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  1. GroupWise 2014 Notes: Error Messages that really aren't

    Originally posted at Caledonia.net The images in this post are much more legible there.

    ...Today's topic is error messages that aren't really errors, and how not to panic :-) . I'll specifically show you two error messages that you may see that really don't mean what they seem to mean!

    iManager Plugin Java.net Error


    When you first install the iManager Plugin, there is no prompt or indication ...

    Updated 16-Apr-2014 at 04:25 PM by dzanre

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  2. Are You Ready for GroupWise 2014? Find out in this webinar.

    Join us on March 5, 2014 for this webinar sponsored by Netmail designed to help you prepare for the GroupWise 2014 rollout in your organization.


    • Are you in a position to upgrade in place? We'll discuss the requirements for in-place upgrade.
    • How to best migrate your system to a new server/OS.
    • How you can optimize your system to prepare for GroupWise 2014.
    • How you can get help to ensure your organization is upgraded with the least
  3. Are you a GroupWise Power Administrator?

    Yesterday we held our kick-off webinar for the Caledonia GroupWise Power Administrator Resource. We were joined in this webinar by Kai Reichert, Novell Product Manager for GroupWise Mobility Service. As part of our webinar, we installed and configured a new GroupWise Mobility Service 2.0 server, and Kai answered many questions by the attendees about the new release and the future plans for Mobility.

    ID-100207655.jpgSo what is the Caledonia GroupWise Power Administrator Resource ...
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  4. Get a great book from Gert ter Burg

    Gert ter Burg has been in charge of one of the most comprehensive sites about GroupWise for 11 years if you dont know about http://gwcheck.com, then get over there and check it out!

    One of Gerts many contributions to the GroupWise communities over the years has been one-on-one interviews with influential names in the GroupWise world, ranging from Novell/Attachmate top dogs, product managers, engineers, third-party vendors, consultants and administrators. Here at Caledonia, weve ...
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  5. The GroupWise 2012 Adminsitrator's Guide is Shipping

    Willem Bagchus has just sent me the final PDF for the GroupWise 2012 Administrator's Guide, and the print copies are being prepared for shipping now!

    Find out more and Purchase your copy now here on our shopping cart.

    Whether or not you have purchased the book (or even intend to purchase it), I invite you to check out what I call Willem's "Love Letter to GroupWise".

    It's a great little history about GroupWise, and reading it gives you a wonderful ...
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