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  1. Opening a Folder (Specifically the Calendar)
  2. Problems reading Addressbook entries.
  3. GW "DefaultMailingAddress" property in OAPI c++ code base
  4. GW Specified user rule
  5. how to find the email address by display name
  6. How to Create a Rule in VB
  7. Need Developers Help/Insight here
  8. Using the Object API in Delphi 2009
  9. User defined field values doesnot show up in summary tab
  10. GroupWise Object API doesn't return all messages
  11. Combining object and admin object APIs in one program
  12. "Uknown error occured" - while trying to copy documents
  13. ApplicationClass.login
  14. E-Mail Address field not changing after MOVE
  15. Getting custom fields
  16. Accessing the "Just" Sent Message as Object
  17. IDs of DraftMessage-Reference changing after Message.Refresh
  18. Getting appointment recurrence information
  19. Fetch Mail headers using Object API
  20. Reading task private flag
  21. GroupMembers.Add method & Valid email address
  22. Application hang when retrieve recipient of calendar message
  23. Groupwise Custom Field Creation throws exception
  24. Reading the Groupwise Field Definition
  25. Object Api and .Net problems
  26. Object API support for Background images and embedded images
  27. How can we fetch Expiration date of a message
  28. How to get birthday from Contact / AddressItem
  29. Cancel Login and try to Login next time causes Error
  30. VB error message when adding an appointment
  31. How to tell if a server is down?
  32. Create a DocumentReference in GW8
  33. Get Message Security
  34. Unable to set Address book entry's mobile phone
  35. Code locks up...
  36. Retrieve Document in GW Object API
  37. ProxyHistory returns strange results
  38. Groupwise 64 bit client?
  39. DefaultDocumentLibrary
  40. RetractAppointment method
  41. Crash with large number of appointments
  42. Crash in VBA with new GW Client 8.0.2
  43. How to get email attachment file name?
  44. Shared Addressbook owner (GW 7.0.4)
  45. Creating calendar entries
  46. Getting modified date of calendar entry (IGWAppointment)
  47. GW Object API and .NET Problems
  48. TrashEntry.Delete() no effect or throws exception with smart-purgeenabled and LastRetentionDate set
  49. Message Properties Size Vs Object API Message.Size
  50. Is Extended MAPI Supported in gw8?
  51. Replace attached messages (of attached messages....) error d107
  52. Attempted to read or write protected memory when accessing Message.MessageID
  53. AddressBookEntry's MobilePhone field
  54. Issue using GW 8.x, VBScript and object API
  55. No GetMIME() in Mail
  56. BUG: Groupwise cannot "Find" a name in french
  57. GPF with GW 8.02 calling Release for an IGWAccount2-Pointer
  58. Why Can't I create an Appointment using this C# code?
  59. Why doesn't this allow me to set the body to RTF?
  60. Why can't I find an Existing Contact in Frequent Contacts?
  61. Why Can't I set this GroupWise Contact Property Value?
  62. Simple MAPI Problem
  63. FolderRights object with calendar sub folders
  64. Empty Recipients in Draft
  65. Groupwise version vs Object API Version
  66. Defaulting the Reply format
  67. Unable to return AddressBook.Shared or AddressBook.Owner
  68. Can't turn Alarm /Reminder off when creating appointment (C#
  69. Hi everyone, can somebody help me about how to retrieve nic
  70. save attachment from message if subject line ...
  71. Offline Archive Access
  72. hwo can i use MAPI to get all address accounts in groupwise7
  73. Exception accessing FolderRights
  74. How to accept an appointment?
  75. How to determine that a given Appointment has been changed?
  76. How to use API without Groupwise Client installed?
  77. messages/allmessages.count return max value?
  78. Address book language resource dated-ness
  79. Inaccessible MAPI Session Handle
  80. Making addresses in Groups change
  81. How from the Programm (C++ or Java) send mail ?
  82. Draft messages left in trash when using API
  83. Name completion behavior
  84. Groupwise Stubbing API
  85. Rules
  86. Classes don't behave the same in threads
  87. Workfolder.Name not returning in correct language
  88. Can I develop a plugin for Groupwise 8.0.0 with VB.NET?
  89. Error during connect to Groupwise and get userinformations
  90. Error accessing document access rights collection
  91. How can I get the messageID of the selected message in GW?
  92. How can I export the hole email in a html file? --- VB6
  93. VB6 How can I save the Mail via sourcecode?
  94. Sorting Messages with GroupWise API
  95. FindMessages not returning anything??? PLEASE HELP!!!
  96. Deriving the size of a message
  97. AddExistingMessage creates trash entry
  98. How to change AddressBookEntry fields?
  99. gwoapi.h for GroupWise 8
  100. Removing attachments from inbox
  101. Filtering addresses of Address book entries with GW 2012
  102. gwCommander = CreateObject("GroupWiseCommander") fails
  103. Need help with Reading the Reply To email address
  104. How can I Delete the User fielddefinition?
  105. GW API multi-threading on vmware
  106. busysearch result checking GW API in VB
  107. Can we set/get the resource capacity in GroupWise?
  108. export / save email from gw via GW object api (source code)
  109. Match Addressbookentry and a MySql table
  110. Confused for Appointment rescheduling
  111. How to get the proxy list with GroupWise API?
  112. How to get administrations of distribution list using api?
  113. Multilogin returns 0x80020009 in groupwise 2012
  114. Problem for FormattedText::get_RTF API
  115. How to detect imbedded image inside GroupWise email?
  116. Error on Default Method of Signature object
  117. Call API crash
  118. Get the folder names of Archives based on system locale
  119. How to get the current Mailbox size
  120. get sender's display name of a mail seem has a bug
  121. Powerbuilder & Groupwise
  122. SDK - Object API
  123. AddressBookEntries.Find
  124. Problem sending e-mail using VB
  125. Message ClassName Chance to CustomClass
  126. Icon Change from Message
  127. downloading the groupwise object API
  128. Appointment Found
  129. Problem using Groupwise Object API with VB .Net (Windows 7)
  130. Connect domain path using AdminTypeLibrary.System
  131. Change e-mail property
  132. Creating a MAPI profile
  133. Using Proxy Account with VBA crashes Access 2010
  134. How to access another resource in Groupwise
  135. Send Message with DocumentReference
  136. Using MultiLogin to update addressbooks
  137. How to move message to the other folder
  138. How to access addressbooks through Login not MultiLogin
  139. Running GW api's on Suse to update address books
  140. Strip Attachments
  141. setting a category for mail object
  142. Adding folder rights to a folder...
  143. Share folders with sub folder...
  144. Deleting appointments with messageID VBA
  145. GroupWise 2012 filter returns all addresses
  146. Invalid Pointer in Object API with .NET
  147. How to export an embedded mail as *.eml?
  148. Access custom fields in email before sending...
  149. Get GroupWise Archive Path from current user with Visual C#
  150. Sending HTML and Plaintext emails
  151. Calling "get_Recipients" of Message throw out a fatal error
  152. Calling Get_DocumentVersion occur a fatal error
  153. GroupWise and API - Enterprise Search Ready?
  154. Has GW Object API been replaced by REST API in GW2014?
  155. Upgrade GroupWise 8.0 to 2012
  156. AddressBookEntries.Find says invalid field
  157. Refresh not working until program restart [VB]
  158. PABGuid different in online and caching mode?
  159. How do I use the gwoapi10.h file?
  160. How to get the Calendar item's UID
  161. How to export the domains configured in the Internet Domains
  162. Get all the field's value of addressbook entry using c++ api
  163. read signature as plain text
  164. GroupWise 2014: How to let GW commander consider TextSetCC
  165. Get active proxy account from GW Client
  166. disable "Vacation Rule"
  167. Attachment clip
  168. Create folder in every mailbox
  169. resolving recipients of mail leads to "User not found" error
  170. Exception on getting Thumbnail Image from Address Book Entry
  171. Opening a message / Resfreshing Mailbox
  172. GW Client 2018 - Address Book FieldDefinition Exception
  173. Display mail
  174. Deactivate a mailbox via powershell
  175. Two or more Admin Defined Fields cause our program to crash
  176. No mobile and home numbers from the GroupWise Address Book
  177. Search in personal address books returns all entries