• Novell Storage Manager 3.1.1 Available for Download

    Novell Storage Manager 3.1.1 is now available for download. This release has minor technical enhancements that you should be made aware of, including:

    Structure and Categorization Options for Target Paths: The Leveling Algorithm setting of a policy's Target Paths page now lets you structure the Home Folders so that they are categorized by the first or last letter of a username through a subordinate folder. A new Leveling Length field allows you to enter up to 4 characters, making it so that you can organize Home Folders by year.

    Comments for Deferred Pending Events: Customers can now place comments on Deferred Pending Events. This allows an administrator to specify to other administrators the reason why he or she deferred the event.

    [b]Expanded Options for Bypassable Events]/b]: Allows Storage Manager to automatically attempt to address any pending events that can bypass administrative action.

    Displaying Administrative and Hidden Shares: You have the option to display Active Directory administrative and hidden shares in NSMAdmin.