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  1. Installed helpdesk to sles11sp1 vmware and won't startup
  2. Configuration Steps
  3. Database options
  4. Database Error
  5. Upcoming changes to Novell Service Desk?
  6. Unable to install to MSSQL instance
  7. First time configuration
  8. Livetime iphone app
  9. Mandatory closing note with gets emailed to the customer
  10. Service Desk 6.2 Installation/Update won't work
  11. How to determine if a request has been updated
  12. How to edit "Solution Template"
  13. Custom Development
  14. Import CMDB from ZCM11 - customization doubles devices
  15. AMIE (CMDB) import don't update importand fields
  16. livetime Version and Novell ServiceDesk Version
  17. There was a problem inserting the Service Request: null
  18. New Installation issues with Service Desk
  19. Novell Client 2 SP1
  20. Service Desk 6.5 Install
  21. Custom reports / edit existing reports
  22. Unable to create Organizational Units with LDAP supervisor
  23. Specify root of tree in ldap
  24. Drop down list of categories
  25. Group Wise Archival Tool
  26. LDAP import fail
  27. Some error need to modified in the document
  28. A supervisor must be selected for a Technician Account ?
  29. error message When Importing device from ZCM
  30. Who could explain level One/Two for me?
  31. could not add organization & organizational Unit
  32. Linux workloads to imaging is possible with any platspin ver
  33. AMIE:javac error when trying to import devices from Zenworks
  34. URL in emails using IP instead of DNS
  35. Only one Workflow shows up, how do I change that?
  36. Anyone gone to the report builder?
  37. CD Images with SUSE 11 Enterprise Serv SP1 download location
  38. mail question- URGENT
  39. Can a "Master" ServiceDesk Install Import from 2+ Sandalone ServiceDeskInstances?
  40. 1. st level resolution and first contact resolution reports
  41. AMIE import from ZCM see only server
  42. Appliance 6.5.4 and Firefox 10 - Issue?
  43. Can't access web after install
  44. Unable to access Zenworks bundles through Service Desk
  45. Only Incident process available
  46. configure Novell Sevice Desk groupwise
  47. Creating Massive Distribution List (help)
  48. email being sent to admin@mycompany.com
  49. Help Why Sat, and Sun the SLA would active
  50. Right DB Choice
  51. Edit Contact and/or Item in an open call.
  52. Running AMIE in debug mode
  53. NSD 6.5.4 - Asset Mgmt Integration
  54. Database connection failed: Cannot open connection
  55. Password issue
  56. What different on Incident Management and Service Management
  57. Ability to filter My Tasks view by team?
  58. LDAP import with NDS
  59. Are People's Novell Service Desk Questions being answered?
  60. Service Desk General Questions
  61. Access to public beta
  62. Access to Service Desk 7 Public Beta URL changed
  63. Testing SD and having an Incident creation issue
  64. Novell Servicedesk 7 license key
  65. Incident or Service Request ?
  66. Auto Ticket Generation?
  67. What exactly is the receiving username/password required for
  68. Novell Service Desk 7.0.1 is now available
  69. NSD update from nsd 6.5.4 to 7.0.1 error
  70. Novell Access Manager J2EE Agent Installation
  71. error upgrading in-place virt. appliance from 7.0.0 to 7.0.1
  72. How do you bypass windows workstation login
  73. Ticket Status Change on multiple tickets at the same time
  74. Convert Incident to Service Request/ Change Request
  75. ServiceDesk - java.lang.NullPointerException error
  76. Date for action not automatic
  77. Anyone able to use the LiveTime Android app?
  78. Livetime iOS app is no longer available
  79. Unaccepted Ticket
  80. Unable to add Organizational Units
  81. Classification default
  82. Can't Find "Users > Teams"
  83. Delete multiple incidents/requests ?
  84. Missing 'Solution' button
  85. SUPER account locked out
  86. LDAP Users Cannot Log In
  87. Service Desk and Zenworks
  88. LDAP Issue?
  89. LDAP issues - User roles
  90. Change Assigned Technician?
  91. Support Request creation via Email - Item Type Assignment
  92. Login Time Out
  93. NSD suitability for 60 user site
  94. Date format in Email notifications
  95. Technician gets logged out when starting remote control
  96. Enhance usability with links in the "ZENworks-Tools" box.
  97. Service Desk 7.02
  98. Service Desk LDAP eDirectory weird issue
  99. Novell Service Desk 7.0.2
  100. Android App
  101. Migrate from Livetime 7.01 to Novell Service Desk 7.01
  102. NSD 7 ZCM Integration
  103. Importing incident into NSD
  104. ZCM fields maping to NSD
  105. Updating the NSD Appliance
  106. Service Desk 7.0.2. Zenworks Bundles and Remote dont work
  107. Upgrade 6.5.4 to 7.02 not working
  108. iPhone App
  109. Simple setup issue?
  110. opening tickets with mail- setting fields priority, item typ
  111. Howto start with Novell Service Desk?
  112. Renaming a custom fields list entry
  113. Why CPU utilization is 80% in SUSE 11 but 0 in SUSE 10
  114. Customise RSS Feed
  115. install a network teaching
  116. Version 8
  117. Public Holidays don't show in the Calendar
  118. Creating Types
  119. Customers not getting emails regarding Tech assignment, etc,
  120. How to configure Novell Service Desk Chat feature
  121. Novell Service Desk Android App is now available
  122. NSD702: AMIE import of other products than ZENworks?
  123. NSD cutom reports ?
  124. Novell Service Desk iOS App is now available
  125. Custom Fields
  126. Missing Outages Settings in Privileges
  127. Dupllicate emails after upgrade to 702
  128. NSD 7.0.2, adding a Custom Field on the Invoice Template
  129. NSD 7.0.2 , Add a Field with the data a selected client
  130. Novell Service Desk 7.0.2, Configure Google Social
  131. Novell Service Desk, Create custom reports
  132. Close Request time expired. Incident closed.
  133. Input mask on custom field
  134. NSD 7.0.2 High CPU java
  135. Status Changing When Notes Are Added
  136. Email Notifications on Request Creation
  137. Email Template Changes Not Being Honored
  138. Creating a service request
  139. NullPointerException on corrupt ticket
  140. Items, Types, Categories and AMIE
  141. Search for incidents assigned to a specific technician
  142. Changing Browser Title Bar Text
  143. NSD config question
  144. Updating NSD via Side-by-Side Update
  145. NSD 7.0.3 problem with accented characters
  146. Intermittent error "Detected simultaneous access"
  147. Knowledge Base
  148. Streamlined Novell imaging + Service Desk Job
  149. mixed mode for users?
  150. Cannot login with admin when LDAP source down
  151. Modifying the layout of ticket screens
  152. Users not updating based on group membership
  153. Delete Incident
  154. https access
  155. Way to Export Data from ServiceDesk?
  156. AMIE import from ZCM 11.3 to SD 7.0.3
  157. Mixed mode vs Zenworks integration
  158. DNS change breaks NSD appliance
  159. Installing RSYNC to the Appliance?
  160. Question about Incident vs Service Requests
  161. Customise NSD interface- possible?
  162. Servicedesk Android App
  163. Due date on tickets
  164. Technicians by Department?
  165. Emails from Service Desk?
  166. Browser URL
  167. Service Desk appliance backup and recovery
  168. Changing the format of Email Templates
  169. IMAPS handshake failure
  170. Default Visibility Solution KB
  171. CMDB import performance
  172. Changing workflow entry point
  173. Service Desk 8
  174. Service Desk VM Clone Booting w/ Terminal Size Error
  175. New Install Login Credentials
  176. Cannot create new Workflow
  177. Import Relations user-worksation from zenworks
  178. How to access mapping table from Workflow
  179. Problem to integrate NSD with ZCM 11.3
  180. Escalation Layer don't work
  181. Bulke Add User Rights
  182. LDAP user unable to log in
  183. Edit Derived Priority Matrix
  184. Changing the status of a ticket is changed in the technical
  185. Where I find the logs to check who modifies settings
  186. Incident Reports
  187. Notification of Incident Updates
  188. Grey fields in Service Desk 7.0.3 using Mozilla 36.0 Swedish
  189. IP Changed on Service Desk Server
  190. 703 Upgrade Detected simultaneous access - Error
  191. Weird 'Incident' kills session?
  192. Canīt run the uninstaller.jar
  193. Invalid or corrupt jarfile uninstaller.jar
  194. Application Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException
  195. Gmail for NSD 7.1
  196. New to NSD...is there a preferred database to use?
  197. Command Prompt from NSD Appliance
  198. Members of Customers Group Not Added to Customers List
  199. NSD 7.1 Email Banner
  200. ZCM Data Import with NSD 7.1 Not Working
  201. Error Generated when Creating Generic Request
  202. Upgrading NSD Appliance
  203. ZENworks Integration Issue
  204. Ldap import users not working
  205. AMIE Do not import the correct templates items
  206. Introducing Novell Service Desk Ideas portal
  207. Can't import LDAP org. units
  208. Custom banners on NSD 7.1
  209. Synchronizing AD with NSD
  210. Icons: Sync and Edit LDAP Module
  211. Remove port number of the URL
  212. Incident Ticket can't edited
  213. outage and relationships
  214. Initial assignment of tickets
  215. AMIE Customised mappings
  216. Active Directory LDAP Sync issues
  217. Re-enabling Billing
  218. Some emails from system are HTML, others are Plain Text.
  219. signature line not always addred to Service Desk emails
  220. how do I allow techs to edit other technicians' incidents?
  221. "Notify on Escalate: Layer" not working
  222. NSD install
  223. NSD appliance
  224. NSD 7.0.3 and Active Directory User source issues
  225. Technician Lockout
  226. Recover admin password
  227. new servicedesk beta
  228. Unable to create new teams
  229. Surveys
  230. SD 7.2 Install on SLES 12 - Postgres Version
  231. Report - Time Logged For Technicians per job
  232. Create a Service Request if items are hardware or software
  233. What's the Purpose of Items?
  234. Create an automatic email to be sent to a 3rd party
  235. Import additional Customer information
  236. Knowledgebase Article PDF Printing
  237. "Email appears to be a system generated message"
  238. Service Desk: What Ports Do I Open?
  239. Upgrading - Can I switch from SW Install to Appliance?
  240. Custom banner images not showing up in Chrome
  241. Setting up Service Desk with HTTPS
  242. How to assign more than one technician to Service Request
  243. Licensed User Limit Exceeded
  244. Adding an event to the Calendar
  245. New version?
  246. Servicedesk (SAML) behind Access Manager
  247. Email character display limit
  248. Sending Email from Service Desk
  249. Email Footer
  250. Bottom of email