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  1. BUMP: More grief with ContainerItem.Contacts...
  2. createItemRequest for sent items doesn't return an id
  3. Question about UID's
  4. Query Folders
  5. Query folders
  6. elements missing from WSDL?
  7. GroupWise 8.0 and x-Fields
  8. Filter - Priority
  9. SOAP sample in PERL?
  10. Search multiple users with displayName causes memerr 33025
  11. GW Folder / Item ID
  12. Can not login to GroupWise Account through WebAccess
  13. Send Private message
  14. Detecting AddressBook Entry Deletion
  15. Accept/Decline Appointment
  16. Item version
  17. getEventsRequest returns "foreign" events
  18. Task Private and Completed Flags
  19. Shared address book ID's in Contact.Container collection
  20. Retrieving shared address books
  21. Use of GroupWise SOAP
  22. GroupWise Soap Event GW7 Server
  23. createCursorRequest PHP
  24. SMTP incomming X-Fields
  25. ReadCursorRequest marks messages as "read"
  26. Missing createItemsRequest from wsdl 7SP3 and 8
  27. setTimestampRequest resolution & accuracy
  28. TimeZone
  29. PHP-createItemRequest(appointment)
  30. SubClass
  31. Folder List using getItemsRequest
  32. Trouble with folderIDs
  33. getDeltasRequest for personal address books
  34. Data persistence recommendations
  35. Hidden Attachment
  36. Deserialization error
  37. gwTrace + Proxy
  38. OfficeInfo not being populated by web request
  39. User Librarian Rights
  40. Sending saved emails .net
  41. modifyItemRequest problem
  42. Expires
  43. Getting message via SOAP using Object API message ID
  44. readCursorRequest() returns no items
  45. 8.0.1 WSDL and login version
  46. Request for comment on idea for cursors
  47. CopyOut Documents
  48. Streaming attachment uploads
  49. sending mail with attachments
  50. archive.wsdl
  51. Can SOAP work in GW 6.5.6?
  52. Filtering on Status Elements
  53. GroupWise Calendars Export or update External Calendar
  54. GWIM Java API
  55. Performance
  56. login issues
  57. CreateCursorRequest on Library does not return cursor
  58. filterGroup in php
  59. createItem() for a sent item
  60. createItemRequest() and custom fields
  61. I can't get all fields of contacts (phones)
  62. Meshing of GW Calendars
  63. problem getting distribution list / group members in GW 8 SP1
  64. ModifyItemRequest seems to do nothing on existing Documents
  65. Custom field modified events
  66. subject contains rtf
  67. problem recreating folder previously deleted from GW client
  68. Unexpected element name in readCursorRequest with 8.0.1
  69. eml/mime files German umlauts
  70. Custom Field on Folder using SOAP
  71. Problem with updating categories on a Posted Message
  72. WSDL 8.0.1 backward compatibility with GW 7
  73. Trusted Application Login
  74. Setting the session header with the in Java 6 included web servicesAPI
  75. sendRequestItem for emails larger then 12 mb fails
  76. Addition to Distribution List
  77. Adding Web Reference giving errors relating to namespace
  78. Groupwise.wsdl giving compilation errors with vb.net 2.0 app
  79. how to get the list of addressbookentries
  80. read contacts from the addressbooks
  81. Getting the Members of Organization Entry(Address Book)
  82. get member details in the Add book entry type organization
  83. contact in Organization AddressBook Entry
  84. Trusted Application Access
  85. Can't add reference in Visual Studio
  86. Test app
  87. Latest vcsClient?
  88. Reading items through readCursorRequest
  89. Request on Soa, SaaS, Web services and SoapUI
  90. Debug SOAP login
  91. Resource Type contact in Address Book
  92. & in streaming attachment domain or PO name
  93. GSoap error when calling getCustomListRequest
  94. createCursorRequest - How to add custom fields to view
  95. gsoap 2.7 stability
  96. Trouble with modifyItemRequest
  97. Individuals Rules
  98. Individual's Rules
  99. Posted appointments and DST (PHP)
  100. Proxying and Multiple PO's
  101. Memory function failure 33025 on modifyItemRequest
  102. TrustedApplication for diff postoffices in a domain
  103. GWTrace
  104. PHP Tools for Groupwise 0.7.1
  105. Getting Appointment through a proxy user
  106. getFolderListRequest with Mailbox
  107. createItemRequest in Sent Items Folder
  108. Creation of a Rule
  109. Adding contacts to address book
  110. GroupWise 7 SOAP and Resources
  111. Modifying Contacts Example
  112. Deleting a Personal Address Book
  113. SOAP and ConsoleOne synch problem
  114. Stubbing
  115. SOAP GetItemRequest Bad Parameter
  116. Changing subject when sending to group
  117. Stub fields
  118. Locating email and using attachment
  119. use archive.wsdl through axis1.4 generated running 500 error
  120. Error in creating a group using createItemRequest
  121. How to get new messages with getItemsRequest?
  122. Stubbing documentation availability
  123. Problem with SOAP Proxy-Login
  124. Problem with groups having Deleted Contacts
  125. Problem with embedded OLE objects
  126. Changing subject of a message
  127. Getting list of emails from group or distribution list
  128. PHP demo code - password error
  129. Groupwise 7.0.4 HTTP/1.1 500 Errors
  130. Invalid session string : Invalid session string :
  131. Unable to create a contact
  132. Stubbing activating
  133. Forwarding (sending to other user) email programmically
  134. Removing events using removeItemsRequest
  135. Create a double filter in PHP
  136. AddressBookItem: <comment> element(s)?
  137. Attachment Too Large
  138. GetFolderListRequest view
  139. 8.0.2 schema changes
  140. Change to event notification
  141. Stubbing - Sessions, Timeout, Status Codes
  142. Can SOAP be used to populate the GUID for entries in the PAB ?
  143. create monthly recurring meeting by specifying the last week
  144. SOAP generate recurring instances only up to the end of 2021
  145. SOAP call causes POA to crash
  146. Trusted App key on test server
  147. How to create appointment occurs last day of each month
  148. 7.0.4usercannot find meeting message in mailbox and sentitem
  149. Element <sid> in abook item
  150. retrieve calendar
  151. Get Recipient of calendar item
  152. Filter to get appointments for a certain date
  153. createItemsRequest
  154. HTTP Stream request causes POA crash
  155. 8.0: monthly recurring appointment with interval > 1 bug?
  156. Empty document and other strange things
  157. unexpected element name
  158. phpClient - retrieve calendar items by date
  159. GetFolderListRequest/GetFolderRequest - Folder.Count values
  160. Two event records for 'FolderItemAdd' event
  161. Create category in contact by C#
  162. How to get plain text rather than rich text
  163. Access someone elses shared calendar
  164. ProxyHistory returns strange results
  165. Property discrepancy after upgrade to GW POA 8.0
  166. Querying for group/distribution list
  167. Access GW mail account with SOAP?
  168. Address Books - Groups - Members
  169. SAP ABAP Proxy - recursive data structure problem
  170. GW8 getFreeBusyRequest: getting subject / place?
  171. SOAP PHP Demo
  172. phpClient Demo
  173. How to open port 7191 in suse sp1 for soap?
  174. GW8: Finding appointment where 'from' is not a recipient?
  175. Very wierd SOAP service stalling problem in vm-based GW8
  176. Message size limit in getItemRequest
  177. message item id size
  178. Serious resource utlization problem using SOAP and 8.0.2
  179. Problem with createItemRequest
  180. A change in the default logic
  181. Shared Address Book Retrieval in Groupwsie 8.0.1
  182. Getting NNTP folder type with GW 8 and schema 1.02
  183. Missing session string error removeItemsRequest
  184. FilterOp.notContains element is missing in the archive.xsd
  185. Can't get SMTP-sent messages via SOAP
  186. How to add the return notification when creating a message?
  187. ReadItemRequest() message body
  188. Create Cursor Request - omit Container?
  189. Are there known issues using SOAP under Netware?
  190. Can't send RTF messages in CreateItemRequest?
  191. Filter to get Appointments within a date range
  192. Filter on custom field not working
  193. getStart/Enddate from Appointment
  194. Email attachment file name
  195. Is the groupwise.wsdl from developer.novell.com the current version?
  196. Retrieve Message body from an appoitment by SOAP
  197. Wrong Container-ID for Sent Items
  198. How to receive appointments only from Calendar?
  199. Stubbing: Encrypted Messages are not displayed properly
  200. How to get number on items inside folder?
  201. "Missing session string" error
  202. createItemRequest does not work for some items
  203. SOAP Add Signature to outgoing email
  204. unexpected character content when calling getFolderResponse
  205. Cabinet Documents
  206. Missing subject when retrieve calendar item
  207. GroupWise Mobile Server Issue
  208. SOAP creates incorrect duration of an appointment
  209. GW SOAP cannot delete categories
  210. GW crash when trying to retrieve an appointment item
  211. createItemRequest - inline attachment
  212. 8.0.2 Schema official download
  213. getItemsRequest w/ Contact
  214. GetItems - AddressbookItem SAB
  215. removeItemRequest
  216. Error 53275 while setting retention date
  217. Contact imList property cannot be retrieved
  218. Example of getting all address items from a particular book
  219. Is Logout recommended?
  220. Addressbooks via PHP
  221. User is not removing Keys from SOAP
  222. View parameter working strangely for System Address Book
  223. How to determine, if address book is read only
  224. Phones in Contact does not updating
  225. getItemsRequest does not return items
  226. Use 8.0 WSDL to access 7.x Server?
  227. MIME streaming problems
  228. Subject not being returned for emails with RTF subjects
  229. Not getting correct email address from address boox
  230. Tracking changes made to appointments
  231. folder Mailbox
  232. How to install and consume GroupWise Web Service (SOAP)
  233. Folders
  234. product compatibility with im.novell.com
  235. New to SOAP - Can't log in
  236. Item view flag for messages restored from client archive?
  237. Retrieve nickname
  238. Add Contact / Address book item
  239. Filter on custom field works on one GW server, not the other
  240. 3rd party downloaded flag
  241. Web Services Connection URL Help
  242. Create new mailbox via Groupwise web service (SOAP)
  243. POA crashes when streaming contacts via HTTP
  244. 53275 error when try to getUserListRequest
  245. Problems with accepting a share request via the SOAP API
  246. Retrieving user's rules
  247. Limit for <count> parameter in ReadCursorRequest?
  248. getAppointments from sub-calendar
  249. getAttachmentResponse: error 53275
  250. Creating IMAP-folders and IMAP-accounts via SOAP?