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    Hi, we currently copy dBase databases and other folders to backup servers using ncopy on MS-DOS. This can be quite slow as although the servers are on Gigabit connections, the terminals running MS-DOS are on 100Meg lines. Is there a way to take the terminals out of the loop and just copy direct from server to server? I've had a look at NSNshell but didn't know if this would work for copying to a server in another tree. FYI, we also backup to tape using Backup Exec.
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    Rsync is your best bet. You can also do a manual copy from the server. load toolbox.nlm then copy or use the server migration tool and start your copy. But if you are doing a regular backup thing rsync is best, and free. Read all of the cool solutions that come up on the tips page when you search rsync on support.novell.com.

    Question does the Rsync come with what version of Netware and is supported by what version.. 6.5 sp7?
    Rsync is included with NetWare 6.5, but support has been discontinued since Novell discontinued Branch Office. However you can still use rsync. To get it, just unzip a recent Novell support pack and go into the
    products\rsyncsrv directory. There you will find a file rsync.zip which just needs to be unzipped to the root of the SYS volume. It includes the NLMs and configuration files needed by rsync. To actually use rsync on NetWare, check some of the Coolsolutions articles on the topic, like this one:


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