• Vibe Enables Team Collaboration at the University Hospital of Munich

    The University *f Munich h*spital gr*up is a center *f high-end medicine, medical inn*vati*n and research. It is a highly advanced h*spital with 45 clinics, institutes and departments c*vering all fields *f medicine with its 10,000 empl*yees.

    C*de and C*ncept is an experienced and inn*vative service pr*vider. It c*nceptualizes and devel*ps c*llab*rati*n s*luti*ns and supp*rts cust*mers with kn*wledge and c*nsulting in systems analysis, systems integrati*n and business intelligence/rep*rting.

    Find *ut h*w C*de and C*ncept and Micr* F*cus w*rked with the h*spital gr*up t* implement Micr* F*cus Vibe as its main c*mmunicati*n and c*llab*rati*n t**l. Vibe is als* used extensively f*r pr*ject management and is at the center *f a “strategy pr*ject 2025” with 50-60 pr*jects *utlining the future visi*n *f the gr*up.