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  1. Re: Setting an email category
  2. Frequent Contacts' Last Reference Attribute
  3. Obtaining Archive Path
  4. Re: proxy failed for valid user
  5. Creating a new category - how to refresh?
  6. Trusted App Disabled Accounts
  7. Status notifications and delete APis
  8. VB.Net app
  9. Finding a group
  10. display how many unread email
  11. display how many unread email
  12. recipient results (transferred, transferred failed, delivered,etc.)
  13. Questions about checking email traffic...
  14. How to retrieve mail from an GW Mailbox
  15. Message recipient delivery status
  16. GroupMember.EmailAddresses ??
  17. Find out the access rights for a shared addressbook
  18. API Under Visual Studio 2005
  19. Install Warnings / Log
  20. Missing ITask3 from 7.02HP
  21. Populating the LDAP Authentication Attribute
  22. NovellGroupWareAdmin + Powershell?
  23. Sending e-mail results in blank to: address
  24. Creating new Application5() object causes my application to hang
  25. Appointment Start & End time
  26. Accessing resource and send mail
  27. Peek Mode
  28. Renaming an Addressbook
  29. AddressBookEntries Find Method against large address book
  30. Parse Attachment - VB.NET
  31. How can I learn the attachment ID for a given attachment?
  32. How to tell if an attachment really belongs to the email body (in HTML format)?
  33. More attachment questions
  34. embedded messages
  35. Q about MsgID
  36. Extract MailBox content?
  37. Sent Item issue
  38. Generating HTML formatted messages using Object API
  39. Proxyhistory
  40. Bug in GWOAPI version 7?
  41. WrapCompressedRTFStream MAPI_E_CORRUPT_DATA
  42. Feature request: expose all attachment fields from the SOAP API...
  43. Field Definitions of Particular Document
  44. Creating Messages in Cached Mode
  45. Field "User ID" not available in AddressBookEntry.Fields
  46. Problems with multithreaded access to GW
  47. ntdll.dll Error when reading oRightFolder.Address.DisplayName
  48. Property "EnclosingFolders" not working for shared folders sinceGW 7.0.3
  49. Compile issue with Object API Visual Studio 6.0 C++
  50. Connecting to Session and objects, Destroying objects question - Best Practices?
  51. Message box displayed when running as service
  52. AllDay = True
  53. adding an appointment to a subcalendar
  54. MultiLogon Error
  55. Object API - Calender & MultiuserView
  56. Attachments - Mime.822, Text.Html, are there Others? How to differentiate?
  57. GWStream throws exception with medium-sized HTML message bodies...
  58. read out gw users client options
  59. PreviewHandler in Groupwise
  60. GroupWise and Integration with VB6
  61. GroupMembers.Count
  62. access to documents (C++)
  63. Memory corruption when using MS-Office 2007
  64. logout of account when using multilogin method
  65. Suppressing of Cancel-Message when an Appointment is deleted
  66. AddressBookEntry GUID/PABGuid
  67. Problem moving a message item from the trash folder
  68. How to match decline messages to their appointments
  69. Strange Decline EMail after Appointment Deletion via Object API
  70. Appointment Search with obj api
  71. Changes notifications
  72. AddExistingMessage
  73. Deactivate Rules
  74. Added Message triggers rules
  75. Create a incoming shared folder
  76. address book groups
  77. Users list
  78. PathtoArchive MultiLogin
  79. Message.Move slow...
  80. Folderrights
  81. Search messages from within shared folder
  82. Update access is denied to current user while getting QuickMessageCollection
  83. User address book finding
  84. Addressbookentries.Find
  85. Creating a Group Object
  86. 'MAPI Session Handle' of the NGW 'Object Request Broker' could not be accessed (0x80004005) on attempt to get an address book
  87. Email addresses format
  88. DocumentVersionEvents object really slow
  89. Obtaining the Address Object of a Group Recipient
  90. Groupwise Client sometimes resolves displayname
  91. Asynchronous FindMessages
  92. accessing GW8 with VB6 crashes VERY often
  93. Shared folders puzzle
  94. Shared AddressBooks
  95. Retrieval of Recipient Actions
  96. how to set an appointment (gw 7.0) in the Calendar with VB?
  97. CreateObject NovellGroupWareSession fals in Windows Service
  98. DocumentAccessRights
  99. Problems with using an Address object as Item Parameter.
  100. Forms
  101. Re: Expiration date using API
  102. C# interface to Groupwise
  103. COM Interop
  104. GroupWise Auto Date
  105. Password Synchronisation
  106. I would like to ask! GWobjectApi how to access discussion th
  107. Attachment.Save error with invalid characters
  108. Forwarded HTML Email doesn't display properly
  109. Tab order in C#
  110. Proxy Posted Appointment
  111. How create GroupWise Account with Java
  112. How create GroupWise Account with Java
  113. Encrypted EMails
  114. GroupWise Object API 7.0.3 with VB6
  115. SetArchiveTo() / change archive path
  116. Get or set PersonalSubject GW703
  117. Problem with Dot(.) in email Address
  118. GW Addressbook Options
  119. What is the cause of error 'Could not find the folder object'?
  120. Reading .Vew file without GroupWise Client ?
  121. Reading .Vew file without GroupWise Client ?
  122. Integration with Novell Groupwise
  123. Record contained 'purged' field [C07A]
  124. Accessing telephone messages with GW 7.03 HP2
  125. Move an address book to a folder
  126. Out-Of-Memory Exception during the Loading of an Email via ObjectAPI
  127. Create AddressBookEntry - Problem with Birthday field
  128. Problem updating fields: "Attempt to write to read-only field collection"
  129. GW Object API limitations for messages as attachments in other messages?
  130. How to tetermine if an EMail is encrypted
  131. SmartPurge and GroupWise Object API
  132. New Appointment (going in wrong folder)
  133. Appointment with Auto Dates - update access denied
  134. Trusted app unable to MultiLogin to a mailbox on a secondary domain - Login OK
  135. Hanging Garbage Collection in C#
  136. Accessing 7.03hp2 calendar through Access 2k
  137. Admin Object API - Create Nickname - An unknown error occurred
  138. Property not supported error accessing Message.Parent for appointments
  139. Saving multiple items to plain text
  140. GWOAPI samples with the use of Trusted Applications
  141. How to get MIME format mail message in GWOAPI?
  142. AddressBookEntries Find Error
  143. Exception while casting message Com_Object to Mail5
  144. cannot move message after send
  145. Accessing a Gruopwise Mailbox Archive
  146. Can You Delete Attachments?
  147. Exception in GroupwareTypeLibrary.DIGWFolder.get_Name()
  148. How to read signature preferences?
  149. Duplicate Folder in GWAcc.AllFolders
  150. Stubbing API
  151. Export BusyTime / TimeBlock(s) of many users
  152. Use of Groupwise Token EventNoticeRegister
  153. Automate Import of NAB File
  154. C# sample API?
  155. Best practice to extract busy time?
  156. BusySearch in C#
  157. Accessing GWClient through Object API with Java ?
  158. GetMime method C++
  159. Not all emails retrieved with a very big mailbox
  160. where to get GroupWise Object API
  161. External EMail-Addresses are corrupt in Message Object added throughGroupwise Object API
  162. How to sort mails by date ? (PHP)
  163. Resolving groupmembers in RecipientStatus
  164. createCursorRequest PHP
  165. HTML-Body + charset
  166. "My Subject" Field, Groupwise Object API
  167. Attachments help - C# using Obect API
  168. Problem adding a contact entry
  169. Getting message via SOAP using Object API message ID
  170. unable to load language resource dll
  171. ATL Vulnerability
  172. create calendar entry with c#
  173. Appointment TimeZone
  174. Delete contact
  175. Problem adding a contact
  176. parsing e-mails for data collection - 2 questions
  177. Object API - Create New Contact - Set suffix field
  178. Resolving Groups
  179. View a URL when selecting a folder?
  180. GW API hangs intermittently when shutting down
  181. Object API documentation
  182. API GW Messenger
  183. newsfeeds- and the notes-folder are of type 4
  184. Embedded images in Appointments and Tasks
  185. Phone Message Type MIME does not contain all the data
  186. how to delete mail attachments
  187. Exception while getting Rec ipientStatusList of Incoming Messages
  188. Query Criteria on "Subject Contains" Fails
  189. Exception when adding a Message Object to an Attachments collection
  190. How to get MessageSecurityConstants for a message
  191. GW8: All newlines disappear when trying to forward a modified email
  192. "Calendar" Folder created during the adding of Appointments to theCalendar system fodle in German Client Version
  193. How to select any message in folder
  194. Method Find() don't work with Dot (.)
  195. How can one get/set ReplyTo field in mail message via GW API?
  196. How to delete images in message body?
  197. Read Appointment-specific Message properties?
  198. GW8 Controls for ActiveX
  199. How to get the Group ID for the groups in the address book
  200. Is there a unique ID for each Group / User in address book?
  201. GroupWise messenger API Sample code
  202. Messenger Classes for COM sdk
  203. GroupWise API - login status
  204. How can I get rfc822 format using Groupwise Object API(C++)?
  205. Groupwise Object API - Track Changes to Contacts Appointment
  206. Groupwise Object API - Organization ID, ID Values
  207. Unknown Error when working with the GWObject API
  208. Attempted to read or write protected memory while adding an existingMessage
  209. Characters are incorrectly sent
  210. Task Complete Not Showing in Client
  211. Searching the mailbox
  212. Getting Mailbox Size
  213. help with groupwise api
  214. Getting Alternative representation of body
  215. Intermittent failure creating Admin COM object from .NET
  216. Preview Draft Messages before sending: using VBA
  217. Invalid Argument Exceptions when trying to get an attached Message
  218. general api newbie advice for GW addr book
  219. "Error Changing Item: Memory error. Memory function failure
  220. "Custom" Folders in GW Client
  221. SID available via ObjAPI?
  222. Corrupted Field Names
  223. Calendar recurring events
  224. VB Appointments.Subject Read-Only? + Error
  225. Attaching GW msgs to an MS-Access app
  226. C#: QuickMessage2.GetMessage throws Exception for a short time
  227. Obtaining invitee status
  228. No GUID for new contacts in PAB for GW8
  229. Address book deinitialization
  230. Adding a contact to system address book
  231. Appointments and Notifications
  232. How extract the HTML from a mail
  233. Extracting Address Book items in GW 8
  234. Background threading + batch file processing
  235. Background Worker + batch processing
  236. GetSystemAddressBook not returning users with Visibility set
  237. Will GetMime function work against a GroupWise 7.0.3 server?
  238. Messages sent from GroupWise client appear in sender Mailbox
  239. Attachments Add
  240. How to save a mail as mime.822
  241. GW and MAPI / Sending Emails API
  242. looking for a GW7 sample send mail with attachment VB
  243. GetMime method skips embedded OLE attachments
  244. How should we save embedded attachments using Object API
  245. Attachment context menu item missing in GW8 when creating mail via ObjAPI
  246. How to fetch SMTP address of users/groups from Addressbook
  247. CreationDate Format
  248. What could be maximum length of FolderID and MessageID
  249. Deleting AddressBookEntry Fields
  250. Groupwise Field Definitions for Address Book entry