• Tips for searching these forums

    There are a couple of options for searching our forums. Of course there is the built in forum search which you can find at the top of the forum home page:

    In the advanced search option, you'll find two tabs. One for searching multiple content types, and one for searching a single content type. Most users find that the single content type search works better for them.

    Once you go into a forum page, above the thread list, near the right side, you'll find an option to search just that forum (advanced option is included in the drop down:

    Another option for searching our forums is using Google or Bing. Go to one of those sites and enter your search terms. Then add the following to the end of your search string: site:htttp://forums.microfocus.com

    Just FYI ourcompany home page search also searches our forums so you see there are a lot of options to search for what you need. Good luck searching!