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    Could you help me? I have a customer with 150 users. Now they have NW 4.11 and they plan to migrate to OES2. I would like to propose 150 NOWS Small Business Edition. In the future they want to join into a new infrastructure with 4000 users and a 4 node cluster. Would offering a 150 license for NOWS Small Business Edition be good?
    Here are some things to consider:
    • A Customer with 150 users may qualify for NOWS SBE if they meet all other conditions.
    • The NOWS SBE automated install does not provide the ability to cluster systems.
    • The configuration created by the automated install is not very flexible. Currently, there is no easy way to transition from a NOWS SBE configuration to a more flexible configuration one might expect OES to provide.
    • What you wish to achieve may be possible if you manually install the component products. You would, in effect, have a standard OES configuration that could support clustering. However, how you would transition from NOWS SBE licensing to the NOWS/OES licensing you would need for 4K users is another matter. Since there is currently no migration path, you would have to work something out with Novell or perhaps abandon your NOWS SBE licenses altogether.

      When you ask questions about licenses it is always better to check with Novell. Since the people who volunteer their assistance in these forums are not Novell employees and not authorized to speak on behalf of Novell, Novell is not required to adhere to any opinions we provide.
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      On May 15, 2012 Novell announced the:
      Novell Open Workgroup Suite for Small Business: NPA #7392

      The web site has the latest details:
      Novell Open Workgroup Suite for Small Business

      This new product is offered as an entitlement to existing NOWS SBE customers and to new customers with two hundred or fewer employees. It is acquired by purchasing NOWS SBE.

      At the time of this post, the Novell Support | Support Lifecycle web site shows General support for Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition (Ver. 2.0 & 2.5) ends on July 31, 2013.

      I recommend all new installations be done using current versions of SLES and OES (SLES11-SP2 & OES11-SP1) which are components of the Novell Open Workgroup Suite (NOWS). Links to the media can be found in your NCC account.