View Full Version : Nev er post a message oafter a loooooong night :-)

Blinky Bill
23-Jun-2007, 06:33 PM
OK. I admit I would not be able to drive at the moment, I have been at
one of my best mates houses and have only just got home (it is 3:20am).
I may have had more then a couple of drinks.

My best mate just asked me to best man at his wedding!!!!!

Aside from when my beatutiful wife agreed to spend the rest of her life
with me, this is when I am feeling the most honoured. OK that didn't
make sense but I am sure you get the drift.

This along with my 13th wedding anaversary tomorrow (25th June) I am
feeling pretty good (an it is not the alchohol).

Start rambling, feel free to tune out

I was really worried about this. I found out from a third party that he
had got engaged, and found out about the engagement party not long
before it happened. I thought that I may have been overlooked again.

Libby (my wife) had been invited to be matron of honour at a couple of
our 'mutual friends' weddings and I had not made it into a bridle
party. I have lost touch with most of my school friends and most of the
family friends come from my wifes past. She could arrange a reunion of
her kinder class (here that would be 6 years old) with a 95%
attenedance. They have all kept in touch.

I would stugle to get a return phone call from my last year of high
school (18 years old) as we have mostly gone our own ways.

Anyway, I am being called and it is time to go to bed so I will catch
up later.

Blinky Bill