• Important information for all ZPM 6.x customers

    From July 7 2011, new patches will no longer be available unless both your servers and agents are updated. You must be running ZPM 6.4SP2 to apply the updates sown below. You need to deploy:

    C - Novell ZENworks Patch Manager Agent for Windows Native Scan Content Enhancement, 6.4 (Mar 25, 2011) (See Note) to all your devices, and
    B - Novell ZENworks Patch Management Server 6.4 Service Pack 2 Update 4 (Manual Install) (See Notes)
    to your ZPM server

    It is recommended that customers apply the Agent patch first, then the Server update
    i. When the Agent patch is applied first, Windows 2008, Windows 7, and Windows 2008 R2 will not show applicable to Windows NCA (New Content Architecture) content until the Server update is applied
    ii. If the Server patch is applied first, endpoints will not show applicable to all Windows NCA content until the Agent update is applied
    After the Server update is applied, customers can expect their next replication to be a long one while the Standard content is removed and the NCA content is replicated. After the Server update is applied, customers will lose any Mandatory Baselines and Deployment History that contained Microsoft Windows Standard content.

    See TID 7004841 for details of the New Content Architecture.