• Deployment Wizard or Logon Scripts?

    When should you use the Deployment Wizard vs Logon Scripts?

    A user says:
    I am attempting to deploy the Adaptive Agent to a Windows 7 SP1 workstation.
    The attempt fails almost immediately with an error:

    "Cannot connect to Admin share."
    In Short, the Deployment Wizard uses MS Networking Technology, all that
    exists on a vanilla device, to connect to and install the software.

    If that is not configured to allow this to happen then you need to
    configure the device to make that happen. And if the device is not in a
    domain, it will definitely not be configured properly by default.

    The "Deplyment" Wizard is A method, but by no means the only and by no
    means the preferred for all users. It's simple one of many methods.
    Login Scripts would likely be easier for most folks, since they do not
    need to enable as well as learn MS Networking and the agent would
    install when the user boots and logs on vs hoping the PC is turned on
    when a scan is performed and hope the user is not doing something
    important since its happening at some time other than logon.

    If you are getting this message, it means your devices are not setup
    properly and you need to go to each device and configure MS networking.
    And IMHO, if you are not using that feature you might as well as leave
    it off and if remotely or manually visiting the machines to "enable" it,
    you might as well as install the agent at that time.

    On a Technical Level, the ZCM Agent is trying to Connect to the $Admin
    share to copy the files locally and then issue a remote command to
    execute those files.

    You need to make sure that "ForceGuest" is disabled, which by default
    prevents remote users from authenticating to a PC with any account but
    guest. (ForceGuest is disabled by default when you join a Domain.)

    You need to make sure the Admin Shares are running by typing "net share".

    And there could be more configuration steps necessary such as Ensuring
    the FW is running with the proper exclusions for MS Networking.

    IMHO, The Deployment Wizard works best for a completely unmanaged
    network where all of the devices are in a Windows WorkGroup or set of
    Windows WorkGroups that lack either Domain Membership where the agent
    can be deployed via a Login Script or GPO or are not in a Novell
    Environment where they run Login Scripts.

    In a Novell or Domain Environment, I would use the Deployment Wizard
    soley as a means to find Exceptions and devices that are not in actually
    connecting to those resources for whatever reason.

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