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  1. groupwise.wsdl in Visual Studio Web Developer 2010 Express
  2. Latest schemas?
  3. .NET Web Services & Session String
  4. Receiving change notifications
  5. language
  6. getAttachmentRequest not working in PHP Client
  7. java.lang.InternalError: fillbuf from readCursorRequest
  8. getAccountListRequest returning 0 accounts
  9. GW8 Message always null
  10. Sample code for first app using GQ 7 Soap?
  11. What's wrong with this getFreeBusyRequest SOAP xml?
  12. Can't fill fileds PhoneMessage
  13. alpha soap api documentation
  14. 8.0.2 HP3 strangeness, maybe
  15. GW8 Get Internet Email Address in userInfo.Email?
  16. APT updating SOAP vs OAPI
  17. http://www.java.net/node/681145
  18. Invalid XML and crashing POA when using concurrent SOAP requests
  19. How to specify in what coding to send the letter?
  20. getItemsRequest failed with HTTP status 400
  21. Retrieve all values of UserInfo object
  22. C# Code To Retrieve Values from Mail, Calendar SOAP API
  23. ReadCursorResponse Items. How Do You Iterate Cursor Items?
  24. Retrieving PercentComplete From Tasklist
  25. java.rmi.RemoteException deserialization error
  26. GW 2012 API
  27. deserialization error
  28. gwws.jar
  29. Can't get threading info
  30. C# sendItemRequest embedded images
  31. GW2012 Documentation and Schema
  32. schema files
  33. updated php example
  34. Recipient list files ?
  35. Filter messages on delayed send timestamp
  36. how to get categories color
  37. GroupWise 2012: SOAP Schema
  38. Beginner help to send an email from PHP
  39. Setting message retention with GroupWise Soap API
  40. Can't retrieve Recurrence Rule from recurring Appointment
  41. Shady characters (XML Parse error)
  42. Use(getItemsRequest)cannot response the full list of library
  43. Program still cannot get library items with another library
  44. How do you verify the size of a large (>32K) plain text body
  45. How can get the library items total file size
  46. MIME streaming not working for mails > 64MB
  47. Retrieving all user's rules
  48. Contact and contactNote
  49. modifyItemRequest Task startDate is not updated in GroupwiseCalendar
  50. Folder list -> tree view
  51. getItemsRequest on the SAB filtering by User UUID
  52. XML cannot fully get all metadata with "getItemRequest"
  53. Filter cannot be normal run in "getItemsRequest"
  54. "Super User" access?
  55. I can't get items from the addressbooks
  56. RecipientStatus
  57. Groupwise POA missing on Data Synchronizer
  58. Free/Busy SOAP/GW2012
  59. GroupWise 2012 Javadoc
  60. Rename kernel external build packages
  61. Need the status of an shared addressbook
  62. Groupwise: C# code sample of getting the ItemStatus?
  63. How can I recover iphone 4S photo and video
  64. Loss/Wrong custom field data
  65. Query Nicknames
  66. Create Forwarding Rule
  67. Add personal address book using createItem
  68. Windermere Internet Free Busy URL
  69. Creating GW appointments through the API
  70. Rule creation in GW7
  71. Getting Owner Attributes (Of Groups, Nicknames, etc)
  72. SOAP API access to archive mailbox
  73. Unable to find abstract layer object definition
  74. A coming change...
  75. Working with appointments
  76. proxy login + redirection
  77. Login Problems with SOAP
  78. getFolderListRequest return 0 folders
  79. Invalid XML response with readCursorRequest
  80. Invalid XML response for readCursorResponse
  81. getItemsRequest Not Returning ItemStatus for Mail Object
  82. create User with REST GW2014
  83. Problem with getFolderListRequest
  84. RecurrenceDateType sends Appointment on wrong day
  85. move item between mailboxes / share folder with soap
  86. Unable to stream document objects
  87. filter archived items
  88. Cannot modify password with modifyPasswordRequest
  89. GroupWise cursor create failed. Error: Wrong encryption pass
  90. GW 2014
  91. Schema question about modifyItemResponse
  92. ajax call soap web service
  93. How to change methods.xsd or types.xsd for loginRequest
  94. Send Mail with Attachment File
  95. Proxy to user or resource results in 59920 for some users
  96. Unable to search for all items across all folders
  97. PeekMode TrustedApp
  98. Rule changes
  99. moveItemRequest: missing id in response
  100. How to read user's addressbook
  101. Getting GroupWise rule condition using Web Services SDK
  102. Send appoitment to user with full day event
  103. Creating a Scheduler Plugin To Work With Groupwise
  104. Create Cursor - GW 8 Addressbook
  105. Junk mail new address or domain entry "last used" not set
  106. NoClassDefFoundError in loginRequest
  107. How to share a folder tree with soap
  108. Problem retreiving subfolders of the MailBox folder.
  109. E few questions about Rules.
  110. Recent changes
  111. Login-Request
  112. PHP configureEventsRequest
  113. How to set an appointment as private upon creation
  114. Categories background color
  115. How to get the query of a QueryFolder
  116. Full day events and timezone issues
  117. Appointment ID changes after creation?
  118. AccessRightEntry (proxy rights)
  119. GroupWise 2014 R2 SOAP backward compatibility
  120. Probelm with accessRightEntry
  121. Slow search results (SOAP)
  122. Getting started in C/C++
  123. getProxyAccessListRequest causing program termination
  124. determine the po software version
  125. Using Soap Login service
  126. Getting Calendar Events
  127. Where is the latest SDK
  128. Determining PO SOAP enabled and SSL required for 2012
  129. Bringing free/busy information to another application
  130. Push proxy rights through SOAP (PHP?)
  131. SOAP requests to GroupWise 2012 using PowerShell
  132. getItemsRequest searching for common message id causes 33025
  133. What is Status Code 59943 ?
  134. Cursor-Request skips elements
  135. verifyPasswordRequest
  136. filter only matches internal mail
  137. rule with html reply
  138. Groupwise SOAP Schemas do not seem to be publicly available
  139. Find System Name with SOAP
  140. Using configureEventsRequest
  141. Using configureEventsRequest
  142. Old SOAP-Application in Java using Web Services to be migrated
  143. Missing distinguishedName in response
  144. Invalid XML in response
  145. PABGuid Field
  146. loginRequest() returns code 59944
  147. Mime Message-Id through SOAP API
  148. Samplecode for activating/deactivating existing rules
  149. Groupwise SOAP calls are not working with JDK 1.8
  150. PHP Sample Code for showing Calendar entries
  151. Need help with createProxyAccessRequest
  152. GW18 Vibe Calendar sync dosnīt work SSL
  153. How to get calendar entries (appointments) of all GW users
  154. How to allow SOAP to be accessed externally
  155. xemacs and java question
  156. Correct SOAP formatting for GW Web Services
  157. Retrieving more than 5000 entries from getItemsRequest
  158. Reading task data
  159. Changes to URL or PORT for event notifications are ignored
  160. Reading all calendar data
  161. Using createItemRequest to create a folder
  162. Created email comes up as Sticky Note
  163. Obtain document custom fields using SOAP API on GW18.1.1
  164. Adding members to a group
  165. Creating a task with a start date in the past
  166. Maximum data retrieved by getAttachmentRequest
  167. Get document access rights using SOAP