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  1. Connectors not assigned displayed
  2. Update failed
  3. Where i can found password for datasync_user ??
  4. "Was notified of events for user, but none were present!"
  5. gw802mr2 is out
  6. iphone wants password - need restart
  7. Error with GWEvent notification [8908]
  8. Initial Install Problems
  9. Datasynchronizer Mobility Connector
  10. Can't Migrate GMS device to DataSync
  11. edir & data sycn grace logins
  12. Authentication failed
  13. Calendar Issue-Droid Incredible
  14. PO with wrong IP address
  15. Deleting Calendar entrys in GW does not delete on iPhone
  16. customizing sounds in an iPhone 4.
  17. Nokia models
  18. Only selected users option not working
  19. Cannot add new Users - Initial Sync Error
  20. Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack Update 3
  21. Syncing Folders
  22. GW reply/froward icons
  23. mobile device security update heads-up
  24. Mobility Pack Update 3 remote reset
  25. Deleting recurring calender events only deletes first entry
  26. Work phone from WinMobile -> GroupWise = Problem ?
  27. Build 290 - Update 3
  28. Use of Profiles with the Mobility Connector?
  29. 290 update and SSL2...any way to disable the new "feature"?
  30. Multiple POA entries in POA Status Windows (Build 183)
  31. Calendar items sometimes does not sync
  32. One User Fails to Sync
  33. Proxy Calendars
  34. No time or Place in Appointments
  35. Only Read emails getting Synched to phone
  36. do NOT sync subcalendars
  37. Adressbook on iphone not synchronizing after update3
  38. Cutting sender's names on iPhone's sent emails.
  39. Any way to get list phone numbers from devices?
  40. Duplicate emails w/ attachments
  41. iPad and delegated Appts.
  42. Contact Groups
  43. Email has stopped syncing! Help!
  44. Contacts Not Syncing
  45. Tasks
  46. GW Address changes not Syncing to Phone
  47. Newbie certificate question
  48. Error with GWEvent notification [8906]
  49. Calendar Blank
  50. Global Address user for Lookup on device
  51. Cert Issues
  52. Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack Device Wiki
  53. Groupwise slowness issues after building data sync server
  54. ldap vs groupwise auth
  55. 500 KB Attachment Limit
  56. Setting up Windows Phone 7 with Data Synchronizer and SSL
  57. Update 3 - Reboot your system to activate the new kernel?
  58. Just me or a dangerous bug ?
  59. New GW users not showing up i Global addressbook in DataSync
  60. Notes syncing to iOS
  61. Iphone 4 keeps prompting for password every morning.
  62. From WinMoblile -> GroupWise Conatts Sync or NO ?
  63. Ldap Admin user
  64. Droid cant open forwarded emails
  65. User can send but does not receive mail - Droid X
  66. Cal. entry from gw main cal. syncs to wrong subcal on iphone
  67. 8209 errors in PO from datasync server
  68. iPhone does not delete Appointment on subcalendar
  69. Data Synch Admin
  70. HTML
  71. Only one phone will sync
  72. how to check build version on our datasync
  73. Roundabout GW704 integration
  74. Phones stopped syncing
  75. Cannot send e-mail from phone - sdDict Python issues
  76. Dangerous BUG now confirmed
  77. Calendar event delete via GW client doesn't syncro on mobile
  78. Busy POA SOAP Threads
  79. Enhancement Request - OneTime pin for DS Mobility Pack
  80. Motorola Droid Pro
  81. How closing a cabinet folder on the iphone
  82. iPhone4 Concatenates "Reply" address
  83. unable to edit "Application User Name" field
  84. Appointment reminder alerts
  85. Supported properties not found in device config
  86. Already authenticated
  87. Moved user to another PO, device no longer syncing
  88. Syncing broken aftrer latest update
  89. Droid X not receiving emails when in sleep mode
  90. Datasync engine keeps dying
  91. Samsung not able to reconnect with server
  92. Deleted mail on phone not syncing to GW
  93. HTC legend - Unable to create account
  94. Reset Device just not working
  95. fault synchronize from mobile to groupwise
  96. Device Reset for Andriod
  97. ssl method 3 and tons of ciphers vs moto droid X
  98. mobility status no longer displayed since Update 3
  99. Invalid SyncKey error.
  100. Inbox update stopped working, sending OK
  101. Original iPhone Device Support?
  102. Dangerous BUG now confirmed, but not very high priority- more SR's needed
  103. User synchronisation problem
  104. Dangerous bug - work around (for the time beeing)
  105. Job-Sync on iphone
  106. Datasync server stops working
  107. Droid Incredible cabinet folders not showing emails
  108. A linux question concerning log files....
  109. Novell DataSynchronizer Mobility Pack 1.1
  110. Inbox pending events hanging up on some users
  111. Test and production Data Synchronizer to the same Postoffice
  112. pending events in monitor
  113. Mobility Pack 1.1 - clean up?
  114. How can i close a folder on the iphone?
  115. Datasync version 1.1 build 315
  116. Droid2 not syncing, other phones working fine
  117. 30 minutes between Groupwise and Device
  118. Install query
  119. DS Mobility LDAP Naming Attribute / User Login
  120. Not able to connect Nexus One to DataSync 1.1
  121. iOS 4.3 is out
  122. What data/folders should be backed up?
  123. ? about the Monitor display for the mobility connector
  124. can only connect to one PO
  125. Possible issue with Nokia C6 / C7 and similar devices calendar sync?
  126. Error MoveItems Iphone 4 (ios 4.3)
  127. Sync or Join "Mobile Me"-Account and "Novell Groupwise"
  128. iPhone & GroupWise: Duplicated sent message
  129. Error upgrading to Novell DataSync 1.1
  130. deleted mail and calendar not syncing back to GW
  131. coexisting with Lookout
  132. Attachment size issue
  133. security policy on Nokia phones?
  134. attachments eating drive space - LVM resize?
  135. iPhone & forwarding messages
  136. po behind queued events piling up
  137. Outlook and Evolution
  138. How to safely remove and recreate a sync account?
  139. HTC - appointment deleted in GW not removed from device
  140. Reoccurring Appointment - only fisrt instance sync's
  141. Disable serveral addressbook fields from being synced
  142. Nokia N8 - duplicate contacts
  143. Nokia N8
  144. gw-app logs: Circular protection applied?
  145. How is 1.1 doing?
  146. sync failing - new error in log
  147. Duplicate entries appearing in GW's Frequent Contacts Book
  148. Some Droid devices not syncing received e-mail
  149. SHello,pecial characters in password
  150. Cannot Sync Calendar Items from Devices to GroupWise
  151. Problem with DataSync and iPhone4
  152. Sync only in one direction
  153. Blackberry and mobility server...confused.
  154. Samsung Galaxy I9000 Update from 2.2 to 2.2.1
  155. Phone Messages
  156. Phone number lookup in GW system address book on device
  157. Verizon iPhones iOS 4.2.6
  158. Some appointments don't show up on phone (E71)
  159. No alert set when accepting appointments on iOS
  160. Device Limit
  161. mobility connector won't shutdown & "Invalid User Name" errors
  162. weird behavior after maintenance
  163. What does Ignoring Old GroupWise Items mean
  164. Calendar items not synced to device when deleted
  165. Information reqeust
  166. Sending mail to external users from Motorola Atrix
  167. Android 2.2 - Attachments will not dowload to device
  168. Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack 1.1.1
  169. Is it possible to download all items
  170. Cannot add a deleted user
  171. synch fails - Attachment still downloading
  172. Sync problem LG Optimus 2x
  173. PO state shows down. No mail to devices.
  174. Calendar Not Syncing to Mobile Device
  175. Patch 343 fixes calendar - contacts still wont sync
  176. any feedback on build 343
  177. gw.trigger items in iPhone calendar
  178. inbox not syncing
  179. No GroupWise Authentication Type after upgrade to 1.1.1 343
  180. Uploading contacts from Android Phone to GW
  181. Blackberry
  182. GUI version VS build VS advertised version.
  183. devices called "validate"
  184. deleted users reappearing
  185. Mobility connection via Palm Treo Pro
  186. Unable to open connection to server
  187. HTC Inspire 4G
  188. Newly added user shows "failed" status
  189. Question: User Stat and Device Stat (bar graphs) represent??
  190. SOAP notification events post-move
  191. Motorola DroidX will not receive anything!
  192. Error Adding Installation Source : Novell SUSE 10 sp2
  193. Failed User Sync
  194. E75 update last week ?
  195. messages sent from phone bounce
  196. Automatic Push and Send\Recieve issue
  197. Latest iPhone Update OK?
  198. Hardware Requirements
  199. htc eris
  200. Email orginator not showing on phone
  201. All Galaxy S phone are wiped after reboot
  202. When will Datasync version 1.2 be released
  203. shutting down, engine always fails
  204. upgrade question
  205. Configure Trusted Application
  206. Anyone succeeded in synching older iPAQs?
  207. Filtering Mails
  208. Exctract IMEI number from database
  209. Mobile phone number in GAL
  210. Security Question
  211. Delegated appointment showing up on iPhone/iPad
  212. WIndows Phone 7 vs Self signed cert
  213. Remove release 343
  214. Change cache time for GroupWise Password Authentication
  215. Feature request: Mobile number field in Global Address Book
  216. External Entities and LDAP
  217. High CPU - Python process after upgrade to build 343
  218. Using DataSync to connect to a standard email client?
  219. Multiple Datasync Mobility Pack server for redundancy?
  220. multiple servers - trusted app keys
  221. Address Book Sync
  222. problem syncing with Motorola Xoom tablet
  223. real cert time
  224. Move DS Mobility pack to a new server
  225. Web Server Root Directory on Datasync?
  226. Question on contact sync
  227. Novell.com/center not updating
  228. missing messages
  229. Duplicate POA showing in POA status
  230. GoDaddy cert not trusted by EVO
  231. Initial contact sync to iPhone incomplete
  232. Problem with one User on a specific device
  233. On which server do you create the trusted app key file?
  234. Nokia Sync Issues
  235. Confirm Mobility Pack supports up to 300 'Users'??
  236. 1 calendar-appointment missing
  237. Moving attachments
  238. New mail not showing on device
  239. Some of the From: information missing
  240. iPhones and Data Synchronizer Issues
  241. iphone/ipad Duplicate emails
  242. Limiting the number of devices a user can sync
  243. Devices have started slowing down.
  244. MobilityPack next version
  245. 100% Utilization of Post Office
  246. Windows Phone 7 issue with official signed certificat
  247. maintenance, attachment cleanup, etc
  248. Anyone managed to get an Android Honeycomb Tablet to work?
  249. Appointments on Droid X no way to accept/decline no details
  250. intermittent issues with iPhone's and iPad's