• GroupWise 951F Webaccess Login Error

    951F Webaccess login error after moving mailbox.

    After doing a mailbox move from one Post office to another in the same domain one user get the 951F error, the user can connect to the mailbox by windows client correctly. The user move status shows completed with database error d106. Other moved users can successfully connect to their mailboxes via GroupWise Webaccess.
    The environment is OES2 SP3 for the postoffice/domain server and SLES 11 SP2 for the Webaccess server, GroupWise Version is 2012 SP2. The user tried with different browsers. LDAP Authentication is not configured.

    It was found the error was due a missing mailbox password. Obviously the mailbox password went away with the gwchecks before the move. The gwcheck were structure and content. After setting a new password the user can connect via webaccess again.

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