• How to Test Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility

    We have a Technical Information Document that may be helpful when testing / troubleshooting the mobility connector. Check it out.

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    1. priley's Avatar
      priley -
      Busted link.... http://http://www...

      And even the "corrected link" fails.
    1. pfronteri's Avatar
      pfronteri -
      I get this error on the DataSync servers I've tested:
      An ActiveSync session is being attempted with the server.
      Errors were encountered while testing the Exchange ActiveSync session.

      Test Steps

      Attempting to send the OPTIONS command to the server.
      Testing of the OPTIONS command failed. For more information, see Additional Details.

      Additional Details
      An HTTP 500 response was returned from Unknown.

      Any clue if this is a problem/error and how to solve it?
    1. kgroneman's Avatar
      kgroneman -
      You should ask your support question in the appropriate support forum.
    1. kgroneman's Avatar
      kgroneman -
      The URL has been fixed. NOVELL: Search Results
    1. bvrec's Avatar
      bvrec -
      Hi folks, to end this conversation, I found that the link to the article is:

      Support | How to Test Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility (http://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7008701).

      good luck.