• Rackspace and Micro Focus - A Success Story

    Rackspace Systems Engineer, Joey Kinney outlines the challenges he, and any enterprise organization, has with defining the permissions and roles for users (Rackers) and the provisioning and de-provisioning process and why Rackspace chose NetIQ Identity Manager, NetIQ Access Manager, NetIQ Sentinel and have an upcoming implementation of NetIQ Access Governance Suite to address them.

    Joey uses NetIQ Identity Manager to streamline the process of hiring, termination and transfer provisioning and permissions and NetIQ Access Manager for Single Sign-On (SSO) for SaaS applications that Rackspace uses. NetIQ Sentinel provides the reporting and auditing required for regulatory compliance.

    Mobility, social media and cloud have also become more mainstream and Rackspace has used their NetIQ solutions to provide access, functions and features to help Rackers be more effective. As Rackspace continues to grow and implements more cloud based products we at NetIQ are proud to be instrumental in helping streamline that process.