• Pre-requisites for NSD & ZENworks Integration

    Novell Service Desk brings with it a host of new and exciting features. One of these is the ability to leverage the capabilities of Novell ZENworks Configuration Management bundles from within Novell Service Desks web console.

    Here’s an example for how this might be used; Sue from Finance contacts the service desk to request installation of Visio 2010. The service deck technician , Bob, uses the NSD's Bundle Management feature to deliver Visio 2010 to Sue and resolves the call first time. We can build out from this example to include approvals from Sue’s line manager and even automatic checking of available licenses with initiation of purchasing workflows if required.

    Pre-requisites for NSD & ZENworks integration -

    1) Time on the ZENworks Configuration Management primary and Novell Service Desk servers must be within 1 minute of each other. It is suggested that you use NTP to ensure that time is accurate on the servers. Note that time drift is a common occurrence in virtual environments.

    2) ZENworks Configuration Management primary and Novell Service Desk servers must be able to resolve each other's hostname to IP addresses. It is recommended that you use static IP addresses and have entries in your DNS system for these servers.

    3) ZENworks Configuration Management and Novell Service Desk must reference the same LDAP source. Also ensure the “Server name” used in Novell Service Desk LDAP configuration is same as the “Connection name” used in ZENworks user source configuration.

    4) Ensure the GUID field in the Advanced settings of LDAP configuration is appropriately configured according to the LDAP source used. In the drop-down list for GUID field, ensure the below parameter is selected
    . GUID for eDirectory
    . objectGUID for Active Directory
    . entryUUID for OpenLDAP

    Appropriate GUID configuration is required to perform remote management operations

    5) It is required that devices from ZENworks Configuration Management are imported into Novell Service Desks CMDB to use bundle management