• Installing Netware and HP Servers

    A customer had an HP Server and installing NetWare 6.5 created the following problem:

    I loaded the first CD. It read the CD, created the DOS partition and copied the files over. After the copy completed, it started to load the drivers. Then I got a: "No Storage Device was detected in this system. Load the appropriate driver (Ham)".
    The hqciss.ham that delivers with SP8 overlay is too old for the current HP raid controllers, you must inject the currect one from hp.com (v1.16b) into the install.

    *How* to do this easiest first of all depends on how your server's configured. The most easy way would be if it has a floppy drive, or you can grab an usb floppy somewhere. Another option is, if you have ILO licensed, use a remote floppy drive via ILO. Or use a USB stick prepared with floppy emulation.

    Two pitfalls:

    1. You *must* use the manual installation option of Netware, otherwise you'll have no chance to specify the driver manually at the driver detection phase.

    2. When you download the driver from HP, you'll end up with a single ..NLM, instead of the necessary .ddi/.ham files. That NLM however is a self-exracting zip, and can be extracted with basically any zip tool like winzip or 7-zip to get your hands on these two files.

    If you absolutely cannot make the flopy route work as above, other (somehwat complicated) options are:

    1. Format c: yourself and put the two files into c:\nwupdate before starting the Netware install. The install will then find them automatically.

    2. Burn the two files on a CD, and at the driver detection stage switch to the console, load ideata.ham and idecd.cdm manually, switch the CDs, mount the driver CD, inject the files, switch back to the netware cd.

    3. Format a USB stick with NSS on a different server before starting the install, put the drivers on there, attach the USB stick to the server at the driver detection screen, mount the volume on the stick, and install the drivers from there.

    4. Replace the two hqciss files inside the original SP8 install media with a proper .iso editing tool that leaves the netware boot code intact.

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