. Mailbox Dependent Custom Menus
  105. Selecting and Saving Emails to Directory
  106. Adding Toolbar Items
  107. C++-Develpment Questions
  108. Custom Icons
  109. Can any one help me? its urgent
  110. C3PO and .NET - Has anyone had success?
  111. How do I call "Save As" directly
  112. Sharing GWCommand contexts
  113. C3PO Dev
  114. modifying the subject line of a message
  115. C3PO in C#
  116. 7.0/SP1 Defect? - C3POManager.ClientState.CommandMessage not set for an attachment which is a message.
  117. transparent color for tool bar bitmap
  118. icons
  119. Shared Folder Access
  120. Adding Custom Field to GW Messages
  121. Adding Custom Field to GW Messages
  122. Using VB6 to Send Mail
  123. CustomizeContextMenu problem
  124. C3PO and C# - Getting Started.
  125. menu check mark
  126. Programatically adding new custom headers to a new groupwise email
  127. Re: Gwc3po-dev Digest, Vol 23, Issue 1
  128. Re. Programatically adding new custom headers to a new groupwiseemail
  129. How can I get C3PO's working in the Cross Platform Client
  130. Exporting Attachements
  131. moving sent items
  132. Toolbar button has black background in GW 7
  133. re: need help to create document object
  134. Add Attachment Command
  135. Can I enable/disable predefined menu items ?
  136. C# C3PO and TypeLibrary Problems
  137. C3PO in Visual C++ 2005
  138. Antw: C3PO in Visual C++ 2005
  139. C# C3PO
  140. Predetermined Commands not calling BuildCommand
  141. Not receiving Shift-Delete event
  142. First dialog appears behind mail window...
  143. How do I get the FindResults folder messages?
  144. context menu for a mail message
  145. Black textboxes displayed in 3rd party form
  146. mime.822 retrieve
  147. GWMenuItem Object.
  148. toolbar button
  149. c3po / c++ / get_CommandMessage
  150. C# custom toolbar button
  151. checked menu item
  152. c3powizard.exe fails for .net 2003
  153. C3PO - .NET - GW TypeLibs
  154. Q: ClientState.SelectedMessages() with C#
  155. context in CustomizeMenu
  156. GW crashes when deleting from trash
  157. Writing C3PO with SQLWindows 2005
  158. GW C3PO Context
  159. CustomizeContextMenu and multiple messages (C#)
  160. Description GWATT1.OCX
  161. Refresh the GWClient
  162. C3PO in .NET - deploy
  163. C#.NET
  164. Export Attachment
  165. Retrieving the currently logged in username
  166. Unable to Delete a Menu.
  167. C3PO - Scanning a Folder & Detecting user's "drag-and-drop" operations
  168. Problems with custom MIME export
  169. item context toolbar
  170. How to Add C3PO Toolbar Buttons with GroupWise in C#
  171. Not getting calls to CustomizeContextMenu....
  172. Context Menu issues w/GW 7 & .NET
  173. Why Do I get an Error When I Query?
  174. How to know that an email window is being closed...
  175. Problems with getting a custom toolbar button to work...
  176. Error registration Delphi_New sample
  177. how to use token command to operate custom field
  178. New to C3PO
  179. C3PO and Languages
  180. Tab order in C#
  181. GW 8 problems with ClientState.SelectedMessages API call
  182. Manipulating Sending E-mails
  183. Extracting .vew file without Groupwise Client.
  184. Reading .vew file without GroupWise Client.
  185. replacing the default icons.dll
  186. drop attachment into vb, vb6, vba app
  187. drop attachment into vb, vb6, vba app
  188. how can i get the recurring date
  189. C#.NET with GW6
  190. GW 7.0 C3PO .NET C# : New at this
  191. GetMime method not available
  192. How Do You Access New Mail Client Form Field Values?
  193. Form doesn't open
  194. Modeless dialogs
  195. color schemes/ toolbars/ menu items
  196. Capture close and cancel of email window
  197. BuildCommand usage
  198. OnDelivery event problem
  199. Menu shortcut keys?
  200. Signature
  201. Add an Attachment to a new mail
  202. Accessing MIME x-headers from C3PO
  203. How to set Default Mailing Address in GW8 using C3PO objects
  204. c3po usage for linux desktop
  205. Empty list by SelectedAddressBookEntries()
  206. C# get messages
  207. Delphi and Toolbar Buttons
  208. Toolbar Buttons - colors
  209. Simple C3PO Toolbar Button
  210. Adding Toolbar button using VS2010
  211. Menu item position
  212. Re: CustomizeMenu - localisation
  213. DropDown buton in toolbar
  214. Problem registering two VB6 C3PO wizzard applications
  215. ClientState.selectedMessages does not work
  216. Programatically Remove Attachment
  217. Piggy-backing on GroupWise authentication
  218. How to read current account email address?
  219. Groupwise C3PO focus issue .net
  220. C3PO menu challenge
  221. GroupWise 2012 C3PO custom message callback not working
  222. GroupWise 2012 C3PO ClientState.SelectedMessages not working
  223. Alter Emails
  224. Modify the exisiting subject line of an email
  225. Can't get information from ClientState in Groupwise 2012
  226. Get proxied user name
  227. Toolbar Button
  228. Get Message Details with C3PO & ObjAPI
  229. Runtime Error 217 after GroupWise closes (C# C3PO)
  230. VB.NET example?
  231. How to programmatically insert a link in a new message
  232. How to make a Button stay pressed
  233. Capturing commands in 2012...not working (eGW_CMDID_SEND)
  234. Create custom folders with custom icons like created by Vibe
  235. eGW_CMD_DIAL
  236. Save E-Mail as EML-File with COM
  237. Context Menue item gets added several times
  238. [TUTORIAL+KB] How to create an EML export mechanism in GW8
  239. [TUTORIAL] Context Menu to export EML files
  240. Toolbar Button again
  241. Method "WantCommand(...)" and "BuildCommand(...)" arent invo
  242. problem accessing the RecipientStatusList
  243. Taskpane in Novell Groupwise?
  244. Powershell get Novell file properties n get the permissions
  245. Add-in throws error in GroupWise 2014 SP2
  246. C3PO on GW2014 on Win64 still working ????
  247. Problems with the HTML mode of composing
  248. Is there a way to modify "Quick Info" ?
  249. C3POManager.ClientState.SelectedMessages is Nothing
  250. Toolbar Button not Showing