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    I changed the DNS forwarders with the tool DNSDHCP that exist in Netware 6.5 SP7, and everthing is working fine. However, when I go to client machines (WINXP Pro) the dns client's are older, and the change for the new DNS servers didn't happened.

    I all ready checked using INETCFG and the DNS servers are correct with the changes I made.
    The workstations are probably (I'm assuming) getting the DNS server info from the DHCP server(s). In order for the workstations to look at different DNS servers you'd have to change the nameserver option in your DHCP scope configuration.

    Forwarders configured on the DNS server properties are only used by that DNS server to resolve names & reverse addresses it does not have a listing for.

    In the dnsdhcp tool I dont see any option to do it
    In the DNSDHCP management console, with the TAB DHCP selected, you should be able to see the subnets configured, and then selecting them be able to walk through the subnet configuration and options. That's where you should be able to find the options passed to the workstations. Possibly, the options for DNS have been configured as Global option, also have a look there.

    Also have a look here : Novell Documentation

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