• Reporting: Changing install folder

    A user asked about installing ZCM reporting in a folder other than the default:

    Is it possible to chang the install folder for reporting? It says in the installation summary that it's using "C:\Progr...", but I would rather place it on D:, but I can't see anything in the manual about this. Is it possible to change the installation folder, like you would a primary server, or is it locked to the primary server?
    It has to install alongside the server software, so if you want it somewhere else, you'd need to install a primary with the ZCM software in the desired location

    OK, makes sense. But on 11.0 it says that 10 GB disk is a prerequisite. And most installations have a C: drive with the OS and a D: drive containing the ZCM installation. I have to assume that the 10 GB space is required on D: and not C:, even though i states during the installation, that it will install on C:.
    if ZCM's installed on D:, then ZRS will install on D:...
    Shaun Pond
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