• Groningen University Enhances Accessibility and Security to Online Services

    The University of Groningen wanted to connect its 28,000 students with online services to help them excel. It wanted to deliver secure access to each student without driving up costs. The University of Groningen uses Micro Focus Identity Manager and Access Manager to enable federated control of identities and privileges for both internal and cloud-based services—all with minimal manual effort.

    Today, the University of Groningen authenticates over one million Single Sign-On sessions per month, offering timely access to course materials, journals, cloud-based storage and more. “Prior to the web portal solution, students and employees had multiple usernames and passwords for each of the university’s cloud-based services,” said Liemberg. “The university now manages all identity and access rights with a single system, enabling IT to provide instant access for everyone. This means one-click access to apps and class schedules, news, and electronic reservation systems for public computers. It also offers a single interface where academic staff can get access to administration tools and the university’s interactive whiteboard environment.”Groningen University Enhances Accessibility and Security to Online Services