• Comparing Email System Cost of Ownership

    Comparing the cost of ownership for four leading email systems:
    Novell GroupWise, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 and Google Gmail.
    This white paper provides detailed cost comparisons for small and mid-sized businesses, as well as large enterprises.


    Here is another document evaluating a migration to Microsoft products for a typical large, GroupWise-enabled organization
    that has 30,000 to 50,000 users.


    Other resources on this subject are in the GroupWise Resource Library: http://www.novell.com/products/group...ml#competitive

    Bottom line: Do your homework on costs and benefits before considering migrating away from GroupWise.
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    1. twohlford's Avatar
      twohlford -
      I've done (and doing) considerable migration work, and yeah, the expenditures are usually not repaid. Most of the time the real issue is that no one maintained the GW system., and akin to opening a new checking account to balance your check book, this is a way to "Fix" things. Granted, in a few years, ANY email system will run poorly if not maintained... Also, people tend to imagine that Outlook would solve all of their woes, and in reality, it's just another email/calendar system, and their life is much the same after migration.

      The only reasons I can think to migrate from one email system to another are: corporate mergers mean consolidation of systems, and some critical app only runs with one and not the other.