• Sorting a Tasklist

    How can you sort your tasklist? I am not talking about the tasklist folder, but rather the tasks found in
    the day view under Window > Calendar > tasks, or day
    You can use the Priority box on the Task view forms. A format like A1 or E8 will work.

    Cheers Dave

    Dave Parkes [NSCS]
    Occasionally resident at http://support-forums.novell.com/
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      iliadmin -
      Dave, I've tried this (we have GW 8.02 hp3 clients windows xp, SLES 11 sp1 for the GW server). Does not seem to do anything. Some clients can set the priority and it works, others cannot. Some can drag and drop items in the list to re-order them, some cannot. Ideas? Does it perhaps depend on the type of task?